Jan 12

SC EP:616 I Chased This Creature Across A Walnut Orchard

Tonight we speak with Norm who is a retired California Highway Patrolman. Norm goes into great detail about what he saw back in 1958 on his father’s property. He said “We were doing work for my father on the property when this thing showed up. Keep in mind this is the late 50’s and no one talked about Bigfoot or Sasquatch like they do today.

I got a great look at it, we tried to keep up with it in this 1941 pickup. I would be happy to come on and share what I saw many years ago. I eventually became a police officer and never spoke about what I saw. There was other strange things going on that property but it was always blamed on something else.”





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    • Ellis M

      My friend maybe you can help. Which episode is the the one where The truck driver and his lil jack Russell interrupts a hunt. I can’t find for the life of me . Thanks

  1. Dean C

    It’s 2205hrs here in Wales, UK. My daughters are asleep, the boss is watching her….stuff…..so it’s time for some thing really worth every penny….Sasquatch Chronicles.
    Thankyou Wes for all you do, and it making the world a smaller and more likeminded place for us individuals. Oh, and of course, good evening all.
    All the best
    Wales, UK.

  2. Amy K

    I love this guest, Norm! Thank you, Wes. I love how Norm recap a few encounters from the shows at the end with such great enthusiasm and Wes just let the man speak. That’s what is so great about you, Wes, you let your guests speak without interruption!

  3. Lisa B

    Love this show Wes! I think we could all learn a thing or two from our elders, they know more than we give them credit for. Not sure about everyone’s opinion of Mike Paterson from Sasquatch Ontario. He has a picture of one peeping from behind a root ball of a fallen tree. I’ll post it. Most people don’t see it at first but if you look in the middle of the photo you can see blue, it looks like it has blue skin but that’s just from the lighting in the area. Every time I see a root ball I think there’s a Sasquatch around lol! I’ll find the photo and share it.

  4. theresa m

    Wes, Norm’s sharing was quality and his offer for you to visit his place for hog hunting was such a genuine offer! Loved that! Really good show tonight. Setting me up for Monday! Thanks so much, Wes!

  5. William L

    Wes, this happened in the county where I was born in 1952. I was born in Lakeport, which I believe is the county seat for Lake County. When I was ≈4 years old, we moved to Ukiah, in Mendocino County, the next county to the west of Lake County.

    • Trey

      Yes it is. I live about 30-45 mins from there and it is a pristine beautiful place during the day but, when nightfall comes it changes. Everything goes silent and it’s a very eerie feeling. Still a beautiful place though. Also been up to the skywalk he talking about. Also another beautiful place and scenery. The Smoky Mtns strike again!! Great interview Wes

  6. Jay Carlsen

    Norrm ! Tell your dear wife that this is Esau as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah beyond all doubt.
    This other manner of People who are different than You or Me or any other Modern Human.
    Who are NO QUESTION the Stronger.
    Who just happen to have a Dominant Red Hair gene in their population
    Who are covered all over , like wearing an Hairy Garment
    Who do eat Venison as the main staple of their diet
    Who are the Cunning Hunter ( not because they Hunt – but HOW they Hunt )
    Who does live in the Field
    Who does eat their meat Raw
    Who does have wrinkly Hide like Skin
    Who does emit a Foul Odor ( just like Esau’s Housecoat )
    Who does have the Dominant Presence ( when Jacob heard of his Brothers approach – HE WAS SCARED )
    Who is small in Population compared to the Great Nations of Modern Humans today. But are greatly despised ( Because these things are Cannibals )
    Who does live in the High & Rocky Places
    Who will never deplete a Food Source , but will always leave a few. Too Repopulate the Food Stock for the next time they are through the Area
    Of Who it is said the Males are required to leave with the Space Brothers ( demons ) for a time , and when they return , They are Different (?)
    Who does have secret & Hidden ways
    Who has NEVER Been Conquered before
    Who does live off the Fat of the Land and drinks of the Dew from the Heavens above.
    Who is on every Continent
    Who has NONE Understanding ( Because they have Different Brains than we do )
    The Sasquatch People – that’s Who.

    Yes , I have taken this to my friend who is Ojibwe , who tells me I am right on the Money ! Esau is the Sasquatch.

