Jan 19

SC EP:618 I Thought It Was A Man

I will be welcoming two guests to the show: Cathy had an encounter in Washington State, and Chris had an encounter in Canada. Both witnesses thought they were looking at a bear until the creature got up on two legs and walked off. Cathy said “I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, I thought it was a strange bear until it popped up on two legs and walked off like a man.”



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    • m99

      SC must wait because I usually listen to it, then the next day (if I can) listen to it again. It’s amazing what I pick up on the second time. 🙂 I’m hooked! How about those 49’ers? GB better get their game on!

  1. Denise F

    Lol, my dogs jump onto the bed when they hear the show’s intro….I guess they’re thinking “we can guarantee she’ll be here for an hour at least” ? thanks much

  2. theresa m

    First guest was fortunate to have been with someone up above the night time activity. Glad they had a good night and were not harassed. Second guests story. Wow! Driving for relaxation after work will never be the same again. I think that’s the sort of encounter I could live with vs. a more boots on the ground encounter. Thanks, Wes.

  3. Denise F

    They were scary screams ^
    I don’t like the fact that the creature may have been smart enough to crawl across the road so no one saw it (it was exposed). They’re pretty smart.
    Good show, thank you to both guests

  4. James W

    Great episode ! My brother works at Boulder Cave National Park and lives in Yakima. I keep telling him I am coming up there to go scouting around. All he says is be careful what you wish for. He says he is a skeptic but I have caught him looking at my books in the past when he visits . Then again having one run across/ standing front of you the road in might be a little mind blowing. LOL.

  5. Mark C

    1st guest was pretty good. Seemed very sincere and nothing over exaggerated about his feeling about his sighting. Good guest, let’s see what the 2nd guest has to say.

  6. Kathy K

    Awesome show Wes, 2nd guest was like a breath of fresh air, she was honest and didn’t make any reference to past shows, just told it like it was..Great encounter.
    Have an enjoyable week Wes, take care ..

  7. Charles R

    Thanks for playing those screams from the Shawnee National Forest. About the second or third scream is the closest I have heard to match the one I heard on the July 4 time in 2011. It was so loud from maybe 3 to 4 hundred yards away I thought initially someone had played an amplified speaker. That was until 2 seconds later when another one mimic an owl about 100 yards closer that was followed by a loon mimic even closer, that was then followed by a long drawn out Ohio howl at least a mile and probably more to the North out of the woods in the Huron National Forest, Iosco County, MI. Then all went silent while I was on the deck of my Sisters Lake Cabin appx 2 am. I know new what was happening and figured this was a scavenger party behind some of the lake houses and after ten minutes I figured it may be best to go inside. Anyway the initial scream is a dead ringer for the Shawnee recording, crazy loud and crazy intense.

    Good on the Chiefs. I have watched every Superbowl and still remember the Chiefs upset ( was not really an upset, the Vegas odds makers were still to arrogant to realize the talent in the AFL at that time ) over the Purple People Eaters. Hank Stram would be proud. Hope 1970 quarterback Len Dawson is able to make the trip to Miami. Glad that Bobby Bell was at this game to help award the AFL championship trophy, he was a great defensive player on a team that had many. Hard to believe this was 50 years ago. Hope the Chiefs win it all.

    • Matthew W

      Charles R the Huron National Forest is quite close to the former Wurtsmith Airforce Base where rhumor has it that some very strange programs took place. I have heard that things escaped into the forest. As testament to how poorly things were run on that base, many chemicals still foul local ground water and the ausable river from Foote dam to Lake Huron. Even the DNR has issued a no-eat warning for deer and fish taken from that area. Makes me wonder what effect these chemicals have on the local big foot population?

      • Charles R

        Thanks Matthew W. This I did not know about Wurtsmith. Michigan had a bad problem with chemical companies back in the day, one being on the Pine River around St. Louis, MI. I grew up in Midland, home to Dow Chemica,l and they spent a fortune trying to rectify the Tittabawasseee River in my home area. The exact area where I heard these sounds was on Latham Road, on Round/Indian Lake. Tawas City to Oscoda and further north then west along the Au Sable corridor through Mio and all the way to Grayling is in my opinion a hot spot for Sasquatch activity. I know of a researcher in the area named Phil Shaw who has cataloged several hundred encounters.

        • Matthew W

          Within the last two years I have started exploring the area where your sister lives. One of my sons married into a family there and on a visit for an engagement party, I let something slip about my efforts in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. The next day, her dad took me for a ride and showed me some tracks and other stuff. So they come with me now inthe Daks and I go with them, when I can. I have not met Mr. Shaw, but seems like a tight knit community there so I will ask about him next trip. I was there in December. It was nothing like August, disappointing.

  8. Kathy B

    Both guest’s were interesting. Years ago we took trips into the northern MN Boundary Waters by canoe & kayak. We would enter by Ely on the Kawishiwi River. The farthest I went in was to Lake Four. That makes for a beautiful week in the outdoors. His canoe trip sounded wonderful.
    Kathy’s drive in the woods sounds very relaxing until, seeing some unknown creature crossing the road. I am curious why these animals would travel on all fours. Maybe with their weight their legs get tired??

  9. Christina H

    Sorry Wes, But with all do respect what makes you think the balls of light is not a spaceship?
    Think about it. If we believe these things exist and I do. Then dont we have to believe they can come in any form? Big, little, round , square and or whatever may be?

  10. frances h

    my son had a experience like that … he was taking out the trash and the orb was as big as basketball , changing colors red,blue ,yellow followed him … my son ran around the trash can and the truck and it chased him … came in the house and yelled monster outside ; my daughter said lets go show me .. they went outside look around and found the orb side of the house and the orb came right up to them .. both of them ran into the house and the orb followed them into the house … (5 people 10-69 yrs old )they hit door yelling and this beach ball size orb came in the house and went right over the kitchen table ..the orb focused on the light over the table then the orb flow around all of us and went thru me and out the window ..my son is 22 now and he will not take the trash out at night …

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