May 13

SC EP:433 They made themselves known

Tonight night I will be speaking to Connie. Connie said “when all of this started happening I thought it was homeless people but it just kept getting stranger. Several times I would go out on the property and call for my dog and something would mock and mimic me calling the dog. They sometimes call my husbands name. I have heard screams, whoops and strange chatter.

My daughter caught one running off of the porch at the guest house.”

Connie said “We are seeing strange lights out here. I wanted to ask you have you ever seen one of these strange lights that almost forms like the michelin man? This strange figure keeps showing up in the pictures. At first I brushed it off as just something strange showing up, maybe it is a light and my eyes were playing a trick on me but this “thing” or strange light in the form of a person keeps showing up.

The strange part is where we are seeing these lights come out of the forest is the same area where the creatures come out. I never wanted this, I just want all of this to go away. Here is a couple of pictures I have many more including hours of audio.”


Connie’s Photos:


(Figure on the roof)


(Strange “light figure” at the back porch)


(Strange light flying past the guest house)


(Something ran in front of the camera and triggered it. If you look in the wood line you will see eye shine of something standing by the tree watching the house)



Below is Connie’s email:


“In 2007 we purchased 5 acres overlooking the Illinois River in eastern Oklahoma. We built a home and used it on weekends and holidays.

As soon as the home had windows and doors we would camp out inside during the construction. Odd activity started, we would hear odd knocking in the forest across the street, newly installed drain pipe broken, saw blades found at the bottom if the slope. We dismissed it all. We moved in full time around 2012.

Family would visit often, we often sat around a fire pit after dark and make smores, watch the stars ect. We would hear knocking from the forest across the road and one night something came around behind us and started a human like long moan/yell that ended in a owl sound. We dismissed it all. We went on to buy 5 acres next door and built a guest house. 2 years ago we bought the 29 acres across the street and May 2016 decided to open the river view and move a small guest house onto the property. That is when “they” made themselves known in a big way.

We moved our disabled daughter into the guest house and she started calling us in the middle of the night saying someone was hitting her bedroom wall. There was a lot of noise coming from the 29 acres at this point. Tree snaps, metalic banging. We assumed it was kids, homeless people ect, and decided to stake out the guest house and new cabin in the woods with recorders and game cameras. I captured “whoops” and was able to get David Ellis of the Olympic project to verify it was “traditional suspicious vocals”. The next 4 months I collected hours of audio…some language…singing, mocking me calling my dog and a young vocalizer speaking a language.

I have a close up picture of a small creature as it passes close, the camera was moved. Too many stories to go into here, but the end result was we sold the main house, the 29 acres will close May 22. We only own the guest house, We moved back to the city and only my husband goes there now. I have tried to share my story, some audio, pictures on 2 different forums…decided that was not going to be worth my time. I am still searching for a way to share this very long story and evidence, I just need it to be taken seriously. We actually moved because of the things and it changed my life forever. I have seen them in pictures…I go out of my way not to have contact….but I have the audio and pictures, that’s enough for me. If you are interested in studying the audio or pictures let me know.”



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108 Responses to “SC EP:433 They made themselves known”

      • F S

        How do recordings of Sasquatches hitting houses, banging on furniture, rock-clacking, or tree knocking differ from a human doing the same thing? I don’t get how this is considered evidence.
        I did, however, notice the similarity between the house hitting recording and the sound made by a silver-back gorilla displaying in front of a mirror.
        (I am also chagrinned to mention that Duke has noted that GUGWES were known to use stones and mud to form a type of body armor.)
        As Duke always says…
        “I’m not saying it’s a Gugwe … but it’s a Gugwe.”

  1. winkatme

    Hi Wes, for some reason the player stops at 55:33 and won’t play ANYMORE? I’ve tried everything and I can’t get it to play past that time? PLEASE tell me what I can do to hear the rest of the show. Thank YOU, WINK

    • Janet B

      Willamette Valley here…and I must defend the honor of my two daughters alma mater….GO BEAVES!!!! I know, probably hopeless cause for football, but what the heck!

  2. hickory67

    This is one of the more intriguing accounts I’ve heard in a while – and having audio and the pictures really puts it into context. The light figure on the roof and the back porch really has my attention – same shape, different orientation. Very odd, even if it we’re to be a camera anomaly. The apparent eyeshine is very creepy also.

