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SC EP:576 Confessions Of A Pastor

Spoke to Randy and he said “I have never seen a Sasquatch but I have dealt a lot with demonic possession. I have many accounts that made the hair on my arm stand up. Many people come to me with accounts of running into these creatures.”

Randy writes “I have two encounters to share, both happened in Kentucky, one was right outside of Louisville city limits.


The Green River was dammed up to create an 8,210 acre lake, “Green River Lake.” During this time my friend’s family owned land on green River. Naturally, As the lake filled up, many caves in the area were flooded. We think that’s what drove the Sasquatch in this story out into the open and searching for new territory.

My friend and his cousin came down to the riverbank to do some target practice with their 22 rifles. They would walk up stream a ways, throw pop cans in the water, then run back down stream and wait for the pop cans (targets of choice) to float by.

While blowing the cans to smitherines, my friend’s cousin’s gun jammed.

They walked around a tree line, across a field and back up to their car which was sitting on the side of the road. They opened the trunk, sat on the back bumper, and began to dislodge the shell from his 22 rifle. As they were reloading they heard limbs snapping, they looked up and back toward the tree line they had just walked from. The tops of the trees were swaying wildly.

My friend’s cousin asked, “who let the elephant out?” They decided to check it out.

They closed the trunk and jogged back down across the field then walked quietly around the line of trees and back into the opening on the river bank where they had been standing moments before.

“Sam” not his name..said when they came into the opening something started screaming at them. They jumped and looked toward the scream….Standing on top of a deadfall was a creature covered in hair, his arms were above his head and he was waiving them back and forth in a left, right motion. Sam’s cousin spun the barrel of his rifle around and shot 5 times.

Sam said all five shot’s hit the creature in his chest area. He said he could hear the bullets landing almost like the sound of them hitting the water. The creature dropped his arms and fell straight back behind the deadfall. He hit with a large thud, then silence. The silence was very short lived. Sam’s cousin, started screaming, “I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“I’ve killed our crazy uncle”

“He dressed up in a monkey suit to scare us and I’ve killed him.”

Sam told him, I don’t know what you’ve killed but it’s not our uncle. They were both in shock so holding onto each other they walked slowly over to the dead fall and looked over it to the back side. The creature was laying on its back and not moving. One of them (not sure which one) said, what the heck is it?

This stirred the creature, he opened his eyes and jumped up. They jumped back, turned and started running. The creature “galloped” away in one direction, the two cousins in the opposite. I say galloped because of the way he was swinging his arms.

(This is my opinion, not theirs)

I think the creature was in shock, I think he was running but using his arms as if he was on all four. He was running on two but his arms were swinging as if he was using them to touch the ground. The story extends, They raced home and got their dad’s 30-30…..Tracked it….. with more info coming from a neighbor the next day.”



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  1. Celia

    Excellent show. The guest is very well spoken and makes some really interesting points. I don’t subscribe to everything he discussed but it’s some excellent food for thought. Thanks, Wes!

    • F S

      Okay – let me get this straight:

      This man has no formal training, learned how to do exorcisms from a book he read, meets someone a few minutes and decides they are possessed, sends this woman’s two small children away to “another room” with people they’ve never met (a perfect recipe for abuse), gets no medical, social, or historical background on the lady, rounds up a bunch of even less qualified (if that’s possible) members of his “team” to help, hears her speak “ancient langurs” (really? which ones?), put hands on her to restrain her (also illegal), has no medical professional present to monitor her health (something else required by the Catholic Church), ends up NOT helping her because he didn’t know her history, which would have been discovered by true professionals, and offers no follow up care to a situation that could be gravely dangerous to the family? (REAL Rites of Exorcism can take months to years to be successful).
      The only advise THIS lay person would give is to stay away from amateurs like this.
      “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”
      Matthew 7:15-20

