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SC EP:468 The Devil’s Lettuce And Bigfoot

Rick writes “Hi Wes, My name is Rick. Around Aug 2004 me and a friend were in Haliburton Forest planting pot. I’ve been growing weed for 25 years and I’ve been to some of the most remote locations in the southern part of the province.

Ontario is huge and there is a lot of deep forest out there. I’v never seen anything like What I saw that year before or since. I had rented a cottage in Carnarvin, it,s just outside the town of haliburton and we were planting not far from there. It is remote Forrest out there, swamps and limestone and granite and thick thick brambles and vines and thorns and in some spots it almost impossible to go off trail because you just can’t . Well these are the places we like to go in fall or early spring to prep the planting area cut trees ect.

Then come summer its grows in and there’s no trails leading to our patch. Well, we going into the area in the middle of summer for some reason I forget why and for some reason we had to go off trail so we were hacking through the brambles vines and thorns, I mean its so thick we get like 10 yards in 10 min. We hacked into the thicket for about 30 yards and we found a tunnel cut into the thicket. It ran for thousands of meters through the absolute thickest parts where you just can’t walk, it was like a highway through the brambles. It would fork off into different directions and there was a well worn path inside. It was absolutely crazy. It opened up Into a huge crater clearing. The crater must have been at least 80-100 feet from the center in a perfect circle. The perimeter was huge. It was about 25 feet deep with about a 20′ slope. We started to walk toward center when I looked on the ground and saw something I have never ever seen oh heard of before. Bones, thousands of them. The slopes the center , the whole floor of this huge crater was fucking covered in bones. Skulls ribs, vertebrae , mostly deer some moose and bear.. I got a sense of dread.

Like I’m not supposed to be here. Me and my buddy were horrified. There is no way it was a poacher spot because there were no trees in the crater to hang an animal on for cleaning and gutting. We looked at the bones close and noticed obvious gnaw marks and we got the fuck out of there.

As we started walking around the crater I noticed that there were several of these “tunnel” cut outs that opened up into this crater, basically all the way around. It was like there were hidden paths all through the Forrest and they all led to here. By the time we were to freaked out to stay any longer we couldn’t tell what doorway we came in through. I took a reading from my gps and we basically cut our way out in a straight line the fastest way out. It took us hours to hack though the brambles that we so quickly came in through by way of the tunnels, by the time we made our way to the trail we were so tired we just went back to the cottage and went to bed. Believe me we spent most of the night talking about what the hell could have made that intricate highway through the most dense brush imaginable, wolves, bears, ? We reasoned out that it couldn’t possibly have been either based on the height and width of the tunnels. They were like 8’w and 5’h all the way that we walked. Perfect tunnels in the thickets.

The next day we went back into the forest to plant a spot we had already picked out. It was basically in a direct line with a local airport that was about 5 miles away. It was me my buddy and his little red nose pit bull and we were digging some hole in a big clearing when I herd a loud low flying Cessna coming in line with runway so we ducked down as not to be seen. We hid under a big tree and went prone as the plane flew over the clearing. As soon as it passed and the roar of the engine faded a bit we started to stand when all of a sudden two massive I mean massive black creatures, not bears way way to big to be blackies came charging into the clearing and passed us as the pit bull went nuts and gave chase.

They were on all fours while running through the clearing but even on all fours they were easily up to my chin and I’m 5’10 . Wes I,v seen the biggest black bears and these ain’t no $%#@* bears. On all fours they were easily over 5 feet high and almost a wide at the shoulder. They went by so fast. I knew we were being stalked and that the sound of the plane spooked them as they were about to jump us. We banged shovel on trees and yelled and screamed the whole way out. We though for sure the dog was gone for good but she tracked our scent and found us about an hour later. When I saw this I knew where the tunnels and the bone pit came from. These things stalk there prey pacing it in the tunnels in the thicket beside the Forrest paths, pull it into the tunnel at some point and then whisk it down to the feeding crater until it’s nothing but a bone pile. Scariest, craziest $hit Ive ever seen.”

Then I will speak to Ben who is from Ohio and shares some strange things on his property.

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82 Responses to “SC EP:468 The Devil’s Lettuce And Bigfoot”

  1. m99

    Well, surprise surprise! Thank you Wes, I appreciate it. That is one scary retelling. I was happily reading this guys terrifying account when coming to the end discovered you published the conversation. I’m so glad we found your site. It means a lot & we’ve learned so much. Giving a listen now.