    Great episode – looking forward to hearing more about it. Thank you!

  3. Lewis S

    Most researchers are a joke, thrill seekers who don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing nor do they care about consequences for others. Egotistical knobs gloried in their own self image. Some are straight up liars and thieves. Buy the next book and all will be explained, no the next or the next after that etc……….

  4. Bob V


    Just an idea. I have no idea if this will work. Why not talk to them.

    Be respectful, be honest, and tell them what you are feeling. Ask them to leave your property along. Comfort them by telling them you don’t want to hurt them. Apologize for invading their property. Tell them you’d like to be their neighbors. Remind them you don’t want to hurt them. Then go outside and point to the area you believe is yours. Walk around and say, this is mine, this is yours, and stick to what you say.

    I have no idea if this will work. It’s worth a try.


    • Pete M

      Bob, she already said she has zero interest in pursuing what you just suggested. Not only does she not wish to see them or communicate with them, what you have suggested will only result in empowering and emboldening them. No one knows for sure what they are, obviously with the light orbs, cameras failing and cloaking there’s more to them than the sweet Coca Cola polar bears. It’s not a negotiation or a compromise, that’s why the brothers in Honabi opened fire. The next time my neighbor’s dog comes to a rock a deuce in my front yard I’ll try and explain to it which is his area and which is mine, then I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

  5. Avis B

    A very good witness she is.. Connie thank you for coming on and telling your story … Wes, please have her back on for the rest of the story.. Oh Connie.. Don’t let anybody tell you .. you are not doing the right thing by leaving them alone.. You were the one having to deal with them.. and they have shown you what they can do.. You made a smart call..

  6. Ryan L

    Awesome show! One of my top 10 Saschron episodes. I can’t wait until she comes back. These are the kind of people that the “researchers” need to be talking to. It seems to weird to be true but I know it is true. Very strange…

  7. Dianne S

    Thank you for her sharing her harrowing experiences..I am surprised you didn’t discuss the fact they were there first… and tearing down a huge part of their area and clearing their cover has upset them. Of course they’re terrorizing the family…Perhaps there’s a way to make peace with the creatures. I had bought a house in the Cascades where the builder cut down huge old growth trees. Our family had lots of disturbances from that and had to do a lot with the land to calm things down Theres so much in nature we don’t know about…

  8. Paul M

    Was a very good show…. she’s has a lot more interestrenth then she believes… And it’s ok to have fear of the unknown…. lt can keep you upright and breathing… lm in favor of big lights on her house area… And more security cameras…. Also a good not so modest collection of 308 – 300 WIN MAG – 338 LUPA SHOTGUN – SLUG BUCK SLUG rotation… SIDE ARMS… NOT LESS THEN 44 MAG… AND PICK ALL YOUR AMO IN THE ASS KICKER RANGE…. OR JUST BAIL AND DONT RETURN…. OF COURSE IF THEY WANT TO FIGHT YOU WILL NEED HELP.. DONT FIGHT WITHOUT HAVING EXPERIENCED AND SAFE PEOPLE ON YOUR SIDE… THEY WILL SAVE YOU AND YOURS… GOD BLESS

  9. Ann H

    Interesting observation about leaves plastered on its face. Reminds me of artwork I’ve seen of the Green Man in England. Any British folks out there who know the folklore about that?

    • Shirley S

      I’ve wondered about that, too. I don’t think the Green Man represents Bigfoot, but a leafy bigfoot face peering through the shrubbery could certainly be mistaken for the Green Man and serve as a model for the carvings. Bigfoots also seem to also use their hands a lot to obscure their faces or outlines.

  10. Birdy Lywak

    i tell ya this woman is surely brave, amazing show. my bedtime story for me last night…thank you Wes and for Connie, looking forward to the rest of her interview.

  11. Michael C

    Awesome show!!!!! Glad to hear someone else hear the metal banging. I reported on another forum of something hitting the bottom of a pan on a ridge above me. Some of my pans disappeared that we shoot 22 with from hanging targets on a pipe. We back off and hear the smack,. After the 22 report. I didn’t know if they were mimicking this or just messing with me. Folks have also said there are too many houses around me for boogers to live here. We have a total of 210 acres in the family with a big creek with fish in it. It is easy for folks to discredit what a person tells them. It also makes a person not want to say anything about what is going on. When we hunt in the pre dawn, me and my brother see lights floating along the ground like a lantern being carried without the bounce and swinging. We live on the western part of Cherokee County.