      • Evelyn L

        As I recall from reading a thing called the Bible that Jesus also laid hands on people. He had no official training and neither did his disciples. No seminary, no college. If a person is growling and manifesting in the way this man described it does not take much contemplation to realize that the person is afflicted by some other entity.
        The woman’s husband was present. The children were with several other people. I see no problem with that.
        I commend this pastor for doing the ministry that the Christ, himself, said that ALL believers should do! Demons are the lowest level of entity in the dominion of darkness and they know that they have to leave when a true believer uses the authority of the name of Jesus but they can be very unpleasant about it. It is not something that should be done as a show for everyone to see. The people came to this pastor for help. He did not force the ministry on these people.
        It is sad to see that today people are seeking out mediums, witches, and all kinds of “new agers” for help with demonic oppression, possession, familiar spirits, and other harassment from the enemy, something that most of the so called “Christian” church refuses to do. Or they go to doctors that medicate them half out of their senses and if that does not calm them down enough they will put them in the BSU! This pastor was carrying out his calling as a born from above believer. There are very few left who are actually obedient to that call.

        • LaVonne J

          Well said Evelyn. The reason people are hurting is because the church, the body of Christ, denies the existence of principalities and many even have a difficult time believing in the Holy Spirit. They wonder why there’s so much evil in the world every day and don’t seem to recognize it for what it truly is.

          It’s actually very difficult to find a minister who deals with this very spiritual problem. I do know that these ministers have to stay prayed up for their and their family’s protection. And it’s also not wise to attempt it unless you ask Jesus, Yahweh, to bind those demons.

          While seeing a Christian counselor (a minister’s widow), some assignments besides prayer, putting on my armor daily, and reciting verses….was to read The Bondage Breaker and one other that I don’t recall. My experience with her is too lengthy to go into here, but spiritual oppression and harrassment are very real.

          • Evelyn L

            I just came back here and noticed this post. Strange how people are “offended” by Biblical Christianity but are fine with the witches and all of the occult activity on television as “entertainment.” Jesus told his followers that the world would hate them and he was right. Expect it. Those who oppose the truth have “had their eyes blinded by the god of this world.” We pray for them. Only the Spirit of the Living God can open those spiritual eyes.
            It does amaze me though that people can accept the evil that is poured out in the name of “entertainment” but are so offended by the word of God. This pastor may not have attended a communist/Marxist dominated Ivy League school which has atheists teaching theology and all of the religious studies classes but he studied the book of truth.
            1 Corinthians 1:19 “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will destroy.”
            Look it up in whatever version….it means the same. God is not impressed with the meager intelligence of mankind. God can give people revelation knowledge but he only gives it to those who humbly seek him. If you want truth and want to serve God through his Son he will speak to you. He will open those spiritual eyes and allow you to experience the truth. People have been conditioned to believe that IF God exists he would certainly not bother with you. That is not true. Seek him and you will find him if you seek him with all of your heart.

      • Lisa F

        Agree with you FS. This guy really got on my nerves, very braggadocio, sounded self-important and slammed other religions. They always preface with “don’t mean to criticize but…”
        Did not enjoy this show

  2. Cathy S

    Best episode ever!!! I’m a Christian also and can confirm some of the same experience this pastor went thru. God is real people and He loves you. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and life and He will. God bless.

  3. Damon M

    WES!!!!! This guy has literally seen Angels and demons and you didn’t even ask him what they looked like?!?!??!?! C’mon man! On the part 2 with him you gotta get that out there right out the gate!

    Otherwise great show….I really enjoyed listening to this guy!

  4. Greg O

    Best show ever! A few close 2nds. Mt. Graham and Mt. Herman are on the same latitude 33rd parallel. The native americans have stories similar to Enoch of demons descending on Mt. Graham and lusting after their women/animals. Quite a coincidence. Mt Herman is where the fallen angels fell to earth. The native americans fought the catholic church in court for years trying to stop the telescope project. They could have built it anywhere why spend millions in court costs. It isn’t just cryptid sightings increasing also weather anomalies, earth quakes, disease, pestilence are all on the rise with increasing frequency and intensity. We are living with the signs of the times.

  5. Nyla R

    Nibiru, Planet X, that is on a supposed 3600 year elliptical orbit in our solar system. One of the theory’s is the Jesuits are using the Lucifer telescope to track it.

