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SC EP:622 What Was That?

Tonight I will be speaking to three eyewitnesses. My first guest Carl writes “Hello my name is Carl and I’m 51 years old married and have a son . I have taken black bear and moose from Canada and hunted all my life and spent a lot time in the woods and hunted birds and all kinds of small game.

At 10 to 12 years old I was hunting on my own by myself and was taught to respect the land and animals that were on it. I knew what was in the woods and the sounds that it makes but what I saw that summer night changed the way I looked at nature and what resides in it. My story is from when I was around 12 or 13 years old living in the country in Ohio. The area I lived in was around 20 min from the Ohio river and interstate 70 but far enough out that it was rural farm and woodlands , very steep and hilly land at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and just outside of a town called Martinsferry Ohio to give you an idea of the lay of the land . Not all that far from Salt Fork state park. Also known as the Ohio Valley or Tri State area bc you could be in Pennsylvania or West Virginia in a short drive . We owned 50 acres that had been in the family for years and was just really beautiful and great deer hunting. We had been in town to visit my grandparents on a Friday evening and was almost home driving down our lane to our house at around 10 pm.

My sister and I were riding in the back of the car, a 66 Buick no air conditioning with windows down bc it was a hot summer night. As we rounded the bend that the driveway that lead up to the garage door to our house the lights of the car shown across the yard and pond that was at the edge of the wood line and I saw a dark object that was walking at the edge of the woods on a path that my father keep cut going into the woods that he used to drive up into the woods to cut firewood.The opening to the woods was about 10 to 15 ft across. The creature I will call it was around 8 to 9 foot tall and was black from what I could see from the headlights. The creature had no eye shine but could see that it was black and almost absorbed the light as it hit it. It was huge and very broad .The car came to a stop and being stupid and wanting to know what it was I jumped out of the car and ran about 20 feet from the car to see if I could get a better look at what I just saw. The car was parked on the driveway and to the edge of the woods was about 25 yards or less. As soon as the car shut off I could hear yelping and crying that I instantly knew was puppies crying. My sister heard it and came running next to me and in a panic was asking me if that was our puppies that a dog we had just gave birth to a few weeks prior. The creature was still standing just inside the woods and I pointed it out to my sister and she saw it too. We yelled back to our parents and said something got the puppies! I don’t know why to this day but if I knew then what I know now I would have never done what I’m going to tell you now.

Not realizing the danger that we where in. Myself and my sister ran towards the crying sounds and in our minds going to save the puppies, the sounds were not where I Saw the big creature standing. The sounds of crying were off to the left and in the woods. Well we only took about 3 to 5 steps and my father yelled at us to get our butts back there fearing it was coyote I think . When he yelled to us the creature standing in the path opening began to move off in the direction of the puppies crying and myself and my sister saw it moving and it moved so fast and disappeared instantly into the brush and woods , it only took 2 steps and it was across the opening. Then it sounded like a train was going through the woods with tree branches cracking and heavy footsteps. We could still hear our puppies crying and the noise stopped and the uneasy feeling was gone and dead silence accept for the crying. Not no birds no frogs from the pond , no crickets, nothing and that is very odd for that property bc if it was night time you could always hear the frogs in the pond in the summer. We asked our parents if they saw the figure standing and if they saw it run back into the woods they said no. He said that we were imagining something there and it was a trick of the car lights and shadows. My father got a flash light and myself and my sister and my father walked across the way and on the path in the woods and followed the sounds of the crying puppies and they were strung out and scattered in about a 20 to 30 yard area almost in a line. All 7 puppies were scared to death and shaking uncontrollably and peeing on themselves. Besides being scared they were not injured. The next day me and my sister walked into the woods and could see something or somethings tore through the woods about 50yards into a clearing that was cut by the power company bc we had high power wires and towers that cut through our property. There was no foot prints or impressions bc the ground was hard and dry from a hot summer and little rain that summer.The tree limbs were broken and some snapped off completely at a height of 7 ft high and you could see a clear path that had been tore through the brush and woods leading to the clearing. In the clearing it was no an open field , it was brier bushes and thickets and you could not just wall through it but there was tore pathways that been made.

