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SC EP:569 Something At The Ranch

A listener writes “I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible but I have had about a half dozen encounters with what I used to think, but now KNOW, was a Sasquatch or something thereof.

My cousin and my brother have spent the past week talking about all of our encounters here in AZ up off the Mogollon Rim and out at our family ranch north of Wickenburg. My cousin Chris came upon your show less than a week ago by accident and we have each listened to about 35-40 of the episodes since. He and I have talked over the past few days and because of what we’ve heard on your show, we are CONVINCED that what we’ve encountered is similar to those on your show. The timing worked out where my brother, who is active in the military, is in town and staying with us so the three of us have been reliving these experiences trying to find answers.

The first memory was at our family ranch out in the middle of the desert where the nearest house or living human is a 45 minute drive down a dirt road. I was about 14 or 15 and my brother is two years younger than me. He and I heard the horses making a ton of noise down in the pasture in the creek that runs alongside the mountain the ranch houses sit on. We walked to the edge of the slope of the mountain where we could see below and saw the horses huddled together in the middle of our fenced in pasture. We caught glances of what we thought was a coyote in between the brush so we yelled down and made some noise. As soon as we did, this thing took off down the wash towards the Hassayampa river. We saw it running and it was big and black. It ran kind of like a dog but was 90-100 yards away below in the wash so it was thought to tell. It darted between the mesquite and the brush but it was jet black. If it was a canine, it was the biggest one we have ever seen. Running on all fours, it’s back had to be at least as high as my chest at the time but it was very bulky. When we asked our grandpa about it he said it was a bear but we have never seen a bear move that fast or agile.

We had another encounter while sitting on the porch of the ranch house at night a few years later. My cousin and I were sitting on the porch with a girl from Germany and the rest of the family was inside. About 30 yards away, just outside of the light coming from the sliding glass door, we heard some movement for a few minutes, then the deepest growl I could have possibly ever imagined. It last for a few seconds and my cousin and I slowly got up on our feet. We looked at each other terrified and pulled our guns out. The SECOND I cocked the hammer back on my revolver, the growl turned into this terrifying scream. It didn’t sound like the typical woman scream you hear about, it sounded like a dinosaur. We threw open the door and slammed it shut and our family told us we looked like we had just seen a ghost. Neither of us slept that night.

Around the time I was 19, my brother and a different cousin of ours had walked about a mile up river to do some target shooting with a shotgun. We didn’t have a lot of time before dinner so we were only shooting for 10-15 minutes before we headed back home. Walking down the creek we saw a jet black raven sitting in the middle of the creek. It was huge and wasn’t afraid of us. It had to sit 2.5′ talk and I have never seen a raven out there in that area. We walked by and didn’t think anything of it but as we got close to the house we saw a massive black creature on the side of the wash in the brush. At the time we all thought it was a bull but even then we thought it was pretty strange to see one off on its own that close to the house. 10-15 seconds later, when we turned to look back at it, it was completely gone. We asked our grandpa about a big black bull and he told us that we didn’t have any.

I was 23 when I went camping off the Young road up on the Mogollon rim with some buddies. After the sun went down, we had a fire going and started hearing what we all thought was a woman screaming off in the distance. Over a minute or two the scream got closer until it was just outside the firelight and less than 30 yards from us. We were all freaked out since it sounded like this woman was dying. We called out and shined our flashlights towards it but never got a response or saw anything. Over a period of an hour, we heard some noises near by but eventually it got quiet and then we started hearing the screams again but the were moving away from us. We all slept in the truck that night and left the next morning.

My last encounter was again, near the Mogollon rim with my cousin Chris, his wife, and a friend from work as his wife. The story is pretty long but we had heard screams in the forest during the day and after the sun went down we started to hear whistles coming in from at least 3 different positions getting closer to us. We saw red, green, and white lights coming down one of the hills that bordered the wash we were camping in. They were very soft lights like a glow stick in the distance. We would hear branches breaking and someone walking up the road. We would go out to look and couldn’t ever find anything. The whistles and noises would ebb and flow but during a period of quiet, our friend and his wife went to bed in their tent. The noises started up again and our dogs went so crazy we had to put them all in our trucks. My cousin, his wife, and I sat on his tailgate near the fire hearing at least 3 distinct whistles coming from different areas like we were being flanked. His wife didn’t read too much into it but we were terrified. I’ve got tears in my eyes just thinking about it. When one of the whistles got within 40 yards and right on the creek, I whistled into the dark and immediately, this thing immediately whistled right back to me in the exact same tone. The three of us panicked, we woke up our friends, packed up our camp within 10 minutes and left there in the middle of the night.”






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  1. Tedd

    Wow, that was one of the best weekends of shows ever! Hopefully it doesn’t spoil some of the newbies but I am glad you did the work for us. Great guest and cool hand Luke should be his nickname!

  2. Lynn W

    DOC: Thanks for sharing your story! IDK if you have heard about the ” Missing 411′ David Paulides stories” (he has a few documentaries and many videos on Youtube )but I think people should know about it before going into the woods with children. Best to you and your family!