  6. Barbara W

    Wes, first of all thank you for the extra show!
    Secondly, this was a fantastic guest. I was hoping you’d make him a semi-regular guest, and then you mentioned he was going to start a podcast. I would love to hear more from this man of God.
    As a born again believer I see the world from a biblical. I can hardly wait until his show gets off the ground.
    I have seen a UFO, had what I believe was a class b encounter w/a sasquatch, and saw what i called a devil dog with red glowing eyes. I have commanded a demon(s?) & seen miracles. The supernatural is very real.
    Btw, Exo-Vaticana is the book he mentioned. It’s by Tom Horn and the late Cris Putnam, if anybody’s interested.
    Thank you so much Randy for being our guest. Please come back again!!

    • Kathy K

      I agree with you Stephen, don’t do the space men either and when the Pastor said that little bit about Mary got seeded by aliens…I don’t know about you Wes but I cringed…

  7. Janetta V

    Great show. Anything worth doing, do it in the name of Jesus. He is our everything, our Savior for those who will ask him to come into their heart. Stop that sinning and start reading the new testament to learn who you are in the name that is above every name..JESUS.

    • DOUG S

      Fair enough Linda…but what if there are other things out there beyond Sasquatch? What if there is an influence that is not good but bad? What if others who have been thrust into that world are warning us of this? Please keep an open mind and test the Spirit of these things. Like Wes, I wish and hope Sasquatch is just a damn ape…but my faith and testimony of others makes me open and even mindful of things outside our time domain. God bless you, and I hope you understand why I commented on your post.

    • Janet K

      Because, maybe you’re going to a different kind of church. I know the church I grew up in didn’t believe in such things. Then when I grew up I found a church that prays for deliverance of people and I have seen some stuff that can’t be explained away. Also, I have seen a demon with my own eyes on the night my first husband committed suicide.

  8. Will H

    First off let me say GREAT SHOW Wes.

    to the trolls who think they know it all and apparently do not listen to anything they hear, or put words in where words were never spoken.

    Cullen D.
    The Pastor NEVER said that all Rock and Roll was EVIL, he said and I am quoting him, SOME TYPES of Rock and Roll combined with Drugs can invite demons in. We all know the TYPES he is talking about, if you say you don’t then you are just being ignorant. and trying to find or create a fight or argument where one doesn’t exist, if you dont agree with the man, just say you dont agree and leave it at that, we are all adults here, or I would like to hope we are, and if you arent out of respect for Randy and the rest of us, at least act the part.

    Kenneth K.
    So in 46 years on this earth , you have never heard of a demon possession yourself or from a friend, and yet you believe in a Cryptid creature like Sasquatch. or maybe you don’t. There have been hundereds upon thousands of accounts since the dawn of time, written , word of mouth, telling of Demon Opression and Possession. Talk to any priest, or pastor, or reverend, or bishop, and ask them if demon possession is possible, you might be surprised at the answer you get. This world is not black and white and covered in Unicorns and Rainbows like a lot of people believe, or would like to believe, do a little research before passing judgement.

    Linda P
    Demonic Possession is not amusing at all, but its good for Wes to have had Randy come on here and let everyone know that these things DO happen and without coming right out and saying, if you payed attention to what was being said you would have heard what to look out for.

    All in all, everyone wants Wes to put out more content, folks he probably has a lot of shows pre recorded, that he thinks about putting up and doesn’t , not that they arent good shows, they are probably some of the best you will ever hear, Wes is trying to work some things in that are not all about Sasquatch, and that is fine by me as well as it should be fine by the community, because you all know you have questioned certain things before and could never really find the answer, I for one think Wes is doing a Great Job putting out the shows that he is putting out.

  9. Annette H

    Oh wow Wes this guy is incredible. I think I need to listen to this a second time. He really gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for the bonus episode, kinda felt like Christmas ?

  10. Barry R

    Wes, as a Christian I was almost convinced to skip this episode on the grounds there are some things you just dibt mess with or even listen to others mess with. I ended up listening and being glad I did. Dont let Tony Merkel poach Randy as a guest!

  11. Mark C

    The exorcism Wes referred to is, I believe, that performed by Ed and Lorraine Warren. It involved a rather uneducated farmer nicknamed Frenchy that when possessed would speak in other languages, sweat blood, have incredible physical strength, and knowledge of things the farmer himself didn’t know. Back in 2000 I saw the original footage in person with Ed and Lorraine telling a group of us the whole story.

  12. Janet K

    My pastor said once that people get use to their demons and like them and don’t want to get free. He said they want to keep them as pets, walk around on a leash and put a bow on it. That is the truth. It becomes their identity.

