Nov 10

SC EP:378 Strange Property

I spoke to the witness today and it is probably one of the most fascinating conversation I have ever had. I know KW’s phone was not the best but I tried to clean up the audio the best I could.

I think this witness is dealing with a lot of paranormal activity on his property and is seeing a lot of strange creatures including Sasquatch. I know this show might be beyond strange for most of my listeners but I have asked the witness to tell us everything that happen.

A listener writes “Dear wes, I been listening to your show for a few weeks now, there seems to b a correlation between paranormal events and the appearance of bigfoot or dogman.

I have never seen dog man but as for the rest of it I have seen plenty. Bigfoot is alive and well on my property and I hunt for it everyday trying to kill it, I have come very close to getting a shot at it but haven’t been able to pull it off, yet.

Before bigfoot showed up I had an episode of demons on my property and was actually able to kill one, I know you hear this kind of stuff regularly so I decided to contact you and fill you in if your interested. I live in Texas and I know how the government tries to cover up such things and how they are always on the lookout for any new developments concerning bigfoot that’s why I have been silent about my experiences.”





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89 Responses to “SC EP:378 Strange Property”

    • RubenD S

      Thanks to all the vets and service members for their sacrifices! Our freedom comes at high costs and me and my family are grateful!

      • Martin Z

        With all due respect, if Baphomet really does exist then he is a high ranking demon or one of Satan’s henchmen. Baphomet is an eternal false God worshipped by the Knights Templars. Now you’re saying this mountain man shot and killed Baphomet with his trusty shotgun. Come on Wes, not everything unexplained is a Demon. If you remember in the days on Zeus, there were these creatures in the woods with flutes that look just like the creature this guy saw.
        Love your show Wes, keep up the great work.

    • Martin Z

      Not ridiculous at at all. That’s exactly what he has going on. Just like Skinwalker Ranch, Stardust Ranch etc. These places really do exist and that’s why the government is so interested in them.

  1. Mauri G

    If all this is true what in the world is going on? I would be terrified if I lived on KW property, thanks for sharing your encounters and God bless you

        • F S

          If this is truly a case of Spiritual Warfare, the owner of the home and the family need to put in effort to stop this.
          There are prayers and protection rituals that can stop things cold.
          If anyone would like me to post information on how to stop an attack, please let me know.

          • F S

            This situation must be delt with by the head of this family – the father.
            What concerns me more than anything is his willingness to allow this to continue.
            Wes asked him about calling in a minister, the guest mentioned that he had discussed it with his pastor, but has not allowed him in. I think he said “I don’t want to bother anybody”. That attitude is very troubling.
            The guest also mentioned “the girls” several times, and that his GF moved in with him, so he must have daughter(s)?
            So we have a location with a history of “High Strangeness”/possible curses/violent murder, young, genetically linked female(s), puberty?, the stress associated with such an arrangement, extramarital cohabitation in front of these young women (which is not a good example for them), interaction and obsession with documenting the phenomena, and a head of household who allows and encourages these events.
            If a group of gang members decended upon the property would they be allowed to stay? Why is this any different?
            Continued documentation and obsession will only add fuel to the fire.
            I suggest the guest really look at what he is doing to allow this to continue.
            I would:
            * Make sure everyone is baptized.
            * Stop filming and documenting.
            * End unsanctified cohabitation with his GF.
            * Allow a blessing from a minister.
            * Make sure all finances, health, and cleanliness issues are dealt with.
            * Maintain daily prayers for protection of the family, and rejection of evil.
            * Eliminate as much “chaos” as possible.
            Below is a website with prayers that will help.
            There is also a “Hedge of Protection” Prayer. SAY THAT EVERY DAY.
            It is imperative that the head of the house lead these prayer and mean them. He is the protector and has authority to kick these things out.
            If he does want these events to stop – then they won’t.
            May God Bless and Keep you.


        • Martin Z

          I seriously doubt he had demons on the property and killed one for demons can NOT be killed by any human. Demons can be banished by a human only through the power of God but not be killed by anyone. Not every unexplained cryptic is demonic. I guess it must be human nature to call we don’t understand demonic.

          • F S

            A debate on the corporeal status the smiling creature reclining on a tree branch is myopic. The POINT of helping this gentleman is that HE FEELS HE IS UNDER DEMONIC ATTACK.

  2. maryellen d

    It is a portal…Don’t have to put up with​ this….Get a team of Christians who know how to walk in authority and shut this down!

    • Paul M


  3. Larry F

    My mouth is hanging! if this is true it puts skin walker ranch too shame wow. Is the house that’s in the picture the one KW lives in? Wes great job as always.

