Oct 21

SC EP:371 Sasquatch Language?

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson will be my guests on the show. We will be discussing Sasquatch and possible language.

Author/Adventurist Ron Morehead, producer of the Sierra Sounds, has been known for decades for his world-wide research into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. To date, he comes closer than any other researcher to having a complete body of evidence. The Sierra Sounds are the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine. Ron has documented his personal interactions with these giant beings and produced his story on a CD and also in a book, “Voices in the Wilderness.”






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63 Responses to “SC EP:371 Sasquatch Language?”

  1. Jay Carlsen

    YES ! Thank You Scott , for sinking to the level of a Big Foot Expert ! ( They are Human )
    HAAAAA ! – He said ” Do do ” !

    • Lou V

      Sasquatch are not human, they are covered in there own shit and the greatest sasquatch invention are stick figures. When they create a communications device or tweet let us know. They are a smart animal species.

  2. Daniel E

    Fascinating show. I think one of the best when you take into consideration that they do have their own language and one day we may be able to understand one another. I would love to know the information they’ve been able to pass from one generation to another. We could learn so much from them if they’d be willing to share their oral history. Thanks gentlemen for your tireless hours put into the research needed to unveil all the layers of this phenomenon.

  3. Duke S

    Excellent show! REALLY enjoyed the conversation and the parts about their ability to mimic almost anything with their 3 vocals chords doesn’t get much coverage. Also nice to hear the reminder that their vocal range is above and below what we can generate, and I think that possibly their hearing goes into higher and lower ranges of sound than we can hear. Maybe they can hear a dogwhistle or on the opposite end, an elephants deep rumbles, we don’t know………

  4. Kim S

    Ok now we’re talking! Thanks so much Scott, now Ron Morehead he’s the granddaddy of the Bigfoot world and he’s bang on the button💚💚💚 thanks wes 💚

  5. Jessica R

    I love the vocalizations. 😱 The first time I heard Ron’s was on your show, the first time you had him on.
    Thanks for the great show.

  6. Carlos R

    good show… there is a difference between transcribing and translating. I thought it would be about translating… good stuff

  7. Tamsin D

    Many thanks Wes, Ron and Scott,
    I never get tired of what sounds like a husband and a wife
    Bigfoot having a marital spat.
    In the longer tape, it sounds as if the male goes off grumbling and the female just ragging on the poor guy.
    Enjoyed the show! 👣👣
    PS…. the longer version I believe is on line or perhaps on an older Art Bell show.

  8. Joe C

    Given Scott Nelson’s experience as a US Navy crypto linguist, I wonder what parallels or similarities he has observed with dolphin communications and a potential bf language. I’m presuming the Navy has a deep research project on dolphin communication given the US dominance of submarine surveillance. Are the building blocks similar, or do you have to write a new rulebook every time the phenomena of animal language is studied? I suspect the latter.

  9. Daniel C

    Wes, that feeling you described — I’ve felt that too. I experienced it first in a genuinely haunted house. The second time around, I was house shopping, and I felt it in the rooms where the family’s 18 year old son spent his time. It turned out that this person was living with his parents while awaiting trial for child molestation. The feeling I encountered was the same, so it wasn’t a surprise when I learned that the Book of Enoch stated that ghosts are one type of demon. And if Bigfoot is giving off that same vibe… well, that would certainly put a twist on things.

  10. Tony s

    Question for Ron, Scott, and Wes: do you guys think that this language would be universal to the population or would it be family group based? Or perhaps something like human tribal related languages?
    Fascinating show tonight. One more for Ron if he’s listening. Would a quantum based explanation throw the “types” argument out the window? If they could “jump” would that not eliminate the barriers that would create subspecies?
    I’m in the “variation within the species” camp at the moment but I’ve really opened up my brain to some new theories lately(hybridization and quantum). This has led to me having to rethink damn near everything and my head hurts.

  11. Kathy R

    That was an awesome show!. Thanks Scott and Ron, I loved hearing the way Ron and Als tapes were analyzed and how much insight they give us into the intelligence and communication of Sasquatch. Fantastic Wes! Love this podcast, its the best out there😊

  12. 10mm

    Let’s talk about the recorded garble. Is there video of where this was recorded? It sounds inside a closed room. I know a guy that used to make these exact sounds when we were younger.

  13. Sid N

    A good one! The first tape doesn’t sound like rock clacking to me, more like vocal clicks or teeth clacking. I recently heard a report where an eyewitness actually observed a Sasquatch making these types of vocal clicks. Perhaps this too is used in their vocal communication?

    • Sid N

      The show I was referring to is a recent one, Oklahoma Bigfoot Dogmen Project, Episode 24 or 25, gives the account of an Ohio man and his cousin’s attack by a huge Sasaquatch while they were fishing on a lake. His cousin sustained some very bad injuries. This man knew nothing about Sasquatch, but gives a very detailed account of how it looked and behaved. This happened only a couple of weeks ago. Only one policeman acknowledged the existence of these creatures because he had previously seen one! He informed the eyewitness that the official report would indicate it was a bear attack.

  14. Suzanne A

    Thank you Wes! It was an interview with Ron Morehead that got me hooked. He is the definition of cool. Thank you again for these awesome interviews!

  15. Lee D

    Thanks to Wes for an awesome show. Been looking forward to it since he first mentioned it getting put together. I was listening to it on the way into work this am and realized I’ve never heard a full version of the sounds. If Wes or anyone else knows where I would be able to listen to that, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s so fascinating. And only just really cool hearing the clips of audio. Would love to hear more. Thanks anyone that can help if it is possible to listen to the full audio.

  16. Jan D

    The Sierra Sounds are one of the most important bodies of evidence out there. It was a priviledge to listen to Ron and Scott provide in-depth discussion on this. Really interesting show, Wes. Thanks.

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