May 5

SC EP:539 It Looked Directly At My Gun

Rob writes “I am from the state of Georgia. I had a encounter back in February 2019. I had been scouting for some wild hogs when I came upon a smell that would run a buzzard off a outhouse.

Trying to find the source and looking down at the ground I caught movement to my right and looked up to see this creature some 80 feet from me. Dark brown eyes as dark as his coat. Scared 10 years off me.”

Spoke to the eyewitness and while scouting an area he came face to face with a Sasquatch. He said “I just could not believe what I was seeing, I think it was just as surprised to see me as I was seeing it. It looked at my gun and looked back up at me.”



Howard writes “I wanted to relate to you a sighting I had as a child in Tahlequah Oklahoma. My mother originally from California was adopted by a couple who lived in this area. It is a beautiful region with the Illinois river literally in there back yard. We live in the central part of the state and as a child we would go and visit my grandpa Pete and his wife. They lived a cabin that they had built because Grandpa Pete was a Cherokee elder so everyone in the area was of Cherokee decent. This place was a kids paradise. On the day I saw the Man at the river I was 11 and my brother 13 we had went to play in the old cabin they moved out of a few years back. As I said you could see the river from the old cabin. We were just being kids and playing when my brother said look at the guy by the water. I finally figured out what he was looking at that’s when I noticed it was covered in hair it was about 100 yards away so detail is tough. My thought never went to bigfoot as I didn’t know what that was at the time Im now 48. Being a smart ass kid this guy was clearly on my grandpas property so I yelled HEY. This is where it all went south this man turned and screamed like the sounds I heard on the Jurrasic Park episode in east Texas. Then it bolted running down the tree line eventually disappearing. I really just thought it was a person so we started back playing as kids do when out of no where the neighbor come running to us ordering to get to the cabin. Once we got inside Grandpa Pete and the guy went back outside. They were speaking Cherokee so I had no clue. When Grandpa Pete returned he asked what we saw so we both told him the same thing. We were not aloud past the first cabin for the whole weekend when asked who the guy was he said the river belongs to them right now so don’t go down there they are just passing through.”





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  1. Ben H

    Dammit, Jim! I told you what would happen if you stopped taking your meds. Now you owe Wes and all of Kentucky an apology.

    Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin alive, stayin alive….

  2. Oliver R

    last two great shows were great Wes.
    You should have made sure your email listen understood how you feel as well and skipped Stayin Alive and played KC and The Sunshine Band ??

    • Elaine C

      Wes, you should play the original version and really piss him off. Maybe throw in some OJays and like Oliver said KC and the Sunshine Band. Boy did I have a crush on that guy in high school.

  3. Thomas J

    Wes your friend Jim was probably listening to the Beegees at the land between the lakes and was entertainment for an Alpha male Squatch. That is why he don’t like the Beegees. Your music choices are wide ranging from Russia to England and beyond. Keep playing the great interviews and the music.

  4. Ken A

    I believe Rob 100%. I live a little less than 2 hours from where Rob has his encounter and not obly did we see a strange animal run across the road, but we have heard weird chattering and talking in the woods. I have been documenting everything since November 2017. A co-worker swears she saw one of these things walking in a ditch 5 miles from my house. Rob saw what he said he saw. There are too many weird things goinv on in this part of Georgia that are not coming from any known animals.

  5. Doug K

    WES!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! BEE GEES!!!!! WAY TO GO!!! I think you should play this at the end of every show!!! YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Carl D

    Thank you for another encounter story from Oklahoma… lots of lakes ,creeks and rivers and places to hide out all over East and SE OK. I don’t know if you take requests…but I would like to request a special dedication of “Jive Talkin” for Mr. Jim.

  7. Steve W

    Wes. U already know as u have told us several times, but u really are a TOP NOTCH interviewer. As we’ve learned by example from your former co-host ” KEEP YER TRAP SHUT AND. LET THE GUEST TALK “. YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION!!!

  8. Bob B

    So….Sasquatch, a secretive and otherwise unknown cryptic, “knows” what a gun is…hmm….maybe Sasquatch is something more than ‘just another reclusive creature ‘….AND…..AND….the USG has a department, big or small, dedicated to the notion and tasked to the proposition that all meaningful sightings of Sasquatch are actually ‘just bears’….and Mutt and Jeff aren’t kidding either….yeah right!