  4. Tedd

    Thanks KW &Wes, understood all that needs hearing and appreciate the bravery it takes to deal with and share such odd occurances with us.

  5. Derek H

    Wonder if the demon thing looks like the goatman caught on the trail camera from a few years ago? This guy does talk fast. You can tell he’s excited. Wes you need to have a ground team to go investigate these reports. Would make great tv! Thank you to all the Veterans for your service.

  6. Kim S

    We should appreciate loved ones everyday. I like the way your doing podcast Wes….good job brother💚….I’m not going to comment to much on this one, all though fantastic ….just that people need to change their thought process as your fellow family member on SC,everyone will learn more in due time…ley lines for example…John dead serious look at energy….EVERYTHING HAS IT…be positive or negative or what ever, it really is what it actually is…peace..until somethings got ones attention.🙈

  7. Debbie C

    Wow when people don’t listen to warnings not to purchase houses, property and so on…
    They have no clue what is about to fall upon them.
    Great scary show!
    Happy V~Day!

  8. Michael D

    Facinating. Hard to get your head around this. The sense that it feeds off your negative reaction is most troublesome part for me. What is this?

  9. Dovie D

    Myself I would not have purchased the property but I sure would have moved? Is there a reason he stays or did I miss that? I appreciate him coming on and sharing. Another great podcast. 💕🙏

  10. sasquatchmac

    Another evil ghost haunting story t I woon’t be listening to, not interested in listening to. Hope this doesn’t happen often. I look forward to new episodes. Love listening to Wes’ interview style. Wes is the best. I look forward to listening about saquatchs! Thank you Wesc!

  11. Victoria A

    Melissa H, I chuckled when you said you are from Scotland and couldn’t understand a word. I am from Texas and often traveling in the Highlands, could not understand a word. You helped take the edge off of what he was describing (to me).
    I’am having a hard time understanding why he keeps dealing with this situation by himself because he doesn’t want to bother anyone else as he feels like he can handle it? He needs an army to help and I don’t mean the government. He can put up with them but not when they are scratching on the walls and stomping around? If they scatter/vanish when he says something biblical, seems like that is the army he needs. I would invite every religious representative I could find out to the property. He sounds so agitated/hysterical, everything is pouring out and hope it makes him feel a little better to get it out. Also, Wes’ advise to write down and document events as they occur might help him focus. He is under siege, I don’t think he can continue on his own is all I am saying. If I were an expert I would be there to help. I believe him and my heart goes out to him.

  12. Michele D

    This was great, I was on the edge of my seat! Though for some reason, I had no trouble understanding what he said. All I can think is he sounds just like my father-in-law, and my grandparents, who all talked like that and were from the deep south. If grandma ever talked slowly, you were about to get a whupping or tongue lashing, because she was pissed!

  13. Pete M

    Very entertaining show, I’m sorry to say this is one guy I don’t believe, and I don’t say that too often. I try to keep an open mind, but you shoot a goat thing and supposedly kill it and you don’t think to collect the carcass? Oh, but you did take pictures, but darn it, you got a new phone so even the supposed photos are gone too. How convenient, I know if I saw all that weird stuff on my property I’d just go “oh well, must be demonic,” now I’ll just go inside my house and pretend everything is normal until the next thing happens. Gotta call bullshit on this one…

    • Christian L

      He sure is ready to shoot and kill things that although are weird don’t seem to pose a threat to him. Soo you blast a “demon that was peacefully sleeping in a tree”…owwwwk. It deserves to come back and pop this dudes head off. He sounded like he was convinced he actually saw what he said he saw but….another itrritating case (like we’ve heard all too often on SC) of “I took pics and sent them to someone and then got a new phone and lost them” but nothing to share with guests? His uncle didn’t keep the pics?? ….a once in a lifetime cryptid killing but no attempt to document it…convenient… It’s good to have an open mind about things but not to the point your brains spill out on the floor. Oh well…it was fun to listen to.

  14. Bal G

    Dear Wes, love u like a brother, and a long time member. However, when u get a guest from Texas, get them to give at least a general location of where the encounter(s) happened. Texas is a big state. Did this happen in east Texas near the Louisiana border? Did it happen in North Texas, near the Arkansas/Oklahoma border? Maybe in West Texas going towards New Mexico. Possibly, in the middle of the state between Austin and San Antonio. Sorry, have to call BS on this guy. Hey, KW next time give a. location. Sorry for the rant.

