Nov 17

SC EP:601 This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!!

Tonight we will speaking to three eyewitnesses. Mike from Virginia writes “Summer of 1989 a few friends and I “6 to be exact” decided to go to a very rural gravel backroad to party, drink etc. In my home state of Virginia. We all piled in my buddies Toyota 4wd pickup and headed out, it was a terribly hot and humid night, but very clear with a full moon.

One of my friends was a female, who would sneak out to be with her boyfriend “One of my other friends with me”. We arrived somewhere close to 11PM and began to drink, laugh, and kid around. We had the radio going, but not very loud at all. Out of nowhere we heard a HUGE CRASH, sounded just like something fell out of a tree “Looking back I’m convinced that’s what it was” immediately after that we could hear VERY heavy footsteps. I’ve been in the woods all my life, and have heard about everything walking. This thing was different, it was MOST DEFINITELY walking on 2 legs. It circled us for what seemed like FOREVER roughly 50 to 75 yards deep in the treeline. The area is so thick I had a 1 million candlelight spotlight and it wouldn’t penetrate the cover. It was making VERY unusual deep grunting/growling sounds. One thing I noticed looking back was there were NO usual forest sounds. No cicadas “Which flood Virginia” in the Summer. No frogs, no crickets, no whiperwills NOTHING. We tracked the sounds to about 150 to 200 yards behind us, all of a sudden this thing let loose a ROAR that I could NEVER even attempt to explain. We FELT IT from that distance, it scared us to DEATH.

Immediately after the roar it stepped out of the treeline to give us our first glimpse. This thing was MASSIVE at least 8ft tall and 4ft wide. This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!! It climbed what looked to be a 30ft bank up to the road in about 3 steps. Immediately we scrambled to get in the truck, I was driving and floored the gas spinning gravel. It was on top of us in a matter of seconds, one of my buddies hit it with a 30 ton bottle Jack that was in the back of the truck and it just bounced off. It scared us so bad that 3 of us lost control of our bladders. The girl I mentioned earlier that snuck out, she had a nervous breakdown she was FRANTIC!! We had to take her home to her parents “Who had no idea she’d even left the house” and try to explain to them what had happened.”

We’ll also be speaking to Dustin who had a strange encounter with his brother in Michigan. We’ll close the show with Delbert from Colorado who had an encounter while fishing with friends.





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  1. Doug K

    WOW!!!!! Awesome encounters tonight!! Thanks so much Wes.!! Big shout out to all 3 guests tonight for sharing some very frightening and also interesting encounters.!! Thanks everyone!! YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa B

    Loved all three guests tonight! The second guest, Dustin (?), sounded just like Tim from Strange Familiars. After reading and listening to his encounter, I got a strong feeling that it was speaking directly to the guys in the tent. Like it was cursing them. It was a great show tonight, thanks Wes!

  3. Cindy S

    Great show tonight! I live in Virginia not very far from where Mike had his sighting of the White Sasquatch!
    I could feel his terror as he was sharing his story!
    I wish I could talk to him…
    The other accounts were great too!
    Thank you Wes!!!

    • Debbie S

      Hi Cindy….I grew up in SWVA. I can tell you that there is a LOT that goes on there. Mike’s story was terrifying when I think of all the times as a teenager, my friends and I went up on the mountain somewhere to party. And also once you got there to not blare your music… typical. I could relate even though it was years and years ago. I had thought about this many times before….our tendency to go into the mountains somewhere secluded to party and had wondered if at times we had had unseen observers. Scary. We never had anything like this happen but I can bet you I would have wet my pants too. Thanks for sharing Mike!

  4. Derek G

    I just wanted to give a possible reason why they rock back and forth and not just the encounters where it is standing out in the open but maybe even behind a tree. This year while deer hunting I was scanning the forest and I saw a few stumps that at the moment I thought could be a deer. I naturally rocked back and forth and for some reason it helped with my depth perception. I realized I have done that many times before. When doing that you can get a better perception because at a distance you can see better which trees are closer and which are further. I was wondering if it might be one reason they rock… Because it gives them better depth perception?

    • Charles R

      I lost a lot of girlfriends back in the day after taking them home late to very late. Being chased by a Bigfoot just did not seem to work on these parents. When I finally found a woman who believed me about UFOs and Bigfoots, and other conspiracy theories I decided to marry her. Been together for close to 24 years.
      Indeed rocking is a nervous, agitated behavior according to Dr. Bindernagle in his book amongst primates.
      Would have been a neat recording for Destin to get, but in 2003, no phones were recording.
      No R and Ts, interesting, but they maybe stringing or rolling the Rs. Thanks for playing part of the Sierra Sounds Wes. I have heard the Ohio Howl in the Huron National Forest and it was far away at least a mile but one can tell it has massive lungs to carry that far. I can not imagine hearing it so close, well yes I can as I heard the woman type scream from no more than 40 feet and no way do you want to go and investigate it. I think these creatures were extremely curious of you Dustin and decided you were no threat. I understand why you decided against a second night there, but interesting why you initially wanted to. Very brave.

