Aug 3

SC EP:568 Run Like Hell

A former military police officer of 20 years will be joining the show. He shares an encounter he had on base in Alabama.The witness said “I was out of my nightly run around the base and it was surrounded by woods. I had my head phones in when I got a strange feeling like I was in danger. I took my ear buds out and realized something huge was pacing me in the woods.

It took me a second to figure out why my steps had an echo but it was this thing and it mirroring my moves. I ran like hell as fast as I could and this thing kept pace. As I cleared the woods I looked back and that is when I saw it…..”




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  1. joeydeveever

    A bit of what Chad spoke of about ‘tech’ makes me think of the first ‘Men In Black’ movie where they discover the jeweler who owned Orion the cat was himself a machine driven by a seven inch tall alien living inside the mechanism. Of course, I could say the same thing about myself, but the alien that drives me is (maybe on good days) about six inches tall and he doesn’t live in my head….

  2. Lisa H

    Chad was a great guest. I’m looking forward to hearing him on Strange Familiars. I liked his perspective of what Sasquatch is. It’s always a treat when military personnel are guests on the show. Thank u Wes.

      • Chad T

        My point was that no matter how fast I was, this thing was effortlessly faster. Sorry if I came across as an arrogant MP. Thats easy to do since I am an arrogant MP. If you makes you feel any better, I can’t run anymore and most days I am happy to just walk. I am glad you enjoyed the episode, my personalty aside.

        • m99

          _ I really loved your encounter report to Wes, plus your UFO experience in Minnesota when you were a kid. And Yes. I would’ve just gone swimming after that too. And, because of the found gold, and your alien encounter, I posted this song for you on the music thread in the forum. If you don’t go there, I’ll post it here too. I don’t know, you didn’t come across as arrogant to me. Bless you and thank you for your service. I really, really appreciate you coming on SC.

    • Chad T

      I can understand you thinking I was full of crap. I get that. Its A LOT. I should know. I was there. But saying it was a terrible story?? Thats just hurtful.. Oh well, I will get over it Thanks for listening anyway.

      • Frank R

        I loved your story!! No one will never know what’s it’s like to run in to one by you just telling them. BUT==for me growing up with them in Tennessee an having a lot of encounters!! I can tell your story is not [B.S.] I THANK YOU CHAD!!!

  3. Miss Kendall S

    You cannot tell me that the government have not already Figured out there DNA probably on many different kinds of the Sasquatch and have dissected to see exactly they are and I’m sure that they have known what they are where they come from for many many many of years. I believe that they have been here from the very beginning and I also believe that they do have human DNA along with primate and maybe even a third DNA as far as somehow. Bank have eyes shine without any type of light to hit them where their eyes still sign that says a little freaky so yes I know the government knows all about the Sasquatch and that’s why they’re afraid to let us know exactly what they are .. Just my opinion

  4. Andrew A

    His theory makes sense but I don’t think they would be here to monitor us as a primary reason for being here. Just a thought but maybe they are indigenous to earth and they are used to fight wars for them or us. His theory made me think of the encounter with the guy in KY where he walked up on a juvenile stuck in a tree and where he clearly was “in love” with the young female Sasquatch. When he was speaking with the older lady who ran a “Sasquatch daycare” and stated that when they are old enough they have to go away with the aliens for awhile. It made me think the “aliens” or us use them to fight wars on other worlds because of what she said and because of their physical capabilities. Also, because I’m a Star Wars nerd, I’ve heard that Star Wars isn’t too far from the truth and was released to get humans acclimated to the possibility of our true reality.

    Just a theory and I know a way out one but thought I’d throw it out there.

  5. Andrew A

    One other thing, Chad’s account was descriptive not bragging. I can understand why some would think that because I too am allergic to exercise but he was in the military and he had no choice. And maybe, and this would be a stretch, he actually enjoys running.

    Another crazy theory but thought I’d throw it out there. Keep running Chad and maybe through your efforts I might lose a pound or two.

  6. Charles R

    Such an interesting theory discussed at the end. And Andrew A, I forgot about that and will go back and listen to that episode. Are the starship people using the Bigfoot for reconnaissance? Maybe that is why so many encounters happen on and around military basis. Also why they operate at night like it is daytime. Are they imbedded with surveillance and other tech? Would this explain the bioluminescence ( night eyeshine when no reflecting light is available ) that has been documented so many times. Is this surveillance directed back to the star ships in real time?

    On a similar note, I think that the little greys are artificial intelligence, either biological or android, that do the work of the masters who are more similar to us. Could the Sasquatch, at least some, be another form of A I in a biological form?

    Thanks for the theory Chad. Much to think about.

  7. Karen L

    My 23 and me Neanderthal ancestry was 80% higher than other 23 and me participants. I am 51% Swedish and the rest Northern European and since your guest was from Minnesota, he is also likely of Scandinavian ancestry. Geneticists show the Neanderthals migrated north and interbred – this the high percentage of Neanderthal genes in people from Northern Europe.