  15. Joh, P

    Not sure if anybody was able too catch the part where the man said he took pictures of it an showed his brother but told wes that he shot the demon an never went back for it an that there was just blood left over, idk maybe i heard wrong cause the guy talks fast, OVER ALL AWESOME SHOW WES an my prayers go out to K.W that he stays safe out there on that land sounds definately like historic haunted / portal/ infested woods he lives on for sure sheeesh!! ……….God bless k.w stay safe brother lock an load👽💀👺👣👣 🔫

    • F S

      That’s really kind.
      I usually think I’m just talking to myself.
      I will best posting something of length later today.
      This is a big okd mess.
      Wes – I think this whole thing may be an attempt to get to you.
      I would not visit the sight unless you are up to full Warfare against the demonic.

  16. Seamus J. C

    Stories are pretty incredible, but I got no BS meter reading with this man. He believes what he is saying. And a lot of sane people have seen a lot of crazy stuff, so he’s got the benefit of my doubt. Love the way he talks, too, I had a bit of trouble following it at times but overall it was quite understandable to me.

    If you believe in the power of prayer, then I would go ahead and pray for this man. See his property clean of the creepy stuff. Believe it is so, and it will be so. God will know exactly what part of Texas he is in! Matthew 8:13 ‘Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.” And his servant was healed at that moment.’…If these intrusions are demonic, they will be cast out. If they are the stray sparks of some traumatic history from long ago, then they will be put to rest. If there is bigfoot–well, I don’t know if you can pray to get rid of BF. Then again, you can pray to get rid of anything…The point is, I don’t think we need wait for the man to call an exorcist in order to help him.

    To me, this sounds poltergeist-ish–he decides to ignore the intrusions, and they up the ante! A screaming, disembodied gorilla head. Damn. That does seem to confirm that the intrusions require his attention, to feed off of or whatever. The way a child will push for attention, even if negative. Perhaps this man’s apparitions are demonic, or perhaps more mischievous. Who knows? I guess God knows, which is why we pray to God.

  17. James F

    Sounds like he may not be that from Saratoga Texas. That’s where the ghost light road is. People see lights all the time down there. Also some strange things go on there. A lot of missing people. It has even been claimed that people have seen Indians that look like they were from 200 years ago in parts of the big thicket.

  18. Sid N

    Well this one has me thinking. I discussed this with my brother. We hear wood knocking in our little valley on a regular basis. But sometimes what he thinks is woodknocking by the Bigfoot, when I listen, I believe to be gunshots, even though it comes from and uninhabited hillside. This show seems to indicate my brother is right, and by some means they can imitate gunshots!

  19. Dave H

    He shot and killed Mr Tumnus 🙁

    Bizarre episode, it will be going into the hard to believe and way too much religious mumbo jumbo pile.

  20. Rick F

    Incredible stories need incredible evidence. If I shot and killed a 3-4’ creature dead described like he said I would have to take at least a couple pics let alone take the body. Here’s a guy who says he has extremely bizarre and haunting experiences and goes out by himself and witnesses strange creatures all around him many times and then he said he was too scared to take the body or take pics after shooting one. Said he thought there were more so he hurried off. So he’s not going to be fearful that night at home or the next day and night. Where’s his girlfriend. Why couldn’t she be interviewed.

  21. Antonio C

    My goodness this show scared me silly. He sounds so credible and this adds to what we can’t explain. I’ve seen those lights I know this man is not lying.

  22. David R

    Either he is making this up, or telling the truth! It’s really hard to believe, but since I wasn’t there I can only listen to his story. That’s what it is, just a story that is far fetched. I think it was BATMAN, and he’s the JOKER that finally killed him. Someone needs to get ahold of COMMISSIONER GORDON ASAP!
    His real name is BILL BRASKY from SNL! He can do anything!
    It’s still a great story no matter what people think!!!

  23. Duke S

    Sounds like a portal. Satyr/fauns, orbs, Bigfoot, devil monkeys……they are there for some reason. Really glad I don’t live there!

  24. Antonio C

    Well this is why I happily pay 💰 to listen to your show. Credible witnesses telling incredible stories. With all due respect everyone saying this man is a liar, why don’t you go to his home and pay him. Do you can see what hell he is going through!

  25. ben D

    He needs to quit snorting that powder.. dude talks faster than john force drives.. would like to hear this story with better audio quality

  26. MONTE M

    Finally got to listening to this episode . Crazy shit going down here . I wouldn’t be able to sit in a blind down by the water alone with lights drifting around . Brave .

  27. MONTE M

    Finally got to listening to this episode . Crazy shit going down here . I wouldn’t be able to sit in a blind down by the water alone with lights drifting around . Brave . I would fear for my life . Surprising he hasn’t been hurt or killed ?

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