  9. Mary D

    As a non-hunting bleeding-heart liberal vegan, I must confess that I do like the BeeGees. And yet, here I am, a dedicated fan of Sasquatch Chronicles.

  10. RICHIE E


  11. Thomas W

    I love the music, ha ha ha ha Staying Alive, Staying Alive….when in the sasquatch zone I am usually humming a tune from Saturday Night Fever….makes perfect sense in my world! That would be awesome if Howard could find the neighbor and get his perspective.

  12. Tonya M

    I’m glad you played ‘Stayin Alive’ at the end. I was already getting a link to it to add to my comment.
    Btw, no one talks to Wes like that. You are gonna have some seriously unhappy people to go through to get him.
    Thanks for handling thing with humor, you’re awesome!

  13. Cherona C

    WELL. . . I couldn’t be more embarrassed to be from KY after that email from “psycho KY Jim”.?. What in God’s name are ppl thinking sending emails like that??
    As always, loved the show Wes. And the music at the end was spot on. Hopefully that will push psycho Jim over the edge & you wont hear from him again. Keep doing what you do sir. God bless Wes. ?

  14. Teresa V

    Loved the show and especially listening to Howard’s encounter and the talk about Atoka, OK. I have many relatives there and most have land. My Dad found footprints at one of my uncle’s properties in Atoka County.

  15. sasquatchmac

    Hey Wes,
    Hilarious!!!! I thought it was great you played a BeeGee song at end! I actually like your music! And love your show!!! Really enjoy it!
    Have been listening to your old shows, you really have refined your sound and everything. I think you are an excellent interviewer!!
    Keep doing what you are doing!!! (There will always be haters… just ignore them… they must have very sad lives).
    Remember, for every negative comment there are 50 people who think you are great!!?
    Take care.

  16. Darren H

    Way to go Wes, your show, your rules! You have a diverse audience…. The Wes music mix keeps it fresh for everybody.
    I’m in the DFW area, hope to share a cold one with you.

  17. Connie O

    Wes…Don’t let the few bring you down. You are awesome at what you do but even more than that you are a really nice guy. So many people have love for you. You are the best! ?

  18. Katie F

    Loved the show, especially the outro music!!
    I can’t imagine anyone not liking the BeeGees
    and Stay’n Alive ?, isn’t that unAmerican or
    or something??

  19. richard c

    Hmm what’s that saying? “Haters gonna hate” lol people look for any little thing to shake salt out of these days am I right? Don’t let Salty haters ruin your day bro.

  20. Glen M

    Your doing a good Job Wes, people actually are believing in this more bcs they hear all the encounters that are taking place, One word of advise the really outlandish storys might be there to discredit real storys. Thanks for your hard work !

  21. Michele C

    Oh Wes, you scared me for a minute there, thinking you were not going to play any kind of Bee Gees/Staying Alive, but you brought it back!????
    Hope you’ve heard the last from Jim!!! ???
    Love ya!?

  22. Rodney P

    I new it, lol, i had a feeling you were gonna do what you did at the end after reading that messed up E-mail. Because the Wes Germer we know an’t going out like that. That was great!! That Kentucky guy can hit the road.

  23. Bob B

    Hey Jim in KY…..some brotherly love kind of advice:
    1. Don’t text Wes after drinking too much moon shine
    2. Don’t point guns at Sasquatch

    If you any of that you’ll be stay’n alive…stay’n alive…yah..yah..yah..
    You’ll be stay’n aliiiive.

    Great show Wes

  24. Robert M

    Great show Wes. I love you music selections I love your way of interviewing people.
    Do you ever do requests.? Maybe if you would play “ double Dutch bus” the guy would leave you alone forever.
    Keep up the good work

  25. Linda S

    Wow. That Jim sounds mentally ill. Not joking. I like the music choices. Some I have never heard and really like them. Maybe Jim is one of those fbi cover up guys. Or maybe he is an East Texas sasquatch, they are aggressive. But more likely Jim was violated by a sasquatch and never got counseling. His anger is mis-directed and when he sits down all that rage comes out. Wes, you are a sweet guy and very polite. One reason I listen plus the credibility factor of witness reports. I learned more from this show than most other shows or resources.

  26. Gerald G

    Hey Wes awesome show, as you know can’t please everyone so to the detractors ??. For us knowers keep doing what your doing?????. By the way invite you and woody to lonebutte meadows July 19,20,21. Hopefully you can add this to your busy schedule. Guarantee You won’t be disappointed Robert and I have an expedition planned also added a night walk thru skookum meadows and lonebutte meadows. Will be a puckering time .