  2. Ben H

    Wow, I’ve seen smaller dens or cave like areas inside thickets like that. I always figured it was natural, like the Vines and brambles adding a layer every year, blocking the sun and killing the layers below then repeating until a void was formed. But a tunnel like described would be something else and I would love to see it.
    Then the bone pit! Holy cow! Great show.


    I was in Algonquin Park on August 5, 2018 walking on one of their many designated trails which was very isolated. During our hike a tree was pushed down. It was 5pm and we made it back to the car quickly. Scary moment we wonder if it was a Bigfoot..


    Hey Wes thanks for this show today and my GURLFRND and I left SPOKANE WASHINGTON and We went to SASQUATCH CONFERENCE this year and Dawn was able to MEET Bob GIMLIN and he was ready nice to her and She saw me Act LIKE A SCHOOL GURL when I saw U and BOB LOL ?? ? FYI …. THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST OUT THERE …. Keep up the great work WES

  5. Nicholas S

    Just want to say thank you Wes all the episodes lately have been awesome keep up the awesome work. I hope you enjoy the movie thing that you were talking about. Can’t wait for the next episode

    • m99

      That’s a great point. I kept saying out loud, did you snap a picture? Did you take pictures of the tunnels? The bone pit? No way I wouldn’t have done that! Fascinating.

      • Rick D

        I wish I could have but we were growing traveling 150 miles to plat 1 or 2 plants. It was well over a thousand and we weren’t going into our crop with transmitters. Plus 15 years ago they didn’t all have cameras back then. Motorola flip

        • Aaron B

          Good clarification Rick that must of scared the shit out of you guys not to go back for a couple thousand plants I dug 20 holes thought I was going to have a stroke but you can’t put a price on not being in the bone pit! Awesome show and you tell your story very well

    • Rick D

      We looked around for any human looking skulls and didn’t see any. Bones really only disappear in the Forrest because some animals actually eat them, like a porcupine , they eat bone like its butter. The bottom layer shade to be 7-9 years old at least. There was moss growing them and they were about to be consumed by the Forrest but I don’t think and porcupine or any other animal is getting out of that place with skin still attached..

      • Robert B

        Rick D. yeah between critters eating the bones, and the extremely high acidic content of the ground because of the Pine needles, bones don’t last long out in the open forest. But under the brambles, I’m assuming these were probably blackberry or something? I’m guessing, there probably wasn’t much in the way of pine needles down under the bramble canopy. Pine needles are insanely high in Vitamin C/ascorbic acid. Much more than oranges. Just an FYI, you ever get lost in the woods, you can make a tea from pine needles and it’s actually quite good. lol. But yeah, that’s what eats up the bones if the animals don’t get to them first. And it’s not only the porcupines that eat bone. Even something as fluffy and loving as a little bunny, eats critter bones.
        But your discovery is actually quite important. For years we’ve read reports how these creatures will slip through the woods without making a sound, or completely without being seen. I ran across a video the other day from North Carolina where some researchers there discovered a tunnel complex. It’s funny because I think it was only the next day after listening to your encounter. I’ve been in the field for nearly 14 years, and I’ve never heard of them using tunnels like this. But it makes way too much sense. In my main area, there is a spot that is full of blackberry vines. It’s basically a wall, would be a better description. And all this time, I simply assumed that they having a much longer inseam than mine, were stepping over the wall of blackberries, instead of perhaps going under. Now I have to get back out there and look for tunnels. It makes so much sense too for my area, since there is a creek bed under it. On my side of the wall of thorns, are all the tree structures, including a huge Teepee structure and a leaning X. They spend a great deal of time in that area. Of course by the time I get across the meadow and to the tree line, they’re on the other side of the blackberry vines. Keeping it between us. I’ve seen the Alpha male on several occasions peeking around a tree at me, but I’ve only gotten him on camera once. While it made a fantastic screenshot, I would have preferred to be much closer. Here in Germany, the Bf are much less violent. I can only assume it’s because guns are all but outlawed here, and there is no one packing on the weekend during their nature hikes. Also, Germans never ever leave the trail when they go for their walks on the weekends. So when the forest gets invaded by nature loving Germans, the boogers simply pull back into the woods a bit deeper. The one day I used that to my advantage by going off trail and coming in from the other side, my wife and I got some great pics. We also got zapped and that sucked. Different people react differently when that happens. For me it’s like my blood pressure bottoms out. I get super dizzy, confused, etc and nearly hit the ground. Sometimes I do hit the ground. My wife got instantly violently ill with projectile vomiting. She spent the rest of the day out in the middle of the meadow, away from all trees lol. Yep, time to get back out there and see if I can find openings to the blackberry vines. See if there is a tunnel system under it. Thanks for interview!! Bob in Germany