  13. Augustine L

    That is enough anti-Catholic bullshit, thanks.

    The Vatican did not name a computer “Lucifer.” The Vatican Observatory shares space (no pun intended) with other organizations and groups. The Vatican Observatory does not own each piece of equipment, nor can it give official names or nicknames to things it does not own. Another group installed a telescope it nicknamed Lucifer.

    Its a telescope built by the Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial physics, and according to the Planck Institute website, it stands for LBT Near Infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research. Its official abbreviation has been changed to LUCI.

    • Christian L

      Thanks Augustine, concur. I too detected the subtle and not so subtle “Catholic bashing”…yeah we Catholics really hope Mary was seeded by an alien…ignorant nonsense. Apparently “some Christian’s are more equal than others”. Disinformation about and prejudice toward the Vatican and Catholisicm is a common practice with significant segments of other Christian denominations (that don’t consider us Christian)…sadly.

  14. Bal G

    Not sure I want to listen to this. Demonic possession scares me to no end. Cannot will not watch The Exorcist. Just won’t. The freaking scariest movie ever made. The uncut version with the spider walk is even worse. Every time it’s on I turn the channel. Have to overcome my fears at some point I guess. But I’m going to skip this one for now. Keep up the good work Wes.

  15. Debbie S

    I missed this until this morning. THANK YOU WES! Great show, the first I am going to immediately turn around and listen again. When I finished the first time I knew I would see a lot of opposition in the comments. Not as much as I expected. And more open minded comments than I expected. Come on folks, we are a group that believes in the existence of Sasquatch and I don’t believe everything every Sasquatch believer believes but I keep an open mind. You don’t have to agree with Pastor Randy 100% to know that there is a spirit world out there. It’s like this: I don’t always agree with witnesses when they give their take on what was going on during the encounter or their thoughts of what Sasquatch is but I know Sasquatch exists. I know the spirit world exists too, I normally just try to stay away from it. But I thoroughly enjoyed Pastor Randy and can’t wait for him to come back and explain how this all started for him. I hope you give us a link to his podcast when he starts one too., Wes.

    In the Sasquatch part of this I liked his explanation about it was according to how close into their territory you are during an encounter to explain the lack of at times of total aggression to times of more overt aggression. Never heard anybody say that before but it makes sense. Really good show…I was pleasantly surprised. Any naysayers…well, this was an extra show…just don’t listen then. I was a bit apprehensive but I could listen to Randy for hours. THANKS WES!

  16. Norita B

    Good for you, Wes, to be open to explore other avenues of the unknown. To those that do not agree with your topic choice (first off it’s your podcast and you do the work!)
    ~ c’mon! There are still millions of nay sayers and non-believers of Sasquatch, yet your show is THE VENUE for witnesses and those who’ve experienced them, hundreds of life altering encounters.
    To not want to acknowledge these other realms, does not mean they don’t exist.

  17. Catherine G

    This was a Amazing Show, I was captivated and on the edge of my seat during the entire show. I can’t wait until he comes back for a part two to share more of his experiences . terrifying and interesting and eye opening all at the same time. Wes you have went above and beyond and even exceeded my expectations on the variety of topics your capable of bringing to your show. Thank you for a great show and also Thanks to the Pastor for sharing this with us =)

  18. Dean C

    WOW!!! Now this is a treat!! I’ve PTSD which keeps me up a lot at night…..but SC helps ease it at night. I was really excited about hearing this episode, but didn’t realise you would be airing it this soon, fantastic treat to see pop up. It’s 0313hrs here in Wales, UK, so I’m gonna put my headphones in and put an end to the anticipation. Thankyou ever so much for all that you do Wes. I’ve only been subscribed a short while but am exceptionally impressed with the quality, quantity and punctuality of episodes… do you find time to even sleep!?!?!
    I’m sure I speak for everyone too when I say what I have. Fantastic stuff, and always captivating.
    All the best and kindest regards
    Wales, UK.

