Jan 12

SC EP:397 Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men

Author Timothy Renner returns to the show to talk about his new book Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men: A History of Wild Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in California, Oregon, and Washington state.

Most of you remember Tim when he was on the last show and shared historical encounters from his book Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men.

Tim writes “The last time I was on it was to talk about my book Bigfoot in Pennsylvania – which included the historical newspaper accounts of the creatures from the 1800s through the early 1900s in PA.

As you suggested at that time, I compiled reports from the NW and I have published my next book in what looks to be a series: Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/1983434094/ ). This book covers reports from the 1850s through the 1920s in CA, OR, and WA.

This book contains one of the single best bigfoot descriptions I think I’ve ever read (the result of hunters killing a creature and describing the body in detail – but there’s a lot more to the story – it’s fantastic); as well as some really interesting reports of “wild gorillas” in CA, attacks in OR, and a creature which appeared on the campus of the University of Washington multiple times.

I love Sasquatch Chronicles because of the witness reports – which I believe are the best source of information regarding bigfoot creatures – and these old articles often read like witness reports. The descriptions of not only the creatures but their behavior mirrors reports we hear on SC today and these articles are well over 100 years old in most cases.”




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55 Responses to “SC EP:397 Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men”

    • Rich A

      Yeah don’t go by yourself man. Take your two crazy bros with you. Just don’t walk in front of your younger bro if he’s got a gun!


    Everyone went apeshit again today in Washington and the MSM, thank god for the alternative to the insanity that is TV news, Sasquatch Chronicles gets me thru these crazy times by tuning out all the insanity, thank you Wes and all of your guests.

  2. Mauri G

    Great show I would be inrtested in knowing the history of that area the guy is missing from going back to the Native Americans. That one story with the boy getting kidnaped and taking underground sounded a lot like a Mountain giant.

    • Duke S

      That is what I consider a good example of a Mountain Giant encounter, fits the physical and behavior description of these things: Bigfoot, not so much. making and using tools, clothing, ladder for access, trap door, Clawed fingers, excessive height, athletic rather than bulky build, etc….

  3. Jerry B

    What about some encounters around the Mansfield Ohio area, that the locals never talk about but I know one slapped the side of my dad’s trailer in 1982

    • Nathan E

      Would love to hear about it Jerry B. I have passed up & down SR 23 many times to visit family, and I would like to know if I have a chance to see Uncle Hairy by the side of the road.

  4. Dovie D

    Roseburg is in Douglas county, Coos county has Coos bay, North Bend, Houser, Lakeside, Brandon etc. My husband grew up in Coos Bay which is where he lived when he saw that green person thing but I recently found out he saw some other weird thing when he was 12 years old. I’ll send you a note Wes when I get a chance on what he saw. We have lived in Oregon for years and have had or seen, heard or had stuff happen.
    Wes I hope you get well soon. That sucks being sick this long

    • Gary C

      As my old teacher put it, men were men and women were grateful :-), no offence intended just a comment on the old days long gone.

      Today in the UK we lost a 95 year old Battle of Britain spitfire pilot, he gave me my freedom but died without many knowing who he was, today awards are given out like sweets and the fine men of an older generation fly off without proper recognition.
      Lots to learn from history for today’s generation

      • Nathan E

        It’s the sad truth that as time goes on the number of old soldiers and heroes of the past all disappear into time. Your saying though that “men were men” is valid and to the point. The men and women of the time had no need for ephemeral fame granted by social media. Something strange happened, they commented on it, and people were inclined to take those witnesses at their word if they were judged to be people of good character.

  5. Melissa H

    Thanks Wes- I really enjoyed this show. An interesting forensic angle on the reporting of Sasquatch. The descriptions are interesting in that there seems more acceptance in what the witnesses are seeing. A far more gritty approach. A string to the bow of us now in that there are so many similarities and constistent descriptions of behaviour, physical characteristics and instances. Such a great show!