We could not follow the tracks through the clearing bc of the thorns on the brier bushes so that stopped there. You could tell it was more than one creature that made its way through our woods that night . These things had come up to our porch and took these pups out of a large cardboard box that we made for them that was tall enough that they could not get out but the mother could step in and out of. The mother dog was missing that night and we didn’t see her for a couple days and when we did find her she was hiding under a deck on the back of the house and was very scared and didn’t want to come out . Very odd of her bc she was always friendly and not shy. I think these creatures were going to eat the puppies and we just happened to come along when they were in the act of stealing them. I can’t to this day figure out why these things dropped the puppies and ran , especially for their size. My sister and I asked our parents what they thought it was that took the pups and they said that the mother lead the puppies there and then left them in the woods. I was never really scared after that day to be in the woods but was always on high alert at night in the woods . As I grew older and hunted the land and surrounding land in the areas I sometimes felt like I was being watched at times and came across what is known now as nest and tree breaks and structures but really never put 2 and 2 together until later in life when I saw Bigfoot programs and things on the internet investigating the subject. That’s my story and never told anyone about it in fear of being called crazy and ridiculed. I tried to talk to my father years ago about what happened that night and what I saw and he laughed it off and said I must have imagined it being I was a kid with a big imagination. Thank you for a place or outlet to tell my story and really love your show and hearing other people and their encounters. Thank you for your time.”



Scott writes “My encounter took place in the fall of 1983 or 1984. Me and a friend were coming back from getting Pizza around 6:30 at night as you know in the fall the sun goes down early so it was quite dark along this stretch of road. This road was 2 lanes with a 3-foot berm that was 2 or 3 feet lower than the fields beside the road. we were coming around a corner and we saw a dark mass standing on the side of the road. When we got closer we could see it was brown and very tall, my friend had a Subaru that had a sunroof in it and when we drove by it looked down at us it’s head was over the road and I look through the sunroof and its head was right there. I couldn’t make out any facial features but the eye shine was red. We just looked at each other and said did you just see that we both agreed we did and agreed not to say anything about it. Because people would think we were crazy.

I did go back to the location the next morning and looked around but I didn’t see any tracks just some mashed down grass.

Judging from the distance from the road it had to be a least 9 and a half to 10 feet tall. That was the first and last time I saw anything.”



We wrap up with Jason and he comes to us from Upstate NY. He will be sharing his encounters with us including a strange object in the sky.





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  1. Kenneth T

    Wes my name is Ken I live in northern Minn I was out walking snowmobile trails today and found a trail in the snow it was wide pushing through the snow it was walking upright The track were old they had snow in them so wasn’t a lot of details I could also see where it had peed and it peed like a man not inbetween its legs but a foot or two off to the side I took pictures but there on my camera not on my phone We have feet of snow now and it make no sense that a person would try to go through the snow instead of walking the trail. I was just wondering if I should take pee samples and what to do with it

  2. m99

    Once we spent a weekend at a casino kinda far from us. We all went to smoke a cig and they all went in, my spouse included. Well, I went to open the doors and all were locked. I just stood there for a while wondering what the heck to do. Finally my spouse came around and couldn’t open the doors. I had to walk around the dang place. At the time, I had NO idea Bigfoot was real, or that it was or could be out there. Now I think, OMG! Jiminey Cricket!

      • m99

        …gotta say then I’ll hush… my friend’s husband went to bail out a friend who got a DUI. He was driving down the street at about 2 oclock in the morning. He came to the stop sign at the intersection, when a jogger ran by. All he (the jogger) was wearing was a head band. But he wasn’t a ghost! A naked jogger crossed his path at 2 am… LOL…

          • m99

            Oh, no. My friend was on his way to bail out the friend who called him from jail. When the man was on his way to the jail, he stopped at a stop sign. Then a jogger jobbed in front of his going down the adjacent street. The jogger was buck naked.