  6. Denise F

    I have heard numerous encounters where witnesses claim to find openings or tunnels through brambles/ think bushes or vines…. Sometimes as I drive through the Nat Forest I see there huge, tall clusters of blackberries/brambles in the middle of a clearing and think about these encounters.

    Great show!

  7. Michelle L

    Haliburton! Loved this one. I have a few friends there this weekend as Haliburton is home to a popular trail race where they run through the forest. Those running the 100 mile event (there are a few different distances) run through the night which is spooky enough as trails at night can be so hard to run on with the roots and rocks and shadows from the headlamp. It just got a heck of a lot spookier after hearing this story about the tunnels. We were just talking about doing the race next year….I might pass. Thanks Wes – always fun to hear an episode that is close to home.

  8. Bob B

    Rick, just spill the beans…give us a specific reference from the airport…you may not realize that what you and your moonlight farmers discovered could well be a significant breakthrough regarding Sassy Q and it’s morphology….hit us up with a gps coordinate…thx!

    aka Bob…one who has seen what’s out there….

    • Rick D

      I sent the approx location to Wes. He posted the location. Just so you know that those are not exact locations and I lost that old gps years ago . It’s not exact but it’s close.. Too close . If you are seriously thinking on going in be warned ! They don’t want you there.. Be carful and go armed. Bigger the better… Good luck.

  9. Charles R

    Love Tombstone. Great role by Val Kilmer. And the sasquatch love the huckleberrys Someone has to show Sasquatches the benefits of cleaning up and keeping house. You just never know when someone will pop in.

  10. Robert B

    That first guest that found that tunnels through the brambles, that’s an important find!! It definitely explains how these creatures can cover so much ground through the thickest of brush, without making a sound. Aside from the missing 411, although that could be an explanation for some of the disappearances, it’s a better explanation for all of the encounters of witnesses that say it went so far and so fast through blah blah blah and I didn’t hear anything, but suddenly it was now in front of me etc. It really gives me an idea regarding several areas of very thick blackberry brambles that are basically an impenetrable wall that separates them from me. I always assumed that they were stepping over the vines and thorns since their legs were so much longer than mine. But some of these brambles walls are also as much as 50 feet thick. So even if they had legs that were 6 feet long, they would still be walking in the vines and thorns. But if they had a tunnel going through it…. That just makes so damn much more sense!! In one of my areas, following first tree leans, and then stick hangs, I was able to find a hidden opening through a hedgerow and it opened up into an area where I immediately got surrounded. Apparently I wasn’t welcome. Being in Germany, anyone that has ever read anything about the D-day invasion, understands what I mean when I say hedgerow. The opening, while extremely well hidden, was about 5 feet by 5 feet.. I had my choice to go through with a slight left and then a right, or I could have taken a 90 degree right and ended up in a tunnel about the same size, going through the middle of the hedgerow for a good 50 yards long. I chose the other option, straight through. But then things got really upsetting. I can’t imagine what would have happened that day, if I had chose the other route through the long tunnel. If I had been surrounded inside there, things would have gone very very bad for me. thanks Wes for all you do. I know you say that it’s the guests and their encounters that make the show, but you give them the outlet. That is more therapy than any high dollar shrink could ever accomplish. Besides the shrink would probably have you shot up with thorazine and committed. Bob in Germany

    • Rick D

      I thought exactly that… I get the feeling that the thickest parts of the forest are probably tunnels all through the all over North America but who would hack into them. It’s a tough chop trust me. We didn’t hear a thing and there they were.. When the plane was fading off BANG!! AMBUSCH!