    • Ron S

      Jim is just compensating those BIG LETTERS for a small mind, small pizzle or some other inadequacy. Let’s find out who he is and boombox that song at his funeral someday??

  27. Tiffany L

    Love you Wes! Support for you, your amazing show, superb music selection skills! I will listen and remain a member until you decide to stop broadcasting! <3

  28. Eva B

    Nice is that LL COOL J MIX with the BEE JEE’S? point ratio 10! Passive aggressive approach lmaooooo!!! Oh too funny!!! Thanks for the switch up!

  29. Jules D

    Guy did a great job funny the first thing he sees is its lips lol they just blend so well the slightest .I’ve we see. So they don’t move very co ok Wes

  30. mermaidmood


    Thank God I kept listening after the closing song. Hilarious! Good for you, and “Up yours” to the people who speak to you like that with vulgarity and threats. Stay’in Alive; and long live The Bee Gees. They’ve done more for people, and you’ve done more for people than that human train wreck ever has, or WILL.

    Rock on.

    • m99

      (Not Wes! That mean man who wrote an ugly letter dictating what Wes must do and not do, and cursing at Wes) . Sometimes I just don’t understand how Wes can constantly work on this all the time with dummies like that writing him. One thing it does show, however, is that Wes is diligent and reads those email, although I’m sure he can’t respond to all of them. This idiot Jim, IMHO, is privileged…

  31. rosalyn b

    Great episode, of course. And re your fan mail, Wes, I was picturing Jim as Dickie Bennett or Dewey Crowe from the Kentucky-based Justified series, if you remember those characters. That’s exactly how they talked.

  32. ROBERT M

    the first witness Howard is giving the impression that the country between Mena , Texarkana , Antlers and Atoka OK are similar terrains–VERY wrong. Texarkana is piedmont/coastal pine belt- very flat territory. Mena AR is not far north of Texarkana but is much more mountainous piney woods. Atoka OK , at his western extreme, is lightly rolling pine/oak terrain. The region around Antlers becomes much more mountainous and rough, predominantly upland shortleaf pine/post oak/hickory timberlands, very rocky, bouldery. Very nice country fit for nothing but timber production and critter. and running a few raggedy ass cows and pigs –most of this country is still open range ( Weyerhauser and Ouchita National forest lands). Population density between the towns he mention very sparse. Good deer and turkey population with an exploding feral hog population throughout. Apparently a great survival opportunity for Sasquatch. BTW the Leflore Massacre took place on the NE edge of the territory he ropes in. Google Blue Bouncer, Smithville , Upper Kiamichi River, Winding Stair mountain, Kiamichi Mountain, Rich Mountain, Ouchita Trail to get a good idea of how rough this country is. This territory is not what people , even many native Oklahomans , are familiar with or even suspect. It is a paradise for those who are familiar with the region.

    • m99


      Robert said ” BTW the Leflore Massacre took place on the NE edge of the territory he ropes in.”

      Good post above. I may have heard the Laflore Massacre occurred in that region, but didn’t remember or really know. This is an example of how SQ and the members are imparting valuable information all the time. It’s a great place to learn. T/Y Robert. Blessings_m

  33. Linda C

    Great show and guests as always, Wes. Ignore Jim. You’re better than that. Love your exceptional interviewing skills and choice of music. Keep them shows a’coming please!

  34. Kevin B

    Good show, as usual. Jim’s gone (good riddance.) Let’s not get carried away with the rap, but disco is fine. Actually, music isn’t the star of the show, it’s Wes’ excellent interviews with traumatized Sasquatch witnesses. Those are the interviews that made a believer of me. As a retired cop, I’ve interviewed a lot of victims, and the real trauma in the voices of those witnesses says that they really saw what they say they saw. Beautiful job of letting the witness talk and not lead them into saying anything but what they saw. You’re a natural Wes.

  35. Donna R

    Wes, I don’t post much, but am an ardent listener. The reason I listen to you, I that you are nonjudgemental, intelligent, funny, modest, and an excellent interviewer. You are at the very top of the heap in the very crowded business of Sasquatch podcasts. My son and I listen to you, and he works in the scientific world, yet has a very open mind on the subject of Sasquatch. Wouldn’t change a thing about your show. Including your music choices. Wink.

