Jan 12

Recent audio captured by a group in Kentucky

The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization captured some audio. Charlie Raymond writes “On 12-20-2017 I recorded these amazing whoops. A small rock was thrown just prior and a tree knock heard later. Captured at Thom Shay’s research spot.”

8 Responses to “Recent audio captured by a group in Kentucky”

  1. Ben H

    Awesome. Not too far from me either. Only one critter I know of that makes sounds like that, and you won’t find it in any biology books!

  2. Charles R

    Now this is some clear Whooping. IMO not done in a way that a human would do. I have met Charlie Raymond, heard a lecture of his, and some of the other really good people in his group. The Kentucky Bigfoot Site of theirs is really good and some really good interviews also. They were the first to get the Turtle Man, Ernie Brown Jr., to talk of his experience as a youth in Kentucky, which he later elaborated on in a Kentucky episode of Finding Bigfoot in which he claims to have shot at one with a 22 rifle and maybe hitting it in the leg.

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