  19. footer2

    You are gonna tell me that this pastor has a bunch of bigfoot stories and then you play the same 2 stories that you already played and then do a whole fucking show about stupid ass UFOs and demons you are a prick for this bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Miss Kendall S

    That was an amazing show Wes it’s seriously was and thank you so much because it seems like with every show I listen to I learn something new even if it’s crazy out there I still love the fact that people can say what’s in their hearts and what they truly believe..
    I’m sure a lot of people take a deep breath after speaking with you and that’s got to be an Awesome feeling for them..
    Just my opinion…

  21. Chuck C

    Thanks Wes and Pastor Randy for a great episode! The interview and insights on the subject matter in this episode is very interesting from both of you. I hope Pastor Randy can make it back for another one.

  22. Michelle a

    Great show Wes! I like when you take us on another path, let’s hear other types of encounters and experiences people have had. I thought the pastor was excellent and your knowledge of the Bible is really impressive.

  23. Cullen D

    The Jesuit priests DO NOT run a telescope called Lucifer. Lucifer, which stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,” is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope run by the Astronomy department at the University of Arizona. The telescope is housed right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson, Az. It is not run nor owned by the Jesuits, they’re just neighbors. This “Jesuit LUCIFER telescope” conspiracy was originated by two conniving but enterprising cretins, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam to SELL books. Get your facts straight.

  24. Dovie D

    We are living in the last days. Soon Christ will present himself and his army and this system as we know it will soon end and a new government take its place. If you read the scriptures it talks about the time satan and his demons were cast out to the heavens to the earth. Jehovah said “I will come like a thief in the night” these creatures know they only have a short time.
    Jehovah has given Jesus authority. I appreciate the comment in only Jesus name.

  25. Ian C

    Just my opinion,but I call BS on all this demons crap.
    The story about the grandfather molesting his granddaughter saying he had a demon in him making him do it is the biggest load of BS of all.
    How people believe in religion and all the lies and excuses that cine with it in this day and age totally baffles me!

  26. Lynn W

    Idk… I just cant listen or watch anything related to demons. It scares me too much because I am afraid that by thinking about them, will make them notice me…

  27. Cory M

    I’m not saying that I’m doubting one bit of this guy’s story…LORD knows I’m not but how in the world did they drive from the parking lot to his house and how did the other guy drive away in a car that the gearshift and linkages have been ripped out?

  28. Pat T

    Wes, God bless you!, awesome show! Great knowing the good pastor is coming back on too! Can’t wait to hear more of what he’s experienced regarding spiritual warfare and dealing with casting out devils in Jesus’ name. The ouiji board stories should be very interesting that he’s coming back to share and I’m sure there will be other compelling stories just waiting to be told. Very good show Wes and thank you so much for bringing him on again!!

  29. William R

    MUCH THANKS for the extra episode Wes! I like that you’re occasionally exploring other subjects. Keeps the mind stimulated. Pastor Randy presents himself in a professional fashion which I appreciate. What I did NOT appreciate were his blatant Anti-Catholic beliefs. It’s bad enough we have Representatives of our own Congress, blatantly & overtly being Anti-Semitic. I understand the Atheists and respect their position. I DO believe in demons & spirits as well as rare Exorcism. One thing Pastor Randy failed to mention was his DENOMINATION. I’d very much like to know this before part 2 because it will put things in perspective for me. I’m going to hazard a guess that he’s Pentacostal. ALSO, THANK YOU SO MUCH AUGUSTINE L! You are absolutely correct regarding the telescope! I appreciate you clearing up this falsehood. I also appreciate Pastor Randy for coming on. It takes a lot to come on and speak to us all. Let’s see if he’ll tell us his denomination. MUCH THANKS TO YOU AGAIN WES!

  30. William R

    I sure hope he doesn’t try the old Non Denominatal ruse. If you’re doing dozens and dozens of exorcisms, you belong to a denomination and should be proud of it.

  31. Walter L

    Wes, first time commenter and a huge sasquatch beliver as i found a track way 20 years ago on a remote wilderness hunt in idaho. I do have to say however, over the last year i have listened to every one of your episodes and many twice. This one is by far and away the best. Given the little sasquatch content i am amazed i am saying that but this gentlemen is so sincere and believable i am beside myself. As always you leave the rest in your category scrambling to keep up. Simply Thank you Wes, Thank you !!

  32. Garret S

    Love Sasquatch Chronicles, but wasn’t really into this one. I don’t find talk of demonic possession healthy and the belief can have dire consequences. But what do I know? I’m just a SNNNNnnnAAAAkkkke!