  3. jade W

    Was a great weekend for sasquatch chronicles fans !!! My Wes turned 14 today! We checked out the zero hr escape room Duluth mn!! Also we visited the site were my obsessions started the place that we were scared at

  4. Sharity M

    3 shows?! Bless your heart, Wes. I sooo appreciate all the hard work that you put into your episodes and blog. It’s gotta be a full-time job of itself. This is the best cryptid show out there! You blow DER, Bigfoot Outlaw Radio, etc., out of the water! A million thanks!

  5. Alan H

    Compelling show! What a great way to grow up with your family! That first creature sounds more like a dog man……
    Just curious, sounds like you guys used traditional single action revolvers since you automatically cocked it b4 you fired…. Thanks Wes and Doc!

  6. Jon B

    Thanks wes and doc, great show! My family has a cabin just north of camp Geronimo on the Mogillon rim. One day I went for a ATV ride in the woods and came across this dead deer in the middle of the trail , it waa severely mangled head backwards broken bones, it didn’t look natural. After looking around a bit I found a trail of footprints in the snow. BIG FOOTPRINTS! Burried in a foot of snow. At the time sasquatch never crossed my mind. But now I look back on that and wonder why it didn’t cross my mind. It’s pretty obvious now exactly what it was.

  7. Maynard w

    Thanks Doc an Wes. I wish there was an AZ conference or outing. Heading up to the Rim on Wednesday for a couple of weeks of camping, and this show was timed just right.

  8. Lisa B

    Wow, as I’m listening to Doc talk about the raven and bull, I instantly think “witch”. Like in the movie The Missing with Tommy Lee Jones, the shaman witch (that scared the hell out of me when I watched it). Then Doc tells how his grandmother talks about the medicine men and skin walkers. I got major goose bumps when he said that. Something definitely was evil there. Thanks for sharing Doc and thanks Wes for the great shows this weekend!

  9. Greg O

    Another good show ! Thanks Wes! You know you keep asking what they are and we do know what atleast half of what they are! The DNA has been sequenced and accepted enough to have been put in the zoobook of DNA. What I mean by we know half of what they are is the maternal DNA is homo sapien but the paternal is unknown. This means we can conclude that they are atleast 50% human. The scientific name given to them is Homo Sapien Cognatus! Cognatus means blood relative. If anybody wants to check this info out my source is Dr. Melba Ketchum. She has a you tube channel.

    • Greg O

      Unless we support the facts and the credible scientist’s that have the credentials we will have a harder time solving this mystery. Sadly unless you/I have a degree in a related field any evidence/testimony we have is not going to be accepted. What we need is believer/knower students to get degree’s in a related field (zoology/primatology/etc.) and study sasquatch. We as a bigfoot believing/knowing community need to support scientist’s that go out on a limb with evidence for their existence.

  10. m99

    I was rereading the above comments and thought, isn’t it great these guys have found SC, Wes, and have the ability to listen to encounters, and talk about it all? So many don’t have that, as far as with the family, anyway. Glad you guys found SC. Thanks for sharing your encounters.

  11. Chewbacca Man

    You can hear the anxiety and tension in his voice. When he thinks about all of these memories, he takes a deep breath, and you can feel the stress in him! Wow 😲….

  12. Carol W

    Thanks for this great show, from a new member. I especially enjoy hearing about encounters in the Southwest, as I spend a lot of my time there. From what I can learn encounters are more rare in this area of the country, possibly because of the relative scarcity of water sources. But it’s good to be aware of what others have experienced, as I’m out in the field a lot.

  13. william k

    Some of these monsters eat human children and adults. Historical accounts dating back to the earliest yellow journalism writings document this. They are remnants of perhaps the dinosaurs. They evolved with extraordinary survival traits perhaps including very robust bioelectronic fields which induce adrenalin overload i.e. terror and fear which maybe in combination with their monstrously strong noise making capabilities gives them one of their extraordinary abilities as prey animals. Don’t be taken in by anthropomorphism or neurotic displaced maternalism. Familiarize yourself with pictures of demons as portrayed by artists of the past and what various simian/ape videos so to not be terrorized by the simple sight of one of these monsters. Always make the head shot with a high caliber pistol or 300 magnum rifle. Shoot first. The camping and hiking the wild lands of the world are not to be denied to humans by monstrous prehistoric beasts. If they are not capable of sharing wild lands without murder of humans then they must be culled out and made totally fearful of humans so that sharing is enforced.

  14. Glen M

    Good Show! Sasquatch’s are out there, the world is a very weird Place. There are things we dont even know about ourselfs, I think we are vessels put on this planet to accomplish a task on this planet and partly robot made of flesh that can be controled by a higher power trying to complete there task. and other animals along with humans could be the same.

  15. maura o

    Description of the lights sounds very much Brown Mountain Lights – saw them at Linville Gorge in NC. Colored orbs moving up the mountain sides, some disappearing then reappearing, moving up along the mountain from the bottom to the top along what seems like a path. We also saw white lights appear above the ridge and even bright lights from just below the viewpoint. Also saw lights in Marfa, but a different phenomenon than you described here. Or maybe same phenomenon in a different environment looks different.

  16. Bonnie I

    Just re-listened to this episode because Doc’s interview was so intriguing and fairly sure he knows now that he and his friends had several close encounters with more than one Sasquatch.

  17. stephen P

    That was a brilliant show Wes. Doc was a great guest, very eloquent. Entertaining, scary, but also informative and thought provoking, which is what most of your shows are anyway.Excellent!.

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