Aug 31

SC EP:578 We Shot The Green River Monster

Allen writes “The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded.

We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open and searching for new territory. My friend and his cousin came down to the riverbank to do some target practice with their 22 rifles. They would walk up stream a ways, throw pop cans in the water, then run back down stream and wait for the pop cans (targets of choice) to float by. While blowing the cans to smitherines, my friend’s cousin’s gun jammed. They walked around a tree line, across a field and back up to their car which was sitting on the side of the road. They opened the trunk, sat on the back bumper, and began to dislodge the shell from his 22 rifle. As they were reloading they heard limbs snapping, they looked up and back toward the tree line they had just walked from. The tops of the trees were swaying wildly. My friend’s cousin asked, “who let the elephant out?” They decided to check it out. They closed the trunk and jogged back down across the field then walked quietly around the line of trees and back into the opening on the river bank where they had been standing moments before. “Sam” not his name..said when they came into the opening something started screaming at them. They jumped and looked toward the scream….Standing on top of a deadfall was a creature covered in hair, his arms were above his head and he was waiving them back and forth in a left, right motion. Sam’s cousin spun the barrel of his rifle around and shot 5 times.

Sam said all five shot’s hit the creature in his chest area. He said he could hear the bullets landing almost like the sound of them hitting the water. The creature dropped his arms and fell straight back behind the deadfall. He hit with a large thud, then silence. The silence was very short lived. Sam’s cousin, started screaming, “I’ve killed our crazy uncle” “I’ve killed our crazy uncle” “I’ve killed our crazy uncle” “He dressed up in a monkey suit to scare us and I’ve killed him.” Sam told him, I don’t know what you’ve killed but it’s not our uncle. They were both in shock so holding onto each other they walked slowly over to the dead fall and looked over it to the back side. The creature was laying on its back and not moving. One of them (not sure which one) said, what the heck is it? This stirred the creature, he opened his eyes and jumped up. They jumped back, turned and started running. The creature “galloped” away in one direction, the two cousins in the opposite. I say galloped because of the way he was swinging his arms.



Jeff writes “Friday 8/9/2019 myself and 3 friends all last minute decided lets take off on an impromptu last minute trip just an out back in the night to go do some Bigfoot Searching. We all love the outdoors and are into Cryptids. We all meet up at my place and set off from Federal Way, WA at around 7p.m. We had a clear and specific place in mind where we were headed. It is a place I have camped at for over a week before and not far from where one of us had an encounter a few years ago. Was a dark and weird night and I say that because there was only overcast and a storm rolling in causing it to be pitch black darkness. No moonlight, no starlight… nothing. We were in very close proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park off of Skate Creek Road and onto a Forest service Road#52 and then onto #84 in the High Rock Lookout area. We parked the van in a very specific spot I was very familiar with because I had camped this exact spot for over a week just a couple of years ago. By this point the sky is flashing from the lightning storm in the distance followed by no sound of thunder it was way off from us still at this point however the sky and cloud cover was acting as a projector of sorts in that these flashes were having a strobing effect i guess you could say. It was a quick flash to where you could see around only for a split second. Very creepy and mood setting but we didn’t care and were excited just to get away from work for the weekend and be out here just the guys even though it was an out and back type of thing. We get our gear on i.e. our firearms, jackets, and headlamps etc.

After we finish gearing up it is at this point we shut the van off and all light sources and really take in just how quiet and dark and I mean eerily quiet and the darkest dark you can think of dark, the type of darkness where you can’t see your hand in front of you. The only light now was lightning. We then turn the key to the Aux setting and dial that car stereo up to the maximum setting and proceeded to play some vocalizations. It was a short audio clip that we played at least 4 to 6 times and waited in silence and….. Nothing. We then left the van and headed off on foot down the service road. My buddies were a little nervous which was understandable the atmosphere was a little unsettling. However, I was not at all nervous or anything because this place was familiar to me as I essentially lived here for a week a couple of years ago. I know where the road leads to and that when you reach the end you will know as it dead ends. I am now in the front with a headlamp my buddies are behind me and not being the quietest of people and that’s when they stop and say they here something to the right as though something was following us and was walking when we walked. I told them that they are crazy and they aren’t hearing anything and we laugh it off and proceed down the road. Pretty uneventful really. We reach the end of this road which opens to a clearing and clearly a spot people have shot at in the past. By this point that storm is over the top of us and the rain is coming down and the timing of lightning too thunderclap is only a couple of seconds. We decide we better head back to the van. Minus the weather and the quote on quote thing pacing us nothing eventful at all really happened. We got back to van threw our gear in changed our upper layers because by this point we are soaked. We get in and start off to explore deeper into the forest and find another spot to park and search.