  7. Denise F

    Norm was great!

    Norm, I’m also believe they can intentionally smile, I have had it happen and it was different than an aggressive expression. One of the creepiest aspects of their behavior.

  8. Lethia B

    Awesome show!!! Norm is sharp as a tack and so much fun to listen to. I live in Loudon County, TN and have spent tons of time hiking in the Smokies. This past July, 2019, were on the Gregory Bald Trail and literally had to climb over two “huge” trees that were across the trail. Maybe nothing, but above the first one was a huge X to the right. My husband laughed at me on the way out because I thought I was hearing wood knocks and kicked in to high gear. He doesn’t believe but I was terrified and wanted out before dark. I am curious if anyone else has experienced this ar the Bald.
    Awesome pic Lisa B.

  9. Kathy K

    Awesome show Wes! Just the whole encounter, starting from the 3 kids in dad’s old truck chasing a booger thru the orchard to him mentioning old shows of Sasquatch Chronicles..fuckin’ awesome! It gave me chills as well as a feeling of Old School showmanship ( I don’t know if that’s the right word but I’m sure you get what I’m tryin’ to say..) Thanks again Wes and thank your guest for me..Big Thumb’s up!

  10. Daniel K

    What exactly is the offspring called that mated with the sons of God. Not all mating was done with the daughters man alone t least according to the Bible. Just curious.

  11. Daniel K

    That’s when the angels mated with the daughters of men and chose wives of their liking. Gen 6
    They also corrupted the Gene’s of animals and plants as well ( modern).

  12. Tracy L

    I find it amazing that people like your guest’s wife, doesn’t believe that Sasquatch exists & anyone who claims to have seen him, like her husband, your guest, must be crazy, yet they believe in a magic zoo boat that managed to hold two of every species of insect, creature & plant on earth, exists. That people like her exist is what is hard to believe!

  13. Amy H

    Great show! Norm was articulate and interesting. I could visualize what he described. Thanks for sharing! One of the better episodes as well. Certainly in the top 25!

      • Brian W

        Norm, I really enjoyed you on the show with Wes. Outstanding job to both of you and great interactive dialogue. Two questions for you. One, did you know Junior Wilds in Kelseyville? The family was walnut farmers as well (my great uncle). Second, can you expand on your comment about sightings on I-80 near Truckee and the CHP. Is there a particular part of that highway that has sightings? More detail, the better. My friend’s father had a sighting on i-80 during the 80s. Thanks. Hope your on the show again.

  14. Jan D

    Nice to hear from someone near where I grew up and currently live. And, as always, from the trained eye of a military and law enforcement officer. A solid, credible witness and good guy. Thanks again.

  15. William H

    Norm, this was an incredible episode. I was an engineer for Halliburton during that time. In 1978, I was the District Manager in Santa Fe Springs, a suburb of Los Angeles. Over the years, I had been stationed at all of their offices in California except Rio Vista, the closest camp to where you lived. I live in Western North Carolina, not terribly far from you. I would love to correspond with you. I don’t know how to get you my contact information other than, perhaps, Wes could give it to you if you have an interest. I am terribly sorry about your brother. He would have been about thirty-three.

  16. Ulrike H

    A terrific episode made even better by the fact that this was before the famous Patty film. A big “thank you” to you and your guest in getting this information out!

  17. Tamela B

    What a great show!!! Iuved in Sonoma county for years.
    One of my best friends has a family cabin on blue lake in Lake County, California. I’ve been there many times. I will say that it is a terrific habitat for any critter that wants to stay away from people.

    Our friend was a CHP, as well, and he and the guy talking tonight sound just alike that I don’t think I would be able to tell them apart.

    Since my friends entire family hunt and fish, I will ask them about any curious critters they might have seen the next time I visit.

    I think this was one of my favorites!

  18. Connie R

    Thanks to both Norm & Wes for this episode – I enjoyed it in its entirety – not a dull moment! The SC site subject matter is always interesting to begin with, but I also find it truly fascinating to listen to the people from all walks of life who populate these shows: hearing about the regions they originate from & their ways of life there at the time, to the twists & turns their lives take along the way into different occupations & parts of the country over the years. And though we all have our “haunts” that follow us through life, their encounters with these entities have got to be unsettling for the rest of their lives. Thanks for letting us in & sharing.