      • Robert B

        Hairy bastards!! lol. I had a face to face at 15 feet back in 2005. I have spent the majority of my life in the woods of the High Sierras in Northern Commiefornia. At the time I was 42. While I had a few “strange things” that had happened to me, there was nothing that I would have attributed to a Bf. If you had asked me about them or my beliefs regarding them, before my encounter, I don’t know what I would have said. Probably extreme skepticism. My uncle was a hunting guide and starting at 14, during the summers I would work with him, handling the horses. I had never seen anything that would have led me to believe they existed. Then suddenly your face to face with one that really wants to kill you. For over 2 years after that, I simply referred to her as a monster. Even after a few friends had told me that it was a Sasquatch, I couldn’t believe them. It certainly didn’t act like Patty. Just walking away. No this one wanted to eat me for sure. The hatred that she had for me, rolled off of her like waves of heat like when you open the front door on a hot summers day and it just hits you. Literally. I could actually feel the hatred she had for me. But something or someone, seemed to have called her off of me. I didn’t hear anything, but she snapped her head to the right, then back at me, gave me one last disgusted huff and walked off in the direction that she had looked. Then the encounter was over. But here it is 14 years later and it still isn’t over for me. Rick you and your buddy are lucky to have gotten out of that place alive. After a couple of years, and selling my 45 for a much larger 500 magnum, I ended up on the “researcher” mode. I have been face to face a few times more, and things were much less intense. Me and my partner even found one group that was almost downright friendly, well not quite. But there was never anything from that group that I would call violent. They got pushed out by another group that was more violent, and didn’t want anything to do with us. But that would take way too long to type out here. But if you want to chat, you can drop me a line at and we can shoot the $**t if you want. Bob in Germany

  11. Kris G

    Glad you had a great time at the Conference, Wes. Would have loved to have been there myself.

    Ask me, Wes…”What do you think sasquatch are?”

    Rev 6:7-8 When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! It’s rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.”

    After listening to several hundred hours of SC and many other first hand accounts from other programs, I surmise they are Nephilim of some sort, have been here for eons, and they will have a role in the End Times. I am pretty sure it was Ron Moorehead on SC that alluded to this possibility. At least that is how I took his meaning when he said we may not really want to know who, what and why they are here….It may be there time has not yet come.

    And this account is Really Creepy….”giants in the earth”….another confirmation of that phrase. Creepy Creepy Creepy. Just like a horror movie. Shudder.

    • m99

      Amen. I shudder to think as well.

      Weren’t those guys were fortunate to see the big guys when they did? However, when it’s time, or shall I say ‘when times up’, it is going to be a whole different outcome.

      Regarding the term Nephilim (plural), I subscribe to Mr. Quayle’s definition. He states the fallen angels are the fathers of the monsters. The deranged evil traitors are the Nephilim. I believe the things people are seeing are the offspring of the fallen. But as someone recently said, it was (the copulation’s) are so far removed the different ones are a species unto themselves. Great bible references. Thanks and let’s keep praying for people.

  12. Jay R

    Great show! Those two guys almost ended up being a human BLT. HighTimes published reports of Bigfoots eating marijuana stands during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s and included UFO reports where UFO’s appeared to suck crops right into the ship.

  13. Erik B

    I’d love to take a drive up to the Haliburton, Ontario area but I don’t think they’ll let me bring my .458 SOCOM over the border from Buffalo, NY into Canada. ??Haha??

  14. Eva B

    Killer show, Wes!!! The bone pit….I have goosebumps just thinking about that poor guys encounter of survival. No doubt, they were on the menu! I just think, like humans, Sasquatches have their different personalities. I don’t think they’re shy beings, I think they’re super intelligent. If people are naive to think these beings want to be friends… Uh, I think not. They will do whatever they can to survive even if it’s a show of being “friendly.” Master manipulators.
    Thanks again, for the great show!!!

  15. Rick D

    Seriously people , Anything that can design infer structure in the Forrest is smarter then we are giving them credit. If they can do that then they can get the drop ON YOU! They are so fast you only have one shot and that’s if your armed cocked and ready, those coordinates are only approx.. It’s been 15 years but even approx is too close. If anyone is thinking about mounting a research expedition let me know. If enough people were in on it I would consider going back but it would have to be a good sized party… Thanks

  16. Matt W

    Wes what’s up with that episode you promised us way back in like February. It was suppose to be about what you heard behind the scenes & government cover up. You talked a little about it when you did confessionals podcast and it was a round table with dark waters & I think Tony.