  8. Robert P

    Troy b you’re a real hard person to please. I thought Chad’s story was very interesting and didn’t want the episode to end. I’ll definitely listen to his other chat on Strange Familiars. You nailed it the whole show Chad. Good stuff!

  9. Sangha K

    Possible solutions to paranormal activities:

    Take gybsum (Plaster) and mix it dry with resin from trees.
    Then put gemstone powder or granulate in the mix. (Something cristaline maybe sand..)
    Add some metal powder and then put water in it (not to much) and stir it up.

    Fill it into a metal pipe and let it dry.
    Watch what happens.

  10. Lisa B

    I loved listening to Chad! The show definitely ended too soon. Thanks Wes and thanks Chad for sharing your encounters, I could listen to you two for hours and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing Chad on Strange Familiars…

  11. Mauri G

    Great encounter!! Thanks Chad for coming on and sharing it,I look forward to hearing you on Strange Familiars! I also think that some of these creatures and especially DOGMAN are Super Soldiers for somebody.Scary thought 😬

  12. Milik S

    Great show as always Wes! Chads take on tech is very interesting. Oh the possibilities….🙇‍♂️ Are some Sasquatch aware us humans deprive, compartmentalize technology and information maybe including info on themselves(squatches) ET’s and various on/off planet expeditions?? This might explain some of their actions and temperament seen by the more common person🤷‍♂️ Is it possible to be technologically advanced and in many ways still very primordial? One might say us humans definitely are 🤷‍♂️

  13. Fran S

    Well I guess Chads theory puts a whole new spin on What is BF? I like his theory. The scary part is that he could be right. Thank you Wes and Guests. Awesome show!

  14. Paul M

    .miss kendall = l truly believe your CORRECT about our GOVERNMENT knowing all about these creatures… They mostlikely have known for 40 to 50 yrs… They wont let cat out of the bag for any reason… I’m not personally ok with that = but what can I do… My point is = AMERICA we have MANY Dangerous Animals… small like scorpions and spiders to snakes or varmints… to moose cougar BEARS and WOLFS… YA SOME CAN KILL PEOPLE DEAD… WELL I KNOW THERE REAL… NOT SURE WHAT THEY ARE FORSURE… YOUR EXPLANATION SOUNDS LIKE THE ONE I HAVE BEEN GOING WITH FOR LAST 10 YRS… THANKS FOR SHARING…

  15. Stephen T

    There was a guy in Colorado, I just read about in Dave Paulides book. He was jogging with a friend near a ranch they were staying at. They had been chatting back and forth and then nothing. The friend looked back to see where his friend was and he was just GONE. I believe they found his remains many many miles way from the road years later. I believe he said it was open space all around so the guy couldn’t have veered off without being seen. Sounds like this guy was super lucky to get away. That area is bigfoot country.

  16. L. Oriana S

    Outstanding, intelligent and very credible guest. As a former competitive runner myself, I totally resonated with Chad’s training details, heart rate, pace, etc. That’s not bragging, it’s just how serious runners talk. Those who made rude comments here are obviously not familiar with runners’ jargon and don’t understand. And I’ve been saying on here, on the SC facebook page, and elsewhere for months that I believe that many or even most of these once-natural creatures (dogman included) have been enhanced by military TECH like Chad says – so of COURSE they are chipped and tracked, have cloaking and other superhuman technologies built in. They probably also have their behavior controlled remotely to some degree, which is why when they could so easily overtake and kill witnesses, they usually retreat instead.

  17. Chad T

    Here is a theory about the UFO I reported in this episode. We seem to always do things the hardest possible way.  When people normally see a ship, they report that it is soundless.  Is this because it is soundless or has its design allowed it by bypass the sound threshold?  To travel at the instant velocity and make instantaneous direction changes, certain things must be considered.   Gravitational Force (GeForce) would prohibit us from going from non-movement to several thousand miles an hour.  This is prevented two ways at least. The most obvious is IF you could do it, any biological entity would be turned to soup by the acceleration. The second issue is HOW do you overcome the GeForce to make the vessel achieve that speed?  I think that that all friction has been eliminated through the manipulation of gravity.  I think gravity manipulation is also what propels the vehicle.  A side effect intended or not could be that the object does not produce or emit any type of sound.  Zero friction throughout the entire vessel would mean, ( I think) that nothing produces friction which also causes sound, therefore NO sound is being produced to hear. This idea occurred to me 30 or so years of so after seeing a disc go from a stopped position to thousands of miles an hour without any visible speed acceleration and with no sound emitted after watching it easily slip past the sound barrier.  By using the anti-gravity anti-friction propulsion, you would have the ability to concentrate and intensify the gravity pull for elevation and propulsion. Since there is no gravity or GeForce, you could instantly change direction without even spilling your coffee.  The last nice side affect is, no sound would be omitted at all.  They absolutely do not have to be AI or drones.  Only if you do what they do the hard way without bypassing gravity and sound.  If they can sidestep sound, then I don’t think it too much of a leap they have figured out how to do the same type of thing with “time”.  We always see things and ask how would WE do that?  Well that’s great, but what we should be asking is how do THEY do that, because I can guarantee its going to be a hell of a lot easier than what we would figure out.  Without having to worry about time as an obstacle, new ideas are presented, and old barriers no longer exist. 

