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  1. Gene P

    The biggest fear every government has would be public panic. If the public is panicking the government lost control. The government lost its power to govern, the government is useless. So the government will lie cheat and steel to avoid public panic at all cost.
    The governments across the globe have no control over the Bigfoot and if the public new the real story behind the Bigfoot’s the public would panic, the government isn’t protecting us.
    So things like alien space craft landings, and Bigfoot will be swept under the rug from the public because the government has no control over such matters.
    Just my opinion you might find inner resting.

  2. Timothy R L

    Maybe we need to file some FOIA requests or suits to the Dept. of Interior or Dept. Of Agriculture. After 300+ shows a cover-up is obviously going on. Time to start a legal fund maybe?

  3. Augustine L

    I love the idea of branching off into other cryptids. I am very innnerested in these creatures. I can hardly wait. Really.

    The duel interviews would be better if you did them together instead of fighting. I would rather hear dual interviews than dueling.

    Please show Duke where the cough button is. (snork) Or buy him one.

  4. Randy S

    I pay my monthly dues but I’m wondering why I pay to be a member and have to log in. Yet the same show is free to everyone with Youtube. Wes?

    • Wes Germer

      Randy I have addressed this in the forums, my show is being stolen and reposted on YouTube. I have hired an attorney and will be shutting down the pirated channels and pursing legal action against the YouTuber’s. I am working hard to resolve this and will be dropping the hammer very soon.

      • Melissa C

        Is this a simple case of pirating or could this be some kind of an attack on the show’s cash flow? If members see the content they’re paying for online for free then the show may begin to lose members and its way of earning revenue… potentially crippling the show. Who know??
        Wishing you the best off luck Wes!

        • chris m

          This happens with every type of media in the entire world. It gets on YouTube, Torrents files, etc. you can shut down YouTube channels but people keep making new ones if they are persistent, just about every radio host I listen to talks about it. But when shows are uploaded on servers in other counteies it’s impossible to stop, IE, ThePirateBay and just about any other Torrent site, it’s impossible to stop international file sharing and hosting.

    • Natalie J

      One show per week is Members only, and one show per week is public.

      If you’re seeing a members only show on YouTube, report it right away.

  5. Glen K

    I’m so glad Kevin mentioned gladly paying $20.000 a month for a subscription to SC. I happen to think the SC membership rates are Absurdly LOW. Take a family of four to a basketball game, a baseball game, dinner and the movies. You’re Lucky if the tab doesn’t exceed $100.00 !! That is for ONE Days entertainment!! Here at SC, we get over 360 days of Incredible entertainment for a mere $70.00 ??!! Doesn’t add up to me! Wes, if you’re reading this, Don’t sell yourself short!! You must spend many, many hours making this such an Exceptional Show! Your loyal members would be Happy to pay a more realistic rate. I know I would be. You Certainly deserve it!!!

  6. Paula L

    Wes you have the best show on this subject to hit the airwaves! We thank you for the forum you have created, wish you would have been around in the sevenths. You Woody &a Duke are a treasure. Blessed be your Easte,r. Will forever be a member & thank you for, the comfort you provide for so many. Best Wishes, Paula

  7. Sumitra R

    I am so glad to hear you both talk about Bigfoot being something more than just a primate. I think it is being covered up because it could rewrite our history, our origins, religions, etc. that is why their DNA is so important

  8. Brian R

    You always stop and say “I’m rambling” right when the story is getting interesting. Ramble on man!

    Those experiences need to be told too…and you are a good story teller.

    • Scott D

      Thank you James! While I appreciate a discussion on this topic… I get sick to my stomach when people actually believe these creatures are assiciated with the Bible mumbo jumbo. There is zero proof and tns of contradictory evidence that the Bible is just fabricated fairy tales. Get real people and give up Bronze Age beliefs. Just because something is comforting or consoling does not make it factual or true. I had to realize that against eventually…..

      • stephen P

        You make a great point Scott D. Most bible stories are stories taken from ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and other ancient cultures vastly older than Judaism or Christianity. I wish that religion and all it’s man made contradictions were not part of serious study of the phenomenon and it was purely scientific.
        I’ve often heard Wes mention the probability of ‘them’ listening in to shows like this and they must rub their hands together with glee as all the religious content is thrown into the mix muddying the waters still further. If we want science to take this seriously,this religious stuff is never,ever going to help.

        • michael n

          So answer me this: if religion and the bible are made up stories and god doesn’t exist why then when the we need help brothers prayed in their house and then went around their property praying and commanding in the name of god that these creatures stay away and off of their property, why did the creatures stay away and never again trespass on their property? This has happened at other properties as well. Good luck to you.

          • EDWARD D

            …it is called an “anecdote”…and the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not “data”…….they remain untested/ unverified / petsonal opinion / anecdotes at most…and that’s being generous with your comment

  9. Chris I

    I would love to hear a show about other cryptids as well just please, don’t give up on Bigfoot it’s my favorite!!!