    • Jay Carlsen

      RIGHT ON !
      I thought the same thing but didn’t explain myself as Elegantly as you have done ! ( I described it as looking through something like Trees or Foliage ? ) You are the MAN !

  5. Jason D

    ?‼️Probably my favorite 2 weekend episodes since I started listening When you were in the single digits Wes! Authentic, vivid, AWESOME! A trick I use with my students when they use vague descriptors like “big, huge etc.” is to ask them to compare it to something familiar. 99% of us haven’t seen these things and “big” is so relative—would love to know more always. That said, you are so damn approachable, people share more with you than anyone out there. KEEP IT UP BUDDY!

  6. Eileen F

    Many thanks to all three guests. Great weekend episodes! Mike, I think that you will get more and more relief as you tell your encounter story in safe places. It might help to write it down and have an ending where you recognize yourself as a hero for getting everyone safely away, not wrecking the truck, going back to help your friend find his work equipment, and then going on to live your life. Also, I I don’t think that a therapist can really help you if you don’t tell the whole story to him/her. Maybe Wes can use some of his contacts to get you names of therapists in your area who are familiar with these types of issues. I hate to hear that you are still so upset by this encounter and I will pray for your peace of mind.

  7. Dale M

    This guy makes a good point…people do ridicule others who hasn’t been thru this before…but of the thousands and thousands of encounters people have had and people like me who always has been a skeptic but I ALWAYS left a open mind and now about a year and a half I am now convinced even without a encounter but I also have never seen Jesus Christ but thanks to the King James Version (only) as a young Man I always felt the Bible was a true story and I still feel that way today at 55…I debated another Christian about Bigfoot and she claimed that she has to see it to believe it than I said you’ve NEVER seen Jesus and the response I git was priceless…she said with Jesus who was Gods only son it’s not a matter of seeing it but it’s a feeling inside your soul that Jesus was here in those days was a real human from his mother Mary who was a virgin at the time and that’s where she left me…she was 100% right but I’m sorry there’s just SO SO SO many people coming forward and some will NEVER come forward because of that ridicule they will surely get but just think of today…I get made fun of at times for my faith in someone I can’t see or touch but I thank my God everyday because in the end of it all I’d rather have believed and there Not be a God and heaven then not believe Then die and find out yes there is a God in heaven with a son Jesus.:.

  8. Linda B

    Hey Wes, great episodes. Regarding Delbert’s Park County Colo sighting, my husband and I recently attended a town hall meeting in Bailey CO (Park Co) where we heard some awesome eye witness encounters from elk hunters. the meeting was sponsired by Sasquatch outpost in Bailey if that helps Delbert and his friends. Also, I would like to comment on Delbert’s sighting in Park County, Colorado. Delbert, my husband and I used to live in Bailey which is in Park County. My husband heard a whoop one time off our deck and I heard something mimic a whistle of mine when i was trting to get my husbands attention while he was fishing. whatever it was it whistled back really loud. we were at Bear Lake in Pine, CO off of hwy 285 south of Pine Junction.

  9. Lee

    Thanks Wes,I enjoy the added content movie scenes are ok . Hat tip to Kurt Russell’s work great actor . I did enjoy the jokes you did with /on the portal keep up the humour mate??

  10. Jason F

    Great episode as always Wes! Being a very active enthusiast in Colorado with a group of guys that camp in the 11 mile reservoir area I would love to have Delbert contact me if possible. Delbert, please contact me through my website I would really like to speak with all of you guys if you have the time. I would love to meet you at the location. Thanks

  11. Jay Carlsen

    Dustin I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in the Summer of 2000 in the Manistee / Huron National Forest ( the western Side of that Forest you had your Encounter in ! )
    And I had heard the Mumbling Voices from the Darkness of the Forest when I parked on a Seasonal Road one night ! But I thought it was a bunch of Cityiots who had chosen a Poor Camping Spot ? So I went 10 miles down the Road and found another 2 Track too camp out on.
    It was a few years later as I was Snowmobiling down that same 2 Track when I seen that it would have been Impossible that Anyone would have been camping there that night. There are to many Large Trees that are too close together to allow a Campsite ? Or even a Pup Tent !

    And Mike , Go buy yourself a New Firearm ! It will make you feel like a New Man ! I went to a Head Shrinker once and was totally Unimpressed. And it was a few weeks after that that I bought my First Firearm ! And any time I feel off Kilter ? I just go Buy another Gun and everything seems to work it self out after that.

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