Weather wasn’t really agreeing with us on that and it was getting late. Next thing you know we zigged when we should have zagged and ended up on a very primitive road. Ended up turned around and lost for awhile until our driver found his way out and back onto the main Skate Creek Road. But let’s go back a little for a second, me and another friend are in the backseats and the driver and co pilot have windows down because we are all smokers so the heat is blasting. My friend sitting beside me asked them to shut the windows in the back because we are wet still and was chilly back there. So to be clear we are in a van with sliding doors on both sides and the only windows in the back that open only open maybe an inch outwards for venting. He tells us that they are closed and my buddy is now getting pissed because clearly there was a breeze and it clearly sounded like they were open. Finally we just dropped the window thing and proceeded onwards. Sorry I only bring up the windows and all that because what happens next. As I said before beside the weather and us getting lost etc. nothing eventful at all really happened, that is until we got back to my house. It was there that we discovered the cause of that breeze and reason for the whole window argument, one of the vans back windows had been broken. We only really discovered this as we were getting gear out of the van and noticed there was glass. GLASS? WTF happened???!!! That window didn’t break while we were anywhere near on in and or around the van. This is a window that only opens outwards on one side and the other sits in a metal housing track from top to bottom and the bottom of this track is bent outwards. Our initial thoughts were did something throw something at the window as we were on that walk? Did someone smash it and steal something? We looked and nothing was missing at all no bags no ammo no weapons nothing!!???

After some thinking we realized that whomever or whatever had broken that window would have too had grabbed the bottom corner and pulled it outwards and popped it. That would explain why that metal housing was bent. What we the noticed next was there was glass on top of the van?? We are all in disbelief at this and asking ourselves wtf could’ve happened and when? where? what?. It’s now 3 a.m. we are discovering this and we are all tired and wanting to get home but yet still talk about what could’ve happened. Once we grabbed our stuff and shut the hatch that is when I noticed it. We only noticed it because of how dirty that back windshield was and the light of my house down the drive way illuminating it…. What we discovered was a handprint with clear finger prints in the thumb the index finger and palm on the glass. The print is huge from base of palm to ridge just below the fingers was as big as my hand. In that and around that print we were able to recover a couple of hair samples. WTF HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!!!!!????? Did those vocalizations send out a distress call that was answered and investigated as though one of their own was injured and or trapped in that van I don’t know!!!!










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  1. Linda S

    Okay Wes. I know you showed great politeness with your second guest. You did say be careful. But I am just having a hard time listening to these foolish guys. To actually take your daughter out in harms way? These guy have no idea what they are playing with and my question is—ok so one charges you out of the woods then what ??
    What the heck are you going to do? None of these people think past the moment. It’s like people have not been listening to all encounters only the ones where people don’t get killed or injured.
    This is both a wild animal and an intelligent creature of some sort. Part human part something else. Not nephilim. An unholy mix hybrid. And people are playing wood knocking games in the remote forest at night. Hey. Red flag. It was pissed enough to rip your window out. Maybe it didn’t like your vocalization machine out in its territory. And maybe it’s not stupid enough to think you are another sasquatch calling. So when you do get charged and crap your pants and value your lives more I will be interested to hear that if you are not seriously injured and can still talk.