  36. Tracy L

    Could you please play some songs from the Partridge Family’s Greatest Hits or The Osmonds? I think your listeners would also like William Shatner’s spoken word covers and Sugar Sugar by the Archies would make a great ending song since, like Bigfoot, no one believes they were real (a real band). I only listen for the music but shhhsh! don’t tell anyone.

      • David R

        Wes years ago my friend used to go HOGGER hunting, but it was at the bars. He was a crazy man. He told his buddies he was going to ask this heavy set woman to dance after he got back from the bathroom. While he was gone one of his buddies told her what he was up to. When he got back he went up to her to dance. She got up and SLAPPED the shit out of him. He was a great guy to party with back when we were in our 30’s, but he did some crazy shit!

  37. Trey

    Lmao! First off great show Wes loves the 2 encounters but very much enjoyed you putting Jim on blast lol! Especially with a Dr Dre version of staying alive hahaha awesome. Not sure if I’m the only one but every time i hear stayin Alive I always think of my CPR training cause that’s the beat and rhythm you’re supposed to use when giving chest compressions. *circkets*………anyways great show brother I loved it and I bet that email was actually tame compared to some you get.. Keep on “ Stayin Alive Stayin Alive Stayin Alllliiiiiivvveeee

  38. Pat T

    Wes, I hope you invoiced Jim for all those bleeps you had to pay for, keep bringing it man! I remember playing “Stayin Alive” to impress my date who would later become my wife and we’ve been married for 37 yrs. Keep playing what you want to play for crying out loud it is your show after all.

  39. Anna S

    Wes, your music choices are top notch!!! Ever heard of Cloud Cult? They are from Minnesota, like myself. Truely amazing band and from your music choices on the show I think you would like them?? Love the show btw, I myself have never had an encounter but I’m obsessed with Sasquatch Chronicles❤ and anything sasquatch related.

  40. Evelyn L

    No primate in the jungle would know what a gun is unless it had been observing hunters at fairly close range as they shoot for a very long time. They just are NOT that smart. Yes, humans can tame a Chimp, a dog, and a very few apes have been tamed. It takes a lot of time and training to have an intelligent domestic animal. It takes much more training to tame and train a wild animal. These cryptid creatures have an inborn intelligence. They are not like the natural wild animals that we have in North America. They are not part of the natural ecosystem. If anything they disrupt the natural ecosystem.
    I agree with the first guest. I think he was in tune with the environment enough to realize that the creature did not belong there. Many people get creeped out even before they start hearing or seeing these things. That is not normal.
    These things have been able to avoid human contact for hundreds of years. The times that they do let themselves be revealed to people it is always to someone that is not going to be able to prove it or to someone unwilling to try to prove it. Convenient?

  41. Ian H

    JIM! DON’T DO IT! JIMM!! OKAY JIM! TALK TO ME! TALK TO ME JIM!! OKAY, OKAY, JUST STAY CALM! I am going to get you out of this Jim! Just listen to me! Now just, carefully click the caps lock off Jim. Then, I need you to step slowly away from the key board, keeping you thoughts where only you can see them, while you slowly back away from the key board. Can you do that for me Jim? I want to get you out of the Jim, I really do. Just, do what I said nice a calm, and it will all be okay. Okay Jim? Would you do that for me Jim?

    I hope the rest of the “fan mail” is better than that! I like the music, great interviews, thanks so much!

  42. Janeda E

    Wes, thank you for letting people talk things out. You don’t cut them off, it is so therapeutic for them. I love your heart dude.
    Howard, Atoka has one of my favorite road signs “Hitchhikers may be escape convicts ” no duh. Buckskin color, cool, nice camo for OK.
    And hey Jim, don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ on the way out.

  43. Richard W

    Wes, keep your chin up buddy. Jim clearly has issues. Anyone that has followed you for these past years has seen you evolve into the warm, easy going, sensitive podcaster that shines above the majority out there. Never stop being the gracious one. The version of Stayin Alive had me bouncing in my ride singing at the top of my lungs while laughing. Fellow commuter must have thought me mad. Great show, be well.