    • L. Oriana S

      Absolutely agree with you about time manipulation, Chad, and further, I believe it’s not only possible but being done covertly in an attempt to alter human history, crazy as that may sound….we have some truly crazy people trying to control the world. Time itself is a matter of physics, and whatever can be understood can be manipulated. Dangerous stuff in the wrong hands.

  18. Maria D

    Awesome experience Chad.! Thanks for sharing.
    I like your idea that the extraordinary abilities these creatures seem to have could be a form of tech implants etc., it’s a new angle I hadn’t considered, and it would certainly answer some of the most troubling questions about these creatures. I would also like to mention that these creatures can obviously see inferred light, such as in game-cams etc., so they may also be able to see other light spectrums as well, and they may be able to see “heat” like our tech optics allow us to see, and it could be a natural feature of their vision. They may have been following your heat signature, yet be completely hidden from your view.? As for the speed and agility, this also seems a natural ability of these creatures, and has been reported by others over and over. Someday we may know the truth.? But Im not holding my breath, if we can’t get one with all our technology and resources today, we may never know.. The gvmt. knows the truth, but they probably will never disclose anything… Thanks everyone, have an awesome week.!

  19. Greg O

    Good show Wes! I like that you have a lot of veterans on your show! The gold sounds like to me was melted down from historical artifacts. Locals there have more problems selling artifacts than gold so they typically melt them down.

  20. Erik B

    I was wondering if the long, skinny legs he saw were that of a rake/raik/rack. However you spell it… it definitely sounded like a squatchy experience, had all the characteristics of one, with the exception of what Chad saw. Then again as he stated it could’ve been the lighting as well.

    Good show, welcome to the post 20 years of Army life. I miss it! I’d go back yesterday and do another 10 years on top of my combined 22 years of active duty Army and NY Army National Guard.

  21. David S

    Great show both Wes and Chad. I had to laugh at the part about him hating the trees. It totally reminded me of that scene from the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin when the guy with the sniper rifle was shooting the oil cans. “He hates these cans”. LOL, again great show and thanks again.

    • Chad T

      That’s what I was thinking at the time as well David. I could hear Steve Martins voice in my head. I’ve used this joke before. I was deployed to Honduras and in a bar drinking at 3am. This drunk local staggers to the door and squeezed off a few shots from his pistol at a guy riding his bike in the street. My buddies were like, “hey we should go!” I said, “Why? None of us are riding bicycles…”

  22. Janeda E

    Chad was great!!!! I would love to hear more from him.

    As we’re listening to to UFO part my husband said, “You notice how when people talk about UFO’s zipping off at incredible speeds? You notice how they never say they hear the sound barrier being broken? That means there is no drag. If you have no drag you don’t need massive force to move an object…” Mind Blown
    I love my engineer husband, he literally blows me away with his analysis of obscurity.

  23. Cathleen H

    Really enjoy your story. When you say, the beast had 6 ft. long legs…We need to consider his Gait. In a normal stride, with 6 ft. long legs, we are in the 10 ft. to 12 ft. range, between each step. That’s just a stroll. For him to be pacing you, he was literally, for him, taking baby steps. Your stride would be, in full run 5 ft. or less? He had no need to be breathing hard at all. He sure got your heart pounding though! Thank you for sharing. Cathleen

  24. Darrell O

    Great show Wes! Chad was a great guest, funny as hell. Definitely my sense of humor! I do hope he is wrong about the Neanderthal theory because I have more Neanderthal variants than 87% of 23 and Me customers. Just my luck I win the lottery… The Neanderthal Lottery!

  25. caroline d

    totally agree….tech. some sort of cloaking tech as theirs no way a creature that size could be that silent, stealthy and hasn’t been captured. there used to be a video up on a ‘popular video’ site that showed two guys in a rural area with a cloaking sheet and showing its capabilities while running around. convincing stuff.

    yes, also like ground crew for other entities. unless they are naturally grumpy creatures, they don’t seen happy about their lives! ie; being forced to do what they do. maybe to lower our consciousness as a species? cool show.

  26. Brian W

    Great show Wes and Chad. Chad really enjoyed your thoughts on what sasquatch might be. The creature just fits too much out side the box of every creature on Earth.

  27. Dale M

    Wes always says don’t wish for something that you’ll regret later…once you see one of these creatures you cannot unsee them…I’ve been camping and hunting for most of my life which I started hunting in 1965 I was just a young tyke and I thank God above I never seen something like that OR a dogman…our guns wasn’t nearly big enough to stave off a attack from one of those creatures so I consider myself lucky not to have ran into something like that…

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