  12. Guy B

    We know from past shows, testimonys, and the two brothers , that if people really want these things to stop, then someone needs to help these people bleed the blood of Jesus over them, their property and take authority over them in Jesus name.
    I may be wrong. But I may be right. What we know is that every testimony where people call on Jesus , these things stop.

  13. michelle m

    They are not happy about there territory being torn down. This probably has been there home for yrs and now trees are being torn down, houses going up. Eventually I believe they will move on. Nice story thank you!

  14. Tamsin D

    In the book 411 Hunters, last chapter I believe, there is an account of the distortion of something .
    Thank you Wes for bringing us this excellent guest. My heart goes out to her. ??

  15. Daniel E

    What a great show. Thank you Connie and Wes. Please tell us more. I’ve been thinking that maybe the lights are spirits of deceased squatches. ??? So much weirdness in this world.

  16. Greg P

    someone tell me but in the picture with the eye shine look to the left between the second and third tree at the same level is that a single eye maybe because its turned sideways

  17. Stacey S

    Im technologically challenged- I’ve been a member for a year and a half and still have not figured out how to put a pic in for my profile, could someone please tell me how to do that?

    • Indignico

      Hey Stacey,

      If I don’t have my image visible with this comment then ignore all of what I’m about to tell you because I won’t know what I’m talking about… if you can see my image attached to this comment then you can bank on my advice with confidence! Ok, goto this website—
      And sign up and fill out the info on yourself that you’d be ok with the general public knowing making sure to upload your chosen avatar photo to represent yourself and then automatically Sasquatch Chronicles and supposedly many other sites as well will look toward the info you added to your profile on this gravatar site to populate the info on your various profiles all over the Internet including, like I said above, this one. Good luck.
      —Bill Robison

  18. Morris W

    This is a fascinating encounter. Wes justs better and better information. He should get a award for all his work. If anybody has an encounter around San Antonio Canyan Lake or San Marcos area let me know. If you want another person to go out with you. I’m an expert. Well an expert in listening to these podcasts lol. I did have one encounter in my life. I want to have another. My email is

  19. Janet B

    Major thanks to both Wes and Connie…it was a terrific show. I sure hope Wes, that you’ll have her back on, for as long as it takes to get the entire situation described….what a brave gal Connie is! As usual Wes, you knocked it out of the park…thanks so much for all of the excellent work you do, and for giving folks like Connie a safe place to get it off their chests. Bravo!

  20. Danny H

    Ok. All set. Armchair ✔ Cheetos ✔ Narrow mind ✔ Know more than everyone else despite the fact that we’re talking about an undiscovered species ✔ Hey look at me, I’m a researcher now!

    • Eileen F

      I think that it is basically okay as there looks to be a light source coming from the far end of the porch. The shadow of the support beam is in the same direction etc. It does look, however, as though something should be sitting on the top of the table as there is a shadow from something on the grass that extends beyond the top of the picnic table shadow. Hard to tell.

  21. Bryan F

    Sounds eerily similar to Christina Parker accounts from her property in her book 100 Bigfoot Nights. The sounds, the crying, the orbs and the visuals on camera. Very similar and disturbing…

  22. Ulrike H

    I’m so grateful to Connie for sharing stories of her encounters and for providing photos and audio. Amazing! Please, please Wes go and visit and then tell us all about it!!!
    My feeling is that the land has a portal that allows spirits/entities to pass easily from one dimension to another. The “light figures” both remind me of the larger version of the Greys ( photo of one on the cover of the book Communion ). In addition, when I enlarged the picture of the pair of eyes, they look identical to an alien’s eyes.
    I hope that Connie and her family can find some resolution so that they can enjoy their property and live in harmony with their unusual, woodsy neighbours.
    I want to hear more!

  23. John M

    Love this the picture with the inset face in the bushes..does nobody else notice the big head and face at 1 oclock just above the same bushes..looks plain as day to me

  24. Jennifer H

    This is still one of my all time favorite episodes, I have probably relistened to it 10 times or more…it’s so good… I hope you can get a part two with Connie one day. Thank you Wes and Connie.

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