  44. Jeremiah S

    LOL!!! I love you Wes. You have excellent taste in music. The “Fan Mail” response was hilarious! Really made my day. That Jim dude can go kick rocks! He wants to complain about the music. The show is called Sasquatch Chronicles not Music Chronicles. You do an excellent job! 500 + shows, your doing something right. Keep doing you. Thats why your show is the Best! Much Love

  45. richard r

    My mother told me a story that happened to her when she was a kid,this was in the 1940s, she lived in Stilwell Oklahoma which is 24 miles from Tahlequah. She said her cousin went fishing and stayed all day out on a pond till it got dark and on his way back home , he heard something following him, when he stopped it stopped and when he started to walk it did too. I never really associated it with a “Bigfoot” ,till i started hearing all these people talk about it,. this was at least 20 years ago. She said her cousin ran right thru the screen door, he never saw it just heard it, he was so scared.

  46. Cynthia W

    Lol, Wes, I like your music. It’s your show and can play whatever music you want. Jim from Kentucky, two words: anger management. Great show, thanks to your guest for sharing their experience. Wes, your show is number one on my list! Kind regards and God bless.

  47. Brian V

    Hi Wes,

    Thanks to the way you ended today’s show, I had to put my coffee cup down as I was laughing too hard!!!

    Unbelievable, and a perfect way to start a Saturday morning!!

    You are pure gold, don’t ever change, lol

  48. Dovie D

    Thanks to all your guests. All the talk about coon hunting brings back memories. My dad was from Arkansas and had coon dogs. He met my mother after he got out of the army and moved to Southern California. He went coon dogs or hound dogs and went coon hunting. He hunted deer for food and cougar had bounty. Me and my brothers hated those dogs but my dad taught my brothers how to hunt and he taught all of us how to use a gun. Back then we had to take safety lessons but I was a girl so I wasn’t allowed to hunt. We were raised on venison etc. It seemed like we always had a deer hanging in our garage. When we went to visit my cousins I recall my aunts telling us we needed to be in before dark because of the booger’s but I don’t recall my dad using that word instead he said hobos. He would tell us to stay out of the woods because of hobos. We had peeping toms to. Looking back I think they were Sasquatch. I saw one at our house in southern cal as a kid in 5th grade and when I was in about the second grade I recall my dad chasing a peeping Tom that had been looking in our window. Weird how we can look back and see things more clearly now but we don’t know what we don’t know, right. I wonder if having deer in our garage had a part in some of it?
    I’m curious on the smell. Did you smell something dead or sewage ? I have smelt something dead before along witb tracks and sewage with sulfur which woke me up out of a dead sleep at my own home? Other things happened as well but just curious about the smell.
    My oldest brother and my dad were avid hunters but they are both deceased or I would ask them what they know. Darn it! Is there Anyone out there who has ever smelt sewage with sulfur? Sorry I’m long winded..

  49. Anna K

    Good for you Wes! I love the music and I loved what you did! Who care about the haters! WOW that person needs some caring in his or her life. What a miserable person? Wes, ignore ignore. I’m a member now for years and that was uncalled for and very low class. If you don’t like the podcast, move on, but don’t rant like a 6th grader. The only thing accomplished here was that at least on my part I laughed at that asshole! God bless Wes!

  50. Linda H

    Wes, I love to see someone stand up for themselves regardless of how ugly somebody can be. A long time ago when trolls and who knows who else was giving SC a lot of garbage, you stuck with it. I feel it’s safe to say, you have more people who like, respect, and are glad they found you than the haters (Truth is, they don’t hate you, but it’s easier to take on you because they don’t even know they hate themselves.) Your strength is as strong as a Sasquatch. I’m glad you’re in this world and I’m glad I found you.

  51. Tamera P

    Love the BeeGees! I literally knew a man named Jim who was born in 1936. When he was 5, in Iowa living beside a river, he said a huge black arm reached through a broken door and tried to grab him. His father got the children away from the door and he never understood what he had seen. So Jim, calm down and enjoy the show and the music.

  52. Jon L

    Oh man, the ending had me cracking up. I praise you Wes for not letting a disgruntled fan dictate how your should run your show. RESPECT. ✌?

  53. Terri N

    Wes, you just Rock it baby! Fantastic Show! I Love the bell out of that song version! And I totally Love Everything about your Opens and Closes!!! Thanks for pushing Forward!

  54. MONTE H

    New torture: you have to sit there and listen to this guy tell this story. Half way through it, you’re out on a ledge and gona jump…with everybody on that ledge. GERONIMO MOFO!!

  55. Lynette B

    Wes, LOVE your music choices always. You’ve introduced this old girl to some new favorites. Thanks for the blast from the past; made me want to go search for my old Saturday Night Fever album!

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