Nov 23

SC EP:62 A hunter’s encounter

Tonight we speak to a hunter from Pennsylvania. While hunting he had a chance encounter with Sasquatch. The creature and him came face-to-face on a trail, and the encounter changed his life. Listen as our guest describes what he saw, how he felt and how this has changed his life.



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28 Responses to “SC EP:62 A hunter’s encounter”

  1. James R

    Just a thought , was Jim possible sitting on a Sasquatch grave while that Sasquatch was checking him out from behind the tree? Would kinda make sense that they would bury their dead and cover them with boulders that simple man power couldn’t move hence not finding many bones …thanks guys for the great work I’m a huge fan

  2. paul p

    I believe that mankind is on the verge of proving the existance of sasquatch. If you look back in history, specifically around 1900, stories of a huge, hair-covered hominid were coming from the congo. No one gave any credit to these far fetched tales. Today we know of these crestures as the Gorilla. Its only a matter of time. All the doubters and neh-sayers are going to feel pretty stupid as they eat crow! Good work SC crew. All your hard work does not go unrecognized.

  3. Paul L

    I do agree that the northwest is the hotspot as well as Upper Canada. Thst being said based on
    My experiences in the Kentucky Basin,snd from past friends the va.NCaralinaTn regions
    From Through the Smokeys a Blue ridge pkwy from my few encounters to people that live in
    The upper parts the history goes back to civil war times to present. I cannot elaborate specifics
    But more are here then anywhere on the eastern mountain range the Blueridge range I have not spent that much time in. Since the early 80s.

  4. Bryan G

    I think most people are afraid of humiliation, embarrassment and ridicule elaborating on why hunters don’t talk. Why loggers don’t say anything is not only will they be out of a job they will out of a career. Elaborating on the different types, there is several type of gorillas and chimps along with several types of grate apes. Example with gorillas there is the wester lowland gorilla, the Rewanda mountain gorilla which look very different. With chimps they have different sizes and different cultures from what I’ve observed. So with Sasquatch I would bet world wide there is more than 4 types but in north America I tend to agree we have several types and thats one of the fascinating things I’ve learned from this show so thanks for all the knowledge and your professionalism. The media will make Finding Bigfoot mainstream but they will never make Sasquatch Chronicles mainstream because its a media and government tactic for humiliation. They make finding Bigfoot look like a comedy show on purpose so you’ll get laughed at for saying you’ve had an encounter. If they made this show mainstream, Wes you’d be doing 10 shows a day and everyone would know Sasquatch exists. Thanks to Wes and anyone else who makes this show happen. Its made my life a lot less painful!

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