  3. David R

    The first story could be the Sasquatch wanted the pups to eat, as pets to help them hunt, or companions! They could keep wolf pups as pets too. Chiefs win after 50 long years! WOW???

  4. Paul M


  5. rosalyn b

    I always wondered if the creatures hung around upstate NY in the winter, since it gets extremely cold and extremely snowy here. Must be the dumpsters help survival. Fascinating hearing the story about Oneonta and Walton. I’ve eaten at that Japanese restaurant he mentioned. Thanks to the witnesses who came on.

  6. Terri N

    Another Great show Wes! I just love that they keep pouring in!! We’re Waking Up out here! OMG… like we’re Finally getting some Truth on this Planet! Letting go of Fear based decisions and saying our reality… regardless of perceived consequences!

  7. Dimitri K

    Hey Wes,
    When did you see the light around the PDX area? I live in Portland and recently saw the same thing you describe – bright light low in the sky, hovering in the same area, and blinked randomly. I saw it driving down Sandy Blvd for a long time and it never moved.

  8. Frances B

    The mall should have cameras up in the parking lot, most do.
    BTW, I can’t find the video of the triangle UFO that was supposed to be in the blog.
    Good show, very interesting..

  9. Christopher A

    Wes, Great show again, I was finding it hard to let go of UFO’s as being silly but when you your self saw something unexplained, Ive re-visited a few conversations recently ,I had with my some pilots, as Ive worked with them my since joining the mil. Also doing doing contract work. Being retired now some of them fully retired not using clearance but still on non disclosure status. I linked back to that subj, and they simply I don’t know anything and I can’t tell details other then yes are Unidentified object in the air and that go into see. Non of these men and women have ever done an interview or ever discussed the nature of how they came about seeing what they saw with anyone I’m aware of. They were all solid in their conviction of what was seen. It’s scary to believe because I’m not sure how it could fit with my faith. I don’t believe everyone on the show, but I believe some. I’m another Fan who appreciates you dealing with which ever hurdles you deal with to provide this place. Great stuff.

  10. Charles R

    Rods, there is one I have not heard much about for a few years. There is a Mexican reserarcher Jaime, forget the last name, that would set elaborate stationary camera systems to photograph this phenomena as they travel at very high speeds. Neat sighting of the UFO Wes, just like the one from Newark, OH last week. I need to go out every night to scan the skies , always cloud cover this time of year, and see one for myself.

    It is not surprising that the Sasquatch do not go about killing off humans. I think they know it is not in their interest to do so. If they did make a habit of doing this, we would have wiped them out thousands of years ago, just like we did every other human type cousin.

  11. Kathy B

    Thanks for the good show Wes
    Carl — this experience sounds scary for a 12 year old. It was good for the puppies you got home when you did.

    Scott — that experience made for an interesting pizza run.

    Jason– the information on the ” rods ” is new to me.
    The huge rock being thrown into the water sounds very scary. If they were trying to scare you away it would work for me. The whatever you were chasing in the snow to be able to see fence post through the body would definitely play games with your mind and then to just PUFF away and be gone, Wow. Thanks to all of you.

    • m99

      That’s cool Debbie. We had a cat for 20 years. After she passed away I saw her go into the bathroom from the hallway I was facing at my desk. I felt her a couple times. I asked my husband if he had any visits or sightings of our beloved cat? He said yes. Twice in one week. I asked him, what was she doing? He said, what she always does, she was waiting by where she always got her food.

  12. lyonflyin

    Perhaps the BF were planning to entice the kids into the forest where the puppies were crying. They prob knew the kids were really attached to them from watching the kiddos interacting with them on the porch….very smart BF’s…
    Strange…they were laid out in a string so they would cry cuz their litter-mates were not close enough to comfort each other…?
    Deliberate move??? They always do things for a reason.
    What do u think?

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