    • Janetta V

      How do you know not nephilim, maybe in part. You hit it on the nail about these careless goofy guys out there with absolutely no idea what there doing. They seem to think with there hormones. Thanks all

      • Evelyn L

        None of us know for sure. Personally, my belief is that as Genesis 6 says, the Nephilim were the “mighty men of old,” which indicates they would be more like what the ancients labeled as the Greek gods or half god and half human such as Hercules.
        Enoch says that the Watchers also “sinned against” all of the different types of animals, birds, reptiles, sea creatures, and even plants. It says nothing about the Watchers lusting after those things. The idea did not have the sexual connotation that Genesis 6 had. Probably they used some kind of genetic manipulation that perverted these creatures and plants. These great rebellious celestial beings had/have great knowledge and were present and watching during creation. Humans are just now learning how to pervert genetically but very likely before the great catastrophic event that destroyed much of this planet the civilization was far more advanced than science today is aware of.
        The huge stone megalithic structures that can be found all over the planet were found deserted and partially destroyed. They have the images of huge creatures that are genetic variations of animals and people. Some of these civilizations worshiped these creatures as gods. Today’s scientists tell us that those images are just the result of the imaginations of primitive man and yet those structures built by “primitive” man cannot be duplicated today even with our technology. The Bible says that before the flood buildings were made with stone while after the flood was when they started using brick and mortar to build. The tower that Nimrod was building was made of brick.
        Believe what you will. There is no evidence only speculation.

    • Elaine L

      Linda S – I totally agree with you! All I can think is are these people f**king crazy?! What are they trying to prove? And who the h*ll brings their kids to something like this? I grew up in a small secluded town on the west coast of B.C.that was surrounded by ‘strange things’. I have seen things and heard things as well as having spent time with friends who were members of the First Nations indigenous peoples. They warned us that there were things in the forest and nature that were not our friends. As did our parents warn us to stay away from these creatures, lights etc and never to engage them in any way. My friends and I respected the First Nations peoples and listened to our parents. Unfortunately, there are people for whatever their reason don’t respect what is out there and it’s pure foolishness on their part.

  2. Linda S

    PS. Maybe your vocalization calls will be a mating call people. You don’t know what they mean. That is idiotic. So you may not be on the menu but could be date night in the forest and one will literally rip you a new one. I can’t forget about that 13 year old girl that was snatched off a road and raped by one of these malovent creatures. She ended up in a psych ward. They did the same with Native American women. So think about your daughter next time you want to go on a forest adventure. I don’t know why people want to play with their lives get a frickin new hobby for the weekends. Sorry. But I don’t get people.

  3. Melody C

    At first, I thought of the Green River here in Kent Washington,Of coarse, I would prefer to have that Green River monster ib place of our Green River killer, Ridgeway. Back then I lived 3 miles from Ridgeways home,

    • Melody C

      At first, I thought of the Green River here in Kent Washington,Of coarse, I would prefer to have that Green River monster in place of our Green River killer, Ridgeway. Back then I lived 3 miles from Ridgeways home,

  4. Maynard w

    OWLS again. Check out Mike Clelland. I don’t know how to send a link. Sorry. Screen memories etc. More about synchronicities than aliens. He’s been out there. He also writes books about ultra light backpacking.

  5. Cathy S

    2nd guest. I had a very hard time listening to them. Taking the kids out with them. They are very foolish. If they want to do this then go. But please leave the kids at home. Stupid. Stupid. They say they don’t believe in paranormal bigfoot but what was the light they saw???

  6. Debbie S

    Thank you Alan for sharing your story, I believe you. I wish you well and hope you and yours are all Happy and blessed.

    The second story….just wow. Be careful what you wish for. There is a reason people say this. I tell people who ask me about this all the time…do NOT engage, do NOT engage. It seems like when you do this they pay attention and things can escalate quickly. Might be annoying, unnerving pranks and it might be worse. Totally unpredictable. Exposing kids to this is highly irresponsible. I hope it goes well for you and you get your curiosity satisfied but I think you’re being very foolish.

  7. Debbie S

    I would add to the above…there are many stories of people having them end up around their homes later after incidences in the forest. Trust me, this is NOT something you want to happen.

  8. theresa m

    I’m disturbed that Zach brought his daughter out with him. These creatures, whatever you believe they are, have the ability to sniff out scents and if his daughter is ever menstrating he’s asking for a serious problem. Maybe these guys are not thinking about this! Also, the call blasting while other people are camping close by is extremely negligent. Hey, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but Wes is right! Be careful and be considerate of others in the area!

