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SC EP:477 A Real Life Monster

A listener writes ” Hello Wes my name is Jay and I’m writing you from Dallas TX. I have been wanting to write for about a month now and I just worked up the courage.

The past year or two I have only began to look into this fenominon from the trauma caused from my encounter 20 years ago. So I’ll get right to it and the facts of what happened to us.

November 1998 two days after thanksgiving we went to our hunting spot on type 2 public hunting ground just south of nacadoches east texas in a very remote location my dad loved to hunt. We would all go as a family and I have a little brother, but this particular encounter it was just my father and I. I need to also say this land always freaked me out and gave me bad vibes. We would bring our dune buggy with us to get to our location from camp. And in 1998 I was 15 years old. I didn’t really want to go because I had a girlfriend and wanted to stay in town with her, but it was important to my farther and I didn’t like him going out there by himself.

Everything I’m about to tell you is non exaggerated and all facts. I remember them very clearly still to this day.

We arrived to the road that lead Into the camp at 1am after a 5 hour drive from the city. The road leading down to our camp was rough and took another 30 minutes to get to. As we went down into a valley my dad told me where do you think this car is coming from? I was laying in the seat but awake. I sat up and looked to see what looked like bright headlights coming from inside the forest ( we are on the only road) the lights are very bright and moving. We sat there parked looking and this in silence. My dad tells me “oh don’t worry it’s someone in a jeep off roading”. And trying to make me not worry. But it gave me a bad feeling and I didn’t like it. We made it to our camp, the same place we camped every single year. We just unpacked few things then went to sleep. Our hunting trip was 3 days. My encounter took place on the very last day there.

He let me use a 7mm hunting rifle but I never shot at anything. I had more fun getting muddy in the dune buggy about 10+ miles away wile my dad hunted. But on the last day he didn’t want me to drop him off and go play in buggy, he wanted me to hunt and he took the buggy. It was the second hunt of that day after lunch and before dark. The encounter happened and 6pm. It started to get dusk and sun was getting low. I knew my dad would soon be coming to pick me up and I had been in my tree climber for about 2 maybe 3 hours. Still and quite. I really just liked to see the wildlife, like I said I never shot at anything but I never told my dad that. But I often saw deer and would watch them, coyotes, birds and sometimes raccoons. I did like being out there, but many times my hair would stand up and have a bad feeling. I had been coming to this exact spot I was in for a few years, it was like my own place. As I climb down and get everything together I’m not concerned about making noise. I’m about 200 yards from the road looking into a clearing that’s top of the hill. As I start walking the direction of the road all of a sudden I hear what sounded like a tree knock. But it was close. And it froze me in my tracks and I couldn’t move, I frantically scanned the area looking for the source. Waited 5 minutes then started walking again, with a faster pace. When I arrived to the road I heard a scream! A loud scream! And it was deep pitched and went on to turn to high pitch scream. No animal, no man, a monster. A legitimate monster. And I could tell the directional sound of it was pointed at me and the volume of it I instantly knew whatever made it was massive! My knees actually buckled and now I’m sitting in the ditch next to the road and shaking. Then it screamed again! And again! It was moving it’s location and I could tell or had a feeling it was screaming at ME! pure fear cane over me. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run or wed-sat to do. But reality I was froze in fear and I couldn’t move. Plus my father was 10 miles away. I knew I had a gun that was loaded but that did not help the terror I was going threw. Then it got quite and it started to get dark. And it was really quite. I heardthe sound of two legs crunching branched behind me and I turned and didn’t see anything, but wasn’t the direction of the screams, so Instantly thought oh shit it’s more than one monster. I turned back to look across the road from the direction of the screams… Then I saw it! It was crouched down sticking it’s head through the bushes. I could only see it face, but I saw it. I was 20 yards away. It had battleship grey skin, wrinkles and dirty. Dark black big eyes. Black lips but thin lips. It had reddish orange brown hair. Like greasy longer hair. But I was locked onto it’s eyes. I saw it blink. But I can’t say this looked human. No way. This was a monster. A real life monster and it looked terrifying.

It’s head was round and as big as a basket ball. I had no clue what I was looking at, Bigfoot never crossed my mind. I could only think monster. About a minute went by then it made a huffing noise as he pulled his head back. Then I couldn’t see it. And it was dark by this point. I realized I was not holding my riffle. I was sitting on my butt and had my arms wrapped around my knees. This was so intense that I didn’t think to pull the riffle. Now I’m older I feel I would have shot it in the face. But there was more than one. I honestly thought I was going to die, and I was crying my eyes out. Then I saw the headlights of my dad coming in the dune buggy. Soon as I saw the light before he came over the hill this monster took off through the woods screaming at crashing trees. The ground was shaking. But I didn’t see how big it was. I only saw him stick his face through the Bush. When my dad pulled up I literally jumped in. Then I blacked out. I woke up few minutes later and my dad was yelling at me ” son what the hell’s wrong with you!!” I started yelling back JUST DRIVE! Drive, drive!! I had throw up on my pants leg and I felt so sick for a wile after. When we got back to camp I locked myself in the truck and layed down. I refused to get out. I didn’t want to tell my dad, hes southern Baptist and Vietnam veteran and he just wouldn’t believe. But he did know how terrified I was.