  17. Morris W

    Both of the interviews were amazing! Talk about a close call! It seems every week Wes improves somehow. When I first cane across this show I had no idea the size it must be. I have listened to every show at least three times. I play in my vehicle, at night in bed, at work, even when walking. The best thing that ever happened to the show was the self promoting guy left. It seemed he just wanted to tie everything into his encounter and that he knew all there is to know. Anyway. The more I listen the more intrigued I get. I have no idea what these things are but there is SO much than I ever thought

    • Robert B

      Morris W I have to agree 100% regarding the “self promoter”. I realize Wes in much more comfortable behind the mic now than he was then, and he has more experience in dealing with witnesses than he did in the earlier shows. But it’s more than that. Wes listens. And while he does bring up his and Woody’s encounter, it’s done in the proper way. How it relates back to what the witness is talking about. Some folks simply don’t listen.
      I also agree with the statement that these creatures are So much more…. they are so much more than simply some kind of ape or even a relic hominid. It surely isn’t an Antique Chinese Ape we’re dealing with here!! Bob in Germany

  18. Matthew A

    Yea, they have entire networks through the dense brush and will set up nests near large trees of various sizes. You will see small nests butt up against large trees for the infants in order to climb the tree in case of danger. The small nests next to trees and very large nests will always be situated in deep brush in areas with superior terrain and offering an overwatch position and if you should get to close when they are there then the female will let out a screech/scream and the alpha and other adults will come rushing back to protect.

    Good things to check for in the bone piles on the fresh kills are for twisted ligaments and attached ligaments with the flesh removed and no bite marks on the bones.

  19. Andrew O

    Thank you to both guests this episode. I think was one of the best yet. Imagine stumbling on tunnels, and then a bone pit. Talk about horror stories! That would make an excellent plot for a film. Trying to escape down dark tunnels not knowing which way is out or into deeper danger with mysterious creatures stalking you. I’d watch that!

  20. Dane E

    So your planting an invasive plant species and anillegal narcotic in a The Halliburton Wild Life Preserve Forest…. a park will known for the young families and many youth/school camp groups who use it forest treks. A private company runs the forest and manages its over all care. Haliburton Forest is an unusual place company. It is an outdoor lover’s paradise and a wood lover’s dream. It is a research facility and an education centre. It is a property where members of our community make their livelihoods, and thousands of visitors make their day. Haliburton Forest is 100,000 acres, 100 lakes, and millions of trees, and it is home to countless creatures. Above all, and always, it is a sustainably managed forest. Until people like this guy come in here and start planting invasive pot plans so they can sell it; pot seeeds can survive a Canadian winter and will become an invasive weed, in this beatififul forest our community has created…… just to plant drugs in. Also if you want good pot just grow it at home with a cheap light, everyone knows the wild green is weakest. You need more color spectrum. Many of those paths in the bush would and probably where made by one of the many
    Horse riding outfitters who for roughly the last 30 years go trail riding and make
    Large swatch trailed thoughout the years.

    Wes why do you let guys like this on ? It’s a Damn shame to care and get to know and area and forest and appreciate the plants all
    For some people to come in and plant illegal drugs and invasive plants and in a wildlife preserve………. it’s not right.

    • Robert B

      Dane E, whether what he did was right or wrong, I personally would love to hear more from illegal growers. Most of them plant and cultivate the crops, and live on site 24/7 for the whole life of the crop. The things these guys must run into out there….
      And most of these guys are armed to the teeth also. How many of them have had a run in with a Bf, and then shot at them? I can tell you from experience, discharging a firearm even in the general direction of a growling Sasquatch is not a smart thing to do. But how are these guys going to know that? Yeah I would definitely love to hear more accounts from growers out in the woods. Have them come on and change their names.
      Also, he wasn’t talking about trails leading through the forest, he was talking about tunnels under the brambles going on in different directions. This is a very significant discovery. Bone pile and all. Bob in Germany

  21. Kris T

    .458 SOCOM is not bad for known terrestrial game.

    I say grab the 416 Rigby or a 12 gauge with high brass slugs.

    As my grandfather used to say:

    “When all else is in question boy, burn it.”

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