  9. Bonnie I

    Enjoyed listening to Al’s encounter although it was probably very scary for him and his friend. The fact that the Sasquatch got back up after being shot and ran off just testifies to how incredibly strong/resistant these things really are. I totally believed his story. The second interview was difficult to listen to because they did not have enough sense to leave the kids at home. Who takes their child along when they absolutely know that a real monster and in this case monsters roam the woods where they are going?

  10. Tye H

    Jeff and Zach you two are absolute idiots. What is your contingency plan when one of these creatures breaks the window and pulls your kids out of your vehicle? Instead of going there at night why don’t you go there in the daytime All its going to take is one daylight sighting up close and you’ll never want to go back there searching for these monsters again. Seeing these beings Up close should make you realize how freaking stupid you are to bring your your children with you when you go looking for these beings.

  11. Lee

    Thanks for all the shows lately Wes .. Keep up the music during narations really sets the tone . I think black lake should def be the winding up music every show . As for them last guys playing Bigfoot howls on aux through the car ? I wonder if humans close by heard that or hear it whenever they attempt to interact playing loud Sierra or Ohio sounds in the woods . I wonder how many other so called frequent squatchers go and do this and give other people the impression the sounds are local ?

  12. Lele S

    Allen, thank you so very much for sharing your encounter. I also had a horrific encounter as a child and it absolutely adversely affected me for most of my life. Im 51 years old and I still carry the experience with me today. I’m now married to a psychiatrist and he explained many of the behaviors I had growing up as coping mechanisms from the trauma of my experience. Wes’s group are a fantastic group of people and you can rest assured that you are among knowers as well as believers. God Bless

  13. Diana O

    I agree…first guy, totally believable and relatable….2nd part, not so much. I hope those dudes wake up before something awful happens…I don’t want to see their names on the next edition of “Darwin Awards”.

  14. Ericka L

    You can totally tell when Wes is annoyed, lol. Those 2nd silly guests better cease what they’re doing out there. We don’t know what a wood knock means… We don’t know what certain howls mean… They’re gonna piss off the wrong one!

  15. Joan h

    ?Shoutout from Myrtle Beach…?Hey ?? Wes , how about extra encounter video for all of us riding out the hurricane ?

  16. RICHIE E


  17. Jake C

    Thank you for this episode. I am thrilled that it included several encounters that happened weeks ago. Not just the usual childhood or decades old encounters. I am not berating those by any means. It is just refreshing to hear about something close to me, that happened recently.

    I think it is fantastic that the last guest brought his children with him. Could he have gone about things a little more cautiously, absolutely. I may very well have done things a little differently. That said, he did get out and do something regarding these creatures. And he did it with family & like minded friends. When is the last time many of those condeming him have done that? (Searching the interwebs, and racing to be the first to comment does not count.)

    I find it interesting that running right down the middle of the area he described is Mesatchee Creek. It happens to be the only creek in the immediate area that has kept its native name. Mesatchee (Mesachie) means evil, bad (malignent), nasty, etc. in chinook. I have seen mesatchee used as an adjective to skookum (ie… mesachie skookum). When combined we are looking at a meaning pretty close to ‘evil nasty monstrous thing’. (It is oft mistranslated to mean ‘ill tempered bull’.)

    In Washington, we are lucky to have retained a lot of the original names of things. Why reinvent the wheel? Do a map (not electronic) study of where you are. Look up words if you don’t know them. It is almost as if the people who named these places knew what was there 😉

  18. Kathy B

    This was an interesting episode Wes.
    Thanks for sharing your event Alan. What a scary memory for you to recall. I wonder why the neighbor did not come forward with her information when you were younger But then I suppose the local people would have put them in the same category as you and your friend. People are so quick to laugh at others when they have not had the experience. Thanks again.
    Now the second guests…..seriously!
    Playing the vocals sounds crazy to me. You guys don’t know what message you are sending out. This is not a silly game to them. Just because they do not live like you they are not less than what they were born to be. You may think it is funny when they respond to your knocks & vocals but you are in their territory and home now. They are very intelligent to be able to survive in the woods and keep away from most people. You are the perfect example of why they should keep away from people. I know you would not like being harassed in your home environment by someone who comes wearing a gun. If you must get your kicks this way please leave your precious children at home. I am glad none of you have gotten hurt, yet.

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