  33. Aine B

    Yikes! What a show…I really hope we can get another episode from the pastor.
    The Hollyweird lucifarians aka the illuminati believe and practice all this evil crap.

  34. Paul M


  35. timothy m

    Wes; Randy; This is the most amazing show; Randy, you truly are a Man of God; I can tell in your voice sir, God’s strong hand upon you as you give God’s life-line to those who come to hear you. These encounters were intense, Wes, Thanks for a great episode, looking forward to hearing Song-Leader Allen’s encounters as well. This all is so-well indepth as told. Pastor Randy, I’m from Locust-Grove Ga. would Love to HEAR you Preach sometime sir. This has been such a blessing sir. Wes, Pastor Allen; This episode will travel, gotta share this for others to tune in. Love the take of Gen. 6; very indepth , wealth of information. Thank you Wes, Thank you Pastor Randy.

  36. Tonya M

    Thank you, Wes, for having the courage to air something like this viewpoint. If I had not JUST renewed my membership, this episode would have had me do it.
    Most people just want to talk about the spirit world in terms of witchcraft and fear but not the opposite view, power of Jesus. I’m sure you received some interesting emails and I just wanted to send you a little encouragement! I appreciate you, Wes!

  37. Bingo M

    I believe in God with all my heart. We are on the same page on many of the things talked about on this show. There is much we don’t know about this world. Great show Wes. Bingo

  38. Evelyn L

    In the New Testament Jesus says that “believers” would be able to cast out demons in his name. In Ephesians 6 Paul speaks of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places as some of the enemies that believers deal with. He does not say that they are to cast those entities out in the name of Jesus because the principalities, etc., are not demons. These entities are the actual “gods” that people worshiped before the flood. The Bible in many places tells of the “gods.” It also says that there is another God that is above all those other “gods.” Some people understand that 1/3 of the celestial beings rebelled and began trying to build their own kingdom when the highest cherub, Lucifer, decided to attempt a takeover. According to Paul there is a certain amount of spiritual strength needed to deal with these forces.
    Sadly, the modern Christian church knows little about the actual spiritual forces that are working against them nor the spiritual forces that should be working for them. They do not know what true prayer is and they reject spiritual gifts. Those who follow the dark entities are glad to receive whatever spiritual power that they can get. Not the Christians! Nope! The spiritual gifts available are written about right in the New Testament but they are so afraid of spiritual power that they even reject what comes from the Kingdom of Light.!
    People who are being oppressed by evil spirits, such as poltergeist, hauntings in/on their property, demonic oppression or even possession, etc., are having to go to mediums, witches, etc., (the very people that the Bible says to stay away from) for help with these afflictions. The modern Christian church has abandoned the spiritual aspects of the faith. Jesus clearly mentioned casting out demons as one of the things that his followers should be doing and yet the seminaries are teaching that the founder of the faith was not serous about what he said!
    I commend this pastor for taking seriously his role in dealing with evil spirits. I hope he has trained his parishioners to do the same. Any true believer who has been “born from above,” is able to cast out a demon if they are walking as they should although if it is an especially powerful entity I would not advise doing it without help. Being born again means that the old spirit that you were born with, which is cut off from communication with the Creator, is replaced by a new spirit that is in communication with the Spirit of God and is able to go to the third heaven when you are separated from the body. The fallen celestial beings that wage war against humanity are more difficult to deal with than demons are. Demons have never been to heaven and are earth bound spirits. They are the lowest level of entity of the kingdom of darkness. They are subject to the fallen celestial beings. Kind of like the zombies of that dimension.
    When a born from above believer in the Christ deals with the principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness it requires all the aspects of what Paul called the “armor of God” and that includes all kinds of prayer. Sadly, most of the denominational churches have become too smart for spiritual things. Many of the independent churches are that way as well. There are a few true bible believing groups but they are usually shunned by the denominational people. It’s sad though that the power of the risen Christ is not more readily available for those in need of it. The darker that things become spiritually the more people will need that power that the Christ made available through his Spirit.

  39. Jan F


  40. Bob V


    This pastor is worth his salt. He knows what is going on. I don’t praise Pastors lightly. Just because someone has the title doesn’t mean they truly are one. This man is one.