Thankfully he packed up camp and agreed to drive home that night since it was day 3. I slept the whole way home and felt sick. I did have a near death experience that day and I would never want anyone to have that feeling. I was afraid to tell him for many years, and I confided in my bag friends mom few years later and she didn’t take me serious. Before my dad died a couple years ago he asked me what had scared me so bad that day. I just said “Bigfoot dad, I thought he was going to eat me” and we both laughed. He kept going back to that same spot for 2 more years until he bought his deer lease. I have never ever been back in the woods or been camping in the deep woods after that day. And I don’t think I ever could. But I have held this story in out of fear of ridicule, and now I’m married with two young boys. I have just now got to the point 20 years later where I can look Into this subject. And I prefer your podcast to hear other people encounters. Thank you Wes for listening and your time. Have a good evening.”



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48 Responses to “SC EP:477 A Real Life Monster”

  1. Lewis S

    They’ve been seen eating their own dead. I heard one report where 2 adults ran down and ate a younger one. Several stories of fights between groups and the dead were food.

  2. Bal G

    Tell me you had the pats covering the 7 against the fins. Told you they would come out swinging. Come on Wes tell me. Even if you didn’t, I will give you my pick next week. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the extra shows.

  3. Rich A

    Hey Wes I said it before and I’ll say it again thank you for all the content. I used to be able to keep up with the show but you just keep pumping out so much on the site thank you again.

  4. Paul M

    Man dude. I would have just puked knowing that this monster looking at me like I’m a taco… then hes yelling and flipping out… l would have one hell of a time at my present age… The scream would have triped me out… l can see why you had no control of your emotions… and moving around by you… Can any kid to be expected to be in control ? It’s not like a deer was doing it… Then it shows itself… Just take me home LORD… l dont want to be here… Just wow … YOU mite think you didnt handle it good BUT l think you did… Your fear could have saved you… lf you leveled your rifle, good chance you been gone… lts noT a HA HA bigfoot deal when your 50 ft from one… l only been involved in lesser activities, mostly monkey play… Your wasnT… Thank you for your story , it was excellent… l have been all over east texas… There’s no drought they Thrive there… And there kinda ornery at times… Lucky young man to get out of that predicament… THANKS

  5. Reid D

    awesome encounter with my fellow Texan!! Good Lord I would have had cardiac arrest tho! Sir I thought you handled that well for a kid! Yes I believe your dad driving up spoiled his plans and thats why he ran off as angry as he did!!

  6. Denise F

    Thanks Wes and guests.
    I have to say that Tony sounds like he’s got a great show tomorrow, that trailer for it really made me stop and think you have to be careful who you piss off these days.

    • Wes

      Wait…just wait till you hear his show. Even if you don’t believe the guys story, it’s entertaining. I think those memories were planted in him…actually I’m not sure…lol just listen and then give me your feedback…lol

  7. Northfork

    So I can’t help but wonder….the first one you heard as you were walking back to the road….was the diversion play we so often hear of going on? Was the one sticking it”s head out doing so to grab your attention while the other one moved in? As focused as you were on the one across the road you wold have never know the other one was on you until it was.
    Either way…they heard the buggy coming before you did and there is no doubt that car coming and the lights from it changed the program that night.
    I really have a feeling your Father may have known more than he let on. It was on his mind in his last days….that is something.
    All the best….

  8. Kris T

    Sounds like they purposely chased you out of their turf.
    You are very lucky!

    The display was just like we hear about very often, sometimes accompanied by a flanking stalk or bluff charge to get their point across. The uglies really wanted you to get outta there, and they let you know it, huh?
    Poor kid! You did really well amigo, thank you so much for stepping up to share your experience, it is really chilling to hear it.

    The good news is this!

    If they really wanted to take you, they would have crept up, begun a running tackle and twisted your head around backwards before slinging you like a potato sack over a shoulder and vanishing without a sound.

    Sheehan covered a stealth abduction in Vol2, when a sas snatched a kid sleeping bag and all, right out from a group of sleeping students, without a sound. His body was found miles away with one leg torn from its socket (missing, eaten?), and the head twisted backwards.

    The patterns are adding up; sounds like when these things attack nobody survives to tell the tale, and nobody hears them do it.

    Wes , has anyone reported a sas raising hell and also attacking? This seems to be a terror tactic, to frighten folks and drive them out. Any reports of injuries, abductions etc. following displays?

  9. Joey G

    What’s up Wes!! Can you please tell Tony from the confessionals to stick to talking about monsters than about picking football games… he can’t pick a right game to save his life, thanks !!!

  10. Curtis R

    What a story. There are some people who are natural story tellers, and this guy is one of them. The flow of the story is logical and progressed naturally. Descriptions are clear and sufficiently detailed they sound real, and not contrived. There is also at times some subtle hints of stress in the voice that tells me he is reliving actual memories and is recounting a truly life altering event.
    A+ encounter.

  11. John H

    I remember listening to this last year before I became a member, this one stuck with me. The fear he felt came across very clearly in his retelling of the encounter. And on another note… I’m a Philly guy and I just got sick all over again thinking about that Eagles Titans game from 2018. Everyone and their brother thought that was a stone cold lock. Ugh.

  12. Thomas H

    Another top 10 fav. Along w Curiosity killed the cat, 91…. We need help, 237, Tom and the rake, 321, I thought I shot a man, Terror on the job site, A giant chimpanzee on all fours, 402, A strange property in WA State, 118…….and others. Thanks for these favs SC & WG.

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