Mar 23

SC EP:526 Terrifying Night On The Appalachian Trail

Spoke to Glen who is a retired law enforcement officer. Glen said “I was injured on the job so I have taken some time off. A good friend of mine and I decided to take a long hike down the Appalachian Trail. We were warned by the park rangers not to hike the trail, they made the comment “We don’t work in anything less than a 4 man team. A lot of strange things have been going on.” Now I didnt really believe in bigfoot. After the night we spent on the Appalachian Trail, I changed my mind on a lot of things. It still haunts me to this day.”



Aaron writes “Hey man my gf, and I had 2 interesting encounters during our trip to LBL. Went in with the intent to show her some wood booger’s, ended up running into what I can only assume was a demon/witch lady near a cemetery.My gf refuses to really talk about her because she had said hi to her as she walked past but the lady ignored her but looked up smiled and said hi back to me when I said hi. Her eyes were black but my gf describes her differently than I saw her said she got super cold but never saw her face her hair hid it but I saw short hair. Then later that night we went back in, and I believe around mile marker 26, 3 deer were off to the side of the road 1 was a really nice buck I slowed way down and in the corner of our lights we caught what I thought was a 4th deer so I didn’t think about it but my gf freaked and as I looked up this massive light grey/whitish dog creature leaps up what had to be a 30-40ft hill in 1 leap I was like wtf I stopped turned my light into the woods to follow the creature for a moment we lost sight of it. I looked at the deer, there eyes reflected yellow in the light but when I looked back into the woods what I originally past over as a tree originally looking in had reddish eyes in the light But it was tall I wanna say 9 maybe 10ft. I would like to know what you really know about that place. I did 10 years in the army, 4 of which were in a long range surveillance company. 13 months in Kandahar province among others, rural villages people would warn us of giants in the mountains, which really to me confirmed the Kandahar giant story to me the people genuinely were feared these things, and my buddies that had been in awhile all had some creepy stories So why not a big wolf man, wood booger’s, witch’s, etc. if you have any info on that area that hasn’t really been mentioned on the show I’d loved to hear back from you. Fascinated me that so many apex predators live in that area. I want to go back.”





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    • MONTE M

      What is the one law enforcement fellow saying in the intro? Telling his dogs to heel ? Or calling out to Neil ? I have never been able to hear exactly what he is saÿing .

  1. wolfheathen

    16th! Lol. Now what will I do tomorrow night? =D

    I’ll second that request for more merch on the webstore Wes.
    Been wantin an SC raglan T for a while but no XL left.

    Cheers, all.

  2. Lesley V

    I just recently joined so now I am enjoying going back through listening to all the member episodes. Thanks so much Wes, I always look forward to your shows!

  3. Denise F

    OMG, the last guest and his friend are so lucky they made it out in one piece! That camp being torn up meant the creatures were ‘ready’ and the wet sleeping bags….yikes.

    Thanks to both guests and enjoyed the show.

  4. Eddie M

    This first encounter in LBL sounds like Taylor’s Old Indian. Except his Indian ate drank smoked and talked. Not speaking and having “shark Eyes” sounds more like The Brothers Lady in White. Friend met a zombie type woman almost top mountain. Bedroom shoes and night gown seven miles from parking lot with “shark eyes in North Georgia. This type Stuff is scarier than the boogers.

  5. Jesse K

    Always very interesting encounters and to hear the from people who were skeptics but now believe there is something that is lurking just out of sight. Great Show, Wes. Thank You for giving the people a voice.

  6. Thomas W

    Been to Cornwall and Kent CT many times, fishing and on the motorcycle… creepville….bad vibes there always. Not sure why, but now I know! Luckily moved out MT, we just have mountain giants and the occasional gugwe, and you city slickers thought grizzly bears were the scariest things in the woods!

  7. John G

    The other night I walked out into the woods to do some squatch’n. I had bought a new pair of pants, and they were WAY too tight. So I made it about a mile and had to sit down on a log…. All i could think was…

    IT’s pretty tough going trying to sasquatch with my sack squashed.

  8. Evelyn L

    There certainly is more than just Bigfoot out there. I don’t understand why some people experience these things and others do not. So many people seem just oblivious of the strange things of this world….or the other world. Just because something is “flesh and blood” does not mean that it does not have abilities that we humans do not understand. The Sasquatch has been tracked by many but still no one finds it or it’s den. Some seem to exist as family units and yet no one has ever found where they live. No one understands how they exist out there while other wild animals are very well understood by scientists. A true mystery.

  9. Dovie D

    Satan is a trickster. Satan can have an angel appear or it looks like an angel. If you play with fire you will get burned. You may bring it home. I learned years ago to trust my feelings. I have been stupid at times in my life but I now protect myself by trusting my feeling, relying on God and plan to buy a gun to take on hikes that I take with others
    I have several accounts where I have seen Sasquatch or had them close orbeen with others that have seen one. Looking back on my life I have several stories therefore I have no desire to see another one or any other cryptic

  10. m99

    Gee. Had to go back and re-listen to Glen’s encounter story with his friend on the Appalachian Trail. OmGoodness. What a mess. No wonder folks go missing when hiking alone on that trail. Thanks Glen.

    • m99

      Okay Pink, since no one has answered I guess I will. ( Sometimes I feel inhibited because I don’t want others to think I’m pushy!) At any rate, as I understand it, the shows are audio, previously recorded, edited for appropriateness to the best of his ability and discretion. Wes has done a couple on screen interviews I think, but as I recall just a couple. Hope that is all correct, and it is to the best of my knowledge. 🙂

  11. Evelyn L

    I think that when I found my camp up in the trees I would have been out of there. Maybe because he is former law enforcement he may have been relating the incident to vandalism. Really, though, no human being could do what was done to their equipment.

  12. John G

    I Believe just Audio…. I’d love to find out that there is video as well.. kinda like the Joe Rogan Podcast. You recorded the audio of every one of these podcasts would launch Chronicles into the stratosphere.

  13. MONTE M

    Pretty damn scary encounters. Boulders the size of basketballs . Getting pelted with small rocks will make you wonder what the heck’s going on but boulders being lobbed from afar could only be one thing. Just think of the strength involved in breaking trees and throwing boulders.

  14. David J

    Every time I hear stories where logs and boulders are thrown I can feel the terror the person went through in his or her voice! The ONLY thing more terrifying than that are the stories where small pebbles are thrown. The reason for that is that I’ve had pebbles thrown at me. I had no idea at the time who or what was throwing them. Although it was not far from where I had my sighting, it was separated by a few years. I initially thought it was small water oak acorns falling, however, the were none around me. I honestly thought it was one of my then wife’s family members I was hunting with but they all denied doing it. It wasn’t until I started listening to Sasquatch Chronicles that I came to understand what was likely doing it. I often wonder how many times one of these creatures was watching me as I was in my own little world?

    Keep up the good work, Wes. You always have good guests but this one was one of the best!

  15. David R

    I sure wish my dying brother believed in them. He’s done a lot of hiking in Northern Calf, and Western WA. He’s never seen or heard anything weird out there.

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