  41. Bob V


    A reason to ask a demon their name. One, to better pray for the person possesed. Example: if you’d run into a spirit ufunforgivenes; you shut down the spirit and bring back the person. You talk to the person and ask who they believe they are withholding unforgiveness too. Then you lead them through a pray of forgiving the person the demon possessed person is holding the grudge on. Once this happens you bring back the demon and it has no longer the ground to stay. Second; some demons hand out with other demons. Example: suicide, depression, and rejection will often times hang out with one another. Third: to brake off curses. Many witchcraft spirits are sent to curse people. Like the unforgiveness spirit, you bring back the person, and get the person to repent for being involved in witchcraft or you have the person themselves tell the demon they don’t want any curses. Five, asking demons their names you’ll run into religious spirits. A religious spirit gets people to hold onto doctrine chruches believe are true but controdict the Bible. Examples: there is many different ways to heaven, the Holy Spirit’s gifts have stopped working, you can loose your salvation, a certain denomation is always correct, the worships a pastor, the person worships a denomation, a person worships church itself, praying to anything other than Jesus, the list goes on and on..Here is the truth of it. The Bible is the final authority on these issues not: what a church says, not what a preacher says, not what a denomantion says, and not what you want to “believe”. God nor Satan has to abide by your beliefs. This idea is the most prideful and arrogant thing to come out of the church. Someone if a person says, “I don’t believe that” then it isn’t true for them. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Example: just because you don’t believe in Hell, doesn’t mean it’s not there, just because you don’t like the things of the spirit either demonic or the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean it isn’t there, just because you want to believe this or that…doesn’t mean this or than is correct. The truth of the Bible are solid. When it looks unsold to us, it means PEOPLE are the ones wrong. Sorry to tell you Truth is not a floating ocean, it’s like a hard wood floor. You either will walk on it or you’ll come crashing down on it, but no matter what “You” believe that floor is what it is. Everyone will find this out one day.

    Helps in driving out spirits: praying in tongues-spirits hate it, singing a hymn, reading the Psalms, stopping and talking to the person (described above), telling a demon they have already lost, and understanding your authority. This is more important than “faith”. You need faith in Christ, but if you don’t understand your authority; it’s like building a house without hammer and nails.

    Again, Asking a demon it’s name is very helpful.


  42. Amie S

    Thank you Wes for a good show. I’ve heard you mention youd like to start a podcast based on biblical writings so maybe this is your start?
    I had mixed thoughts about this episode. Certainly Pastor Randy is a confidant speaker and some things he mentioned , I hadn’t heard or the thought about before. Example, asking the demons their names. Because yes, JESUS THE CHRIST did the same. Also his explanation about why and when the Sasquatch are more violent. I thought that made sense. I was hanging on every word for a while but some stories he told sounded familiar, like I’d heard them before (the part about the girl being sexually abused). And then
    The part about the gear shift…the car was still drivable after they had stopped and it started again ? But I guess stranger things have happened. I believe we should keep our minds aware of certain things but there is a fine line between educating and entertaining. If it’s for the purpose of entertainment then you better realize whom you are entertaining and therefore you may be giving them power over you. Be mindful of what you are allowing to enter your mind. Wes , myself and many others have said it. What a difference you have made in the lives of many. That GOD had a purpose for you(we all have purpose) I hope you will always be true to your calling.. You are in my prayers.

  43. Aaron B

    Awesome show it’s kinda weird that people are all about BF but demon possessions is way too far out there lmao it’s all real and quite scary we don’t live in the world we were taught about but it doesn’t mean it isn’t real ! It’s great Wess is touching on other subjects it’s one of the best shows I have listened to can’t wait to here the next show he has with the Pastor

  44. Shawn S

    I find it funny Wes said these things don’t seem natural. But no way are Humans natural to this planet. We can’t even survive without changing the environment to fit our needs. The creatures mentioned do not. They’re spotted all year around and live in some hospitable climates. Food for thought.

  45. Ian C

    Love the show overall,bit the worst episode ever,
    The pastor sounds like a disgusting human being,I would trust him with mu trash let alone a family member.
    Biggest loaf of BS he spoke and a snake oil salesman of the highest order!!

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