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SC EP:357 1924 Ape Canyon

Marc Myrsell is a land surveyor and public aquarist in SW Washington and has apparently found his specialty in historical monster attack research. In SW Oregon over the course of 30 years, miners and hunters had numerous sightings and at times violent encounters with large, hair covered creatures in the hills, above Port Orford, resulting in the methodical killing of four men, whose murders are still unsolved. Marc will be analyzing the 1924 Ape Canyon, the Thompson Flat Monster Projects and the Butchertown Murders (1875-1905) to discuss historical document and field research techniques that are used for in-depth, detailed investigation of long standing episodes of the unexplained.

Having spent his life researching and writing on unexplained historical events, he began in earnest with a fresh investigation of the 1924 Ape Canyon attack, culminating in the discovery of the actual cabin site in 2013, where the events took place. An incredible historical story with the latest details will be shared during this presentation, you will be glad you sat in on this one!

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45 Responses to “SC EP:357 1924 Ape Canyon”

      • Martin Z

        You’re absolutely right. The way Wes does his montage on Ape Canyon is the best! I never get tired of listening to the original Ape Canyon episode, it’s truly a classic in my book. Maybe it’s the blood lust in me but I really love the episodes with serious sadquatch attacks.
        The ones where someone seen one behind a tree as they drove by just doesn’t cut it for me.

  1. Jay Carlsen

    OH WOW – Red Haired Children in the Native American Community ? Would they have had been Fostered by these Feral People who are known to be Covered with Reddish Brown Hair ? Why else would they have Kidnapped these Children ? or do You think they only Preferred Red Heads because they Taste Better ?
    ( Isn’t it a coincidence that ‘ Esau ‘ came out Red ? Covered all over by a Garment of Hair ? )
    Talking ! Animals do not Talk.
    They are a People – the same as ” Relic Hominids ” are People – the same as Kennwick Man is People – the same as You & I are a People. And who cares ? Every one Knows it is all Hoaxes , Myth , or Fantasy ?
    Great Show !

  2. Danial B

    Excellent show Wes. Everyone who has followed bigfoot for any time has heard the Ape Canyon story, but this show added some new and cool information about the story. Thanks for a great episode.

  3. Lewis S

    I was hunting on Trask mountain back in 85-86 and watch 7 men run out of the logging burn each with a rifle, without seeing what scared them. I walked out, grew up around them and don’t run from them. My Father was one that ran in panic, I would’ve walked homed execpt he got his truck stuck.

    • Jay Carlsen

      THANK YOU Linda M ! You work in a Thankless Profession. ( I thank you for all the Nurses I drove crazy when I was confined to the Hospital. ) Thank You for the Job You do !

  4. Rod C

    Thank you Wes and Mark. This historical account was terrifying for those men. What a find Mark that you located the old cabin. Good luck with tracking down the firearms and mining tools. It would be interesting to know the types of firearms and calibers used that terrifying night.

  5. m99

    ~ What a great show! Every time I hear an interview with a guest and you are part of the discussion, Wes, I am reminded of your humility, genuineness, and concern for others. Very good conversation. We learned so much. You are the reason we stay members. It’s a privilege. Thank you Wes.

  6. Jarrod S

    What a team y’all make! NW Pride baby! I’m a Forks, WA (Hoh National Rainforest/ Olympic National Park) Native. My family and I have had at least 3 encounters that I vaguely remember. One that I remember the most was in Sappho, WA on the Rixon Homestead. I encountered paranormal events (ghosts) in the same area. That night I almost was shot by my own father, who thought I was an intruder. Maybe I’ll take the time to write it all out, before this comment becomes a full blown story! Super stoked on this story, and book. Thank you both! #SasquatchChronicles #PacWestBigfoot

    • m99

      Awesome Jarrod! We’re Snohomish County residents. We went over to Port Angeles last weekend and as we came home talked about getting over to the West Side asap, and how I want to go to Forks and just spend some time in The Hoh Forest too. Take lots of pictures.Then, as we drove we laughed about Mick Dodge ~(ie, he talked about brushing his teeth with Pine Cones, yet, has white, perfect teeth which look cosmetically enameled). My granddaughter says to me when I showed her where Forks is on the map, “Oh Boy! So it IS a REAL Place!” πŸ™‚ She’s 13, lives in Colorado, and a Twilight fan of sorts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Shelly S

    So glad you interviewed Marc. I was at his presentation but the mi c kept cutting out and I felt like I missed out a bit. The passion that Marc brings to his work is just incredible! Even after hearing all of his information 2x now we can’t wait to read the book! Talk about a class act, both of you!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  8. maryann s

    I really liked hearing about this cabin attack. Fascinating! Loved hearing all the follow up to the story also. Great job Wes!

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