Oct 28

SC EP:485 Navy Seal 1989 Fort Lewis

A listener writes “Hello Wes, been listening to your show for sometime, and in your shows about weapons and how the Sasquatches didn’t care much for them. We (Seal Team Three Alpha Platoon ) had a training exercise at Fort Lewis. Night land navigation with just a compass protractor and map with no weapons. Army SF made it sure we had no weapons, but they warned about Sasquatches, thought just to Psyhopp. US. so THE Patrolling was interesting say the least.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I recall several times I was being stalked and followed and there is no way this was a man but it was on two feet. Myself and other team members heard them communicating on many occasions. It was strange, it was like everyone on the base knew about these things or had some sort of run in with them. I never got a chance to see it but I was followed and stalked several times and this thing moved like lightning, so smooth.”

I have some updates and some exciting news. Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast will be joining me and sharing his UFO encounter. Also KC from Sasquatch Chronicles will stop by and say hi. I will play a clip from my interview with Les Stroud where he shares his encounter with a UFO in the sky,




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72 Responses to “SC EP:485 Navy Seal 1989 Fort Lewis”

  1. Charles R

    I had no idea the higher up’s at the base would tell them there are Sasquatch out there. Was this common at other bases that are forested? Is this still procedure or has protocol changed?

    So Tony saw an honest to goodness V shaped UFO. Over the past maybe 20 years these have become quite common and some can be very large, that is much larger than any aircraft and run totally silent. During the famous Phoenix Lights in 1997 then Governor Fife Symington went out to see what was happening and saw on running slowly above him that I believe he described as taking up the whole valley. Keep your eyes to the sky folks.

  2. Rick T

    Cool Wes! Edging ever so close to that 500th episode. That puts you at some, at least 800 or more first person accounts. Basically, unheard of for any bigfoot podcaster that I am aware of. I would say, this puts Wes, and his (and ours) Sasquatch Chronicles at a world record high. A Guinness Book of World Records type high. I want to thank you Wes for all your hard work, effort and focus, and of course all the Sasquatch Chronicles members, for making this all a reality. What a ride Wes! Thank you!!

    • Al R

      Are you really complaining about people enjoying being on his podcast? Laughter and giggling shows they’re enjoying the experience of being on podcast with Wes. It’s supposed to be fun and a safe place to enjoy yourself with Wes. Leave it for the teenagers? If you’ve never giggled or laughed during his podcast, you’re a liar and sad person. Find somewhere else to talk smack. Do not crap on people who are enjoying talking to Wes. Sad his viewers feel this way….that’s not what SC is about…

  3. Vanessa A

    That will be so awesome Wes! I have been injured so as I’m healing have been listening to a bunch of old episodes, having an app is going to be amazing!! Thank you,so excited for you!

  4. Robert L

    Live just outside east gate, between Training area 11 and graham. Right between the last episode and this one. Rice-Candle road which leads to east gate has a very foreboding feeling. Especially around 3am

  5. Lisa B


  6. Michael S

    Please do away with having your buddies on, and engaging in pointless chit chatting BS. I’m paying monthly to hear witness stories not hear you fill time with guests who enjoy hearing themselves talk (I’m a big Tony M fan BTW, so no offense to him meant). I’m also paying because I don’t want to listen to commercials, thus, don’t go that route.

    • Al R

      Having his friends on makes him more likable. He has people on his show he respects and enjoys speaking to. Yes, we are all paying to hear his legit witness accounts. Why can’t he have one show that’s more fun and lighthearted with people he loves listening to? Tony and KC made for a fun distraction from the serious sense of the show. It was a fun podcast. Chill. Does it really bother you SO much that someone came on his show and enjoyed themselves so much that they giggled? Come on. Don’t be a dick.

      • Trey

        Not to mention he’s not even in his studio. He took the time out of his trip to Texas lugging all his equipment with him just to record a show for us and people are complaining. Yet if he had went to Texas on a trip and had to skip an episode they would still be pissed off. I liked it. Do what you do Wes all your shows are great

        • Trey

          You can record on an iPhone true but the quality sucks with it. I’d say at the very least he had to take the mics, headsets and other equipment. Bottom line is he went to visit a friend, had a last minute cancellation and instead of cancelling the show was nice enough to put something together.

  7. Danny B

    Wes ! Too bad you won’t still be in Texas on Halloween . You could swing down to Austin and we could hit up the Haunted Trails ( massive outdoor horror theme in the woods ) dressed up in gorilla costumes and see if anybody casts our drunken tracks.

  8. Denise F

    Was a GOOD show.
    Thank you foster, enjoyed your encounter.
    There are almost 500 episodes, new sponsors and probably new members joining all the time….. You’re doing something right ?

  9. ben D

    Tony Merkel as hard as he tries he’s still not funny.. he would be easier to listen to if he quit trying to be a comedian. Please don’t take it the wrong way I mean no disrespect just giving my opinion

    • Trey

      Then don’t listen. He drug all his equipment down to Texas with him on a trip just so he could record something for us and people are complaining. Yet if it was flipped and he went to Texas without recording a show people would have been pissed. It was a free episode too so get over it and quite complaining.

  10. Chewbacca Man

    I think the military was trying to to “gauge” the squatches reaction to people moving through without weapons. Maybe the squatches were aggressive towards soldiers doing night movements carrying weapons and the soldiers were warned to watch out for Bigfoot/Sasquatch before they started.

  11. Eva B


    As usual, excellent show, but there was this high pitched static in the background? Thanks Wes, KC, Tony fromThe Confessionals and My bookie! Wes, on the “live footage at the Texas bar” you pronounced my name right the first time. ? You two were too funny!

  12. Eva B

    Ever learn as a child that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I’m sure you have your up and down days at work, sir. Days where you’re not feeling well, but the work has to get done. Either that or you’re trolling. If you have a complaint, email sasquatch chronicles. IT’S RUDE TO ALL OF US MEMBERS LISTENING TO YOU!

  13. Mike W

    One of the thousands that have been eaten. they’ve all been consumed. all of the missing never found. The Gargantua are Cannibals. Not only do they eat us, but they eat their dead as well. That’s why we never find traces of them dying off. National parks are their hunting grounds, and the government makes sure they are well fed so they stay in the shadows. People pay for the chance to be torn apart and consumed by giants. It’s a true nightmare occurring as we speak. Why is it that the United States, out of no direct need, grabbed huge swaths of land and designated them “National Parks”? How did we come up with this idea? No other country had ever done it before. There was something extremely important about bordering off these specific areas. Here we fight 3 wars alone (Mexican, 1812 and Civil) to incorporate and or make sure we gobbled up as much land as possible. Why? why would we do this and turn around and designate huge parts, some bigger than a lot of entire countries of the world and exponentially greater in natural resources… to a very small portion of civilians for their ‘hiking” pleasure. Oh, how beautiful.. let’s have a picnic and take pictures of all this wasted wealth and land. Then turn around and squeel about how the country is becoming overpopulated. This is a criminal conspiracy of the highest order and demands answers I’m afraid we will never get.

  14. Jay R

    Devil worshippers? Nothing worth being concerned about there but Bigfoot? No weapons? Now that’s freaking scary even for such elite operators like SEALs for Sasquatch are the masters of the forest. Glad nobody were injured.

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