  19. Perry I

    Terrific guest and show Wes, Norm was absolutely genuine in his encounter. When he described how he was able to pick out a person in the crowd around him because he had a feeling he was being looked at, shows how all of us have some innate capacity for the ability to sense someone or some other living creature around us. Have always believed in the existence of Sasquatch. Although I have never seen one I think one time I sensed that I was being watched. It was during a hunting trip with a friend. My friend was an avid hunter much more than myself, he had been hunting since he had been twelve years old. This was probably about 20 years ago we were in the Ashokan reservoir area of upstate New York. It was turning dusk this was in November during deer hunting season. I’ve never gone hunting prior to this time so I was very much a novice. Got into it very late in life probably because my son expressed the desire to want to go hunting so being his father I wanted to be able to take my 12 year old with me so we would have what any parent would want a special time and moments to remember. Anyway my friend and I were walking this trail down from this higher elevation that we were in and heading back towards our camp. All of a sudden this very loud shrill shriek sounded from above us to our right where the terrain was all hardwoods and steep incline. We both stopped walking to listen. The woods were very quiet and I would say this creepy feeling came upon me. I asked my friend what the hell was that? He was pondering a moment before he answered me. I asked him was that a coyote? He said no that’s no coyote I don’t know what the F##k that was. We both felt this creepy feeling like we were being watched and we talked about it he even mentioned it could very well be a Bigfoot. I’m like that sound scared the crap out of me and he even seemed a little suspicious and unsettled. The thing that really was unsettling was the quietness around us and a overwhelming feeling like we have to leave here right now. We proceeded to leave the forest cautiously my friend leading and myself walking backwards keeping an eye on anything that might follow constantly scanning all around us. Well that was no encounter really seeing anything in the physical sense only in the sense of this crazy loud sound from a creature that gave me goose bumps. What you have up there where we hunted are many deer, black bear, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, bobcats and there have been sightings of mountain lions so who knows what else could be lurking in those woods.

  20. Linda C

    Awesome episode! Thanks very much, Wes and Norm. Norm, could listen to you for hours as you sound genuine and sincere. Loved your expressions and detailed descriptions! Thanks again for sharing. Keep ’em coming, Wes! 😊

  21. Dovie D

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this encounter. I’m my first encounters was in the 1960s I was 9 or 10 years old living in Southern California. It didn’t dawn on me until a year ago what walked up to me window. We lived in orange orchards.

  22. Charles R

    Same problem I saw in CA in 1984 to 96. Could not find good local help. Had to find transplanted people from the Midwest or south to get dependable workers, most of the time. I think Norm is the first person I have heard to say how ugly Patty is, really quite funny. And since she hangs on my wall 10 feet away I have thought that for years. She looks like a man or dare I say the bearded lady from circus’ and side shows from years gone by. That is all right, we love her just the same. Fascinating encounter Norm, one of the real gems that happen on the Sasquatch Chronicles. And great powers of observation and recollection of 60 years ago, but when something like this happens to a person, those memories remain and vivid. Just for comparison, the average stride of a 800 meter track star is about 8 feet, far short of the 25 you stated for the Sasquatch you saw. Norm, you retired to Tennessee. Hope someday to run into you and sit down and talk Sasquatch and such for a good long time. Sometime this spring or summer I am heading down their on my bike to ride those great mountain roads. Great to have you here.

  23. m99

    Well, needed to re-listen to this episode. I so enjoyed the camaraderie Norm and Wes have. That’s a beautiful thing. Plus, well worth the time. There is no place like SC, and I for one am so happy to have found this place. Thanks again Norm. And Wes.

  24. Zarin K

    Norm has the Bigfoot bug badly. Thanks for sharing your experience and adding to the conversation.

    I’ve listened to several if Dr. Ketchum’s Coast to Coast AM interviews from before she had the smear campaign against her. She details her methodology pretty clearly in them. I never heard he say any of the things she is being persecuted for these days. I can’t comment of the science of her study, but I can say she seemed like a reluctant participant in the subject. Having the guts do risk her reputatation the way she did, gives weight to her testimony.

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