    Watsup BOTHER WES, thanks for last nights story n be CAREFUL BECAUSE WE DONT WANT NOTHING TO HAPPEN 2U ALSO GO WTH A FEW HEADS N HIGH CAL GUNZ LIKE .357 OR .44 OR 45/70 OR GREATER MAYBE A M1A. 308 RIFLE PLEASE…. B4 U go YUR trip can U the guy that does swamp apes DWN here in Florida I think 🤔 MARK something BTW???? I CANT REMEMBER HIS NAME N after this weekend HUNTING SEASON is over.. I had something happen to me last season I need help to give me peace ☮ when I go hunting my self FYI…. Thanks again

  7. Pat T

    Hey Wes, down here in So Cal very close to Montecito and an incredible tragedy unfolding here with the mudslides. Still have missing here, very sad. We all need to enjoy everyday that God gives us on this earth as life can be taken so quickly. That being said, thanks for bringing Tim on again, I love hearing the stories of BF here in California. You don’t have to drive to far to be in Wildman country no matter where you live in Calif. Be safe out there, and i hope this missing individual is found alive.

  8. Lewis S

    More stories are there, Ambrose Bierce, wrote a story based on an event from his news paper days at Shasta. The tales pf death and mayhem happened more often than you’d think. Local names and whether or not the stories made it to larger circulation..

  9. Nathan E

    This book is on my 2018 shopping list. Mad props to all the research done. This is more proof that Bigfoot, it’s not a 20th century phenomenon but a true living being with a consistent history of encounters with Americans. My cap is off to the doughty woman who smacked one in the face with her handbag!

  10. Rich A

    cool to hear about all the stuff basically historically near the Bay Area San Jose Etc. Looking forward to the story coming from Aromas California that’s just between Gilroy in Santa Cruz area. Good stuff. Hoping somebody will come up with history on Mount Diablo which is also in the area.

  11. Dave H

    Some great stories there, thanks Wes and Tim.

    Here’s a creepy one from the OTAGO DAILY TIMES, New Zeakand, 22 JANUARY 1879

    “A wild man has lately been captured in the mountains of Tennessee, and is at present in Louisville undergoing a process of training which, it is hoped, will sufficiently tame him for exhibition. His whole body, according to the Courier-Journal, is covered with a layer of scales, which drop off at regular periods, in the spring and fall, like the skin of a rattlesnake. He has a heavy growth of hair on his head, and a dark reddish beard about six inches long. His eyes present a frightful appearance, being at least twice as large as the averaged-sized eye. Some of his toes are formed together, which give his feet an ungainly appearance; and his height, when standing perfectly upright, is about 6 feet 5 inches. He is, or rather was before he was caged, amphibious in his habits, and subsisted on a diet of raw fish, roots, and herbs. He was chased down by a band of horsemen, who caught him ultimately by means of a lasso, but not until he had, fighting with his hands after the fashion of a gorilla, seriously wounded one of his pursuers. The ownership of this interesting being is vested in three persons, who anticipate large profits from exhibiting. He is, however, as yet far, very far, from being fit to introduce to the public—being as morose at one time as he is ferocious at another. “An impression” is said to prevail—but on what the ” impression ” is founded we do not read—that he was originally a bankrupt shoemaker, who being crossed in love, took to the woods and gradually sunk to the level of a wild animal.”

  12. m99

    We enjoyed this interview a lot. Thanks Wes for having Timothy on. This shows how SC makes a difference in the world, and how sweet Wes is to the people doing real research. We especially enjoyed the last story. Listening to it again.

  13. Brett S

    Great episode, I’m from San Francisco and Antioch is 45 minutes away, it’s an old City and the gateway to the delta leading to gold country. The mountain next to Antioch is mount Diablo known as such by the Spanish as early as the 1820s. The mountain was sacred to several local tribes. It’s not the thick coastal redwood but sparse rolling golden grasslands peppered with California live oaK very different from what I assumed the natural habitat of a Sasquatch, maybe they were passing through from the sierras to the coast

  14. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes and Mr. Renner,

    I very much enjoyed this episode. Listening to the way the
    English language has changed over the years, is a fun plus.
    Thank you. 👣👣

  15. Cindy O

    Thank you very much Wes for the fabulous show with Tim Renner. I will buy his books. Your show has entertained me for years. Your platfom of people sharing sightings is so cool. i think you should have a weekly radio show on Sirius! Get well soon and be safe out there. If you come out near Cleveland, OH•••i would LOVE to go squatching with you in Salt Fork State Park. supposedly it’s a *hotspot*. Keep up the great show👀

  16. Jan D

    Tim is doing important work in consolidating these accounts. Happy to hear that he intends to cover the whole country. Times change but the Sasquatch has been around since recorded history. The consistency of the experience of this creature throughout time floors me. If anything should get the scientific community to take this seriously it would be the history, past and present. Anyhow, thanks to you both for doing the legwork. Keep it up.

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