  10. Derek R

    Theres a documentary on Jesus’ DNA. Scientists were able to extract DNA from the Shroud of Torah(that blanket Jesus body was wrapped in with his image) Anyways, it previewed part of the show and the DNA recovered was found to have human gemale DNA but the Fathers DNA was unrecognizable. It was there, but it was not a human males DNA. Which collaborates with the virgin birth. Now whats intresting is The Sasquatch genome project got similar results. Human female DNA. But the male donor was unrecognizable. Also, if Nephilum did exist…and they mated with human females. Wouldnt the male DNA of the Nephilum be unrecognizable. And also the Nephilum were said to have corrupted all of creation. The animals and even the plants. Im not saying Jesus came from an Angel….Jesus Christ is the Son of God. But when you put this all together it really does give credence to why Governments around the world deny Sasquatch and deny giants and even go as far as taking giant bones and making them disappear.

    • EDWARD D

      oh dear! sorry Derek R…but the “shroud of TURIN” was proven to be a 12th century fake back in the 1980’s…… a clever fake but a fake none the less…there are numerous documentaries detailing how it was made a the click of a button…..

      • Duke S

        Those shows were debunked, their dating was based on a flawed carbon 14 test, because they tested a section of the shroud which had been burned in the 1400’s. try again.

        • m99

          Yep. When I was a kid my mother went on about the Shroud of Turin. I told her it was nonsense because when he was wrapped in a cloth, he had been beaten beyond compare, so the thing would have been a bloody mess. Well, it was a bloody mess, as the documentary showed, and the radioactive power of the resurrection left an imprint on the cloth of a man that had been bloody, but was intact. It showed the imprint was so shallow it would have been impossible to fake. Yes, I love the documentary and watched it again this year. ~ Hey, like it or not dark matter, He IS Risen! ~

    • michael n

      Amen Derek. Have you noticed the world is becoming more and more godless by the day? I mean just look at the comments about the bible here. They dont just disagree with you but they have to tell you how stupid you are for believing. Now if you replied to their scientific mumbo jumbo they way they do about anything that has to do with the bible they freak out and get really nasty with you. Thats the devil speaking. They will do anything and everything they can to get you to come to their side. The devil is alive and well on earth and then we have these creatures which have nuclear dna that is unknown? I dont want to be on the losing side so they can think and believe what they want but im with you derek. This is a very strange creature. And like duke said if this was a normal ape there would be no cover up. God bless.

  11. Blair D

    Great show guys! Always love hearing Dukes opinions…… Duke , Bear, Cumbo and Bob are the only “experts” I can listen too that don’t blather on about themselves and their credentials…… I think there’s something to this sulfer smell and underground caverns. Especially in swamps creating lots of methane and other stinky gasses from plant matter decay, etc…… there’s caverns and cave systems are all over North America from Florida to BC…… and any creature hiding out underground all day is gonna stink like it’s surroundings….. not to say they can’t release smells like a gorilla if scared or upset as well…… but nothing beats eye witness testimony…… keep em coming people

  12. Jon T

    Great show Wes definitely in the top 10 out all of them appreciate what you do for the people that have their encounters and be able to get it off your chest that’s worth the money itself far as Russ is concerned Igore has 5000 reports in Russia they’re definitely covering it up to Sure like dukes Input and hard work in the subject learned a lot from him Happy Easter

  13. Teresa V

    Wes, I like the idea of the extra show “Monsters in the shadows”. I think it would be very interesting. I also think it would be awesome if you did a little write up story to post to the blog of the encounters you hear where the people don’t want to come on the show. That way we could still read about their encounters. I would absolutely love that!

    Thanks for all you do๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. F S

    I like first-hand encounters, updates to past guests’ stories, or stories you have been told but the experiencers will not come on.
    I know Duke is a friend and has lots of opinions, but he seems to be the easy go-to as a fill-in, as he has done numerous times. You have mentioned several times that you do not want a show that interviews the same old “experts” and authors that all the other shows roll out with the same old stories. (Gugwis anyone?)
    As a member and supporter, I would appreciate the two shows a week of original content that is promised us.
    The added time needed to produce and download video content, rather than just audio, may be one way to free up your valuable time.
    Bottom-line – I tune in here to hear YOU Wes.
    Thank you.

  15. Dovie D

    Thank you Wes great podcast as always. When you were talking about the guy who had an old building and creatures were coming out from under rocks I thought of the encounter my husband had as a kids with the little green person was coming out from some rocks. I wonder if there is any connection? It just seems odd these “things” were coming out from under rocks. Anyone else have any thoughts about that?
    I think hearing about other strange and interesting encounters in the woods or elsewhere is a great idea. I think it’s important to have a plate form for people who have other kinds of experiences where they’re not judged. I know my husband was very thankful he had an opportunity where he could share his experience which was not about Bigfoot.

  16. Jeffrey H

    Happy Easter Wes!๐Ÿฅ I immensely enjoy any contribution Duke has to make. I also appreciate Bob G, Bear and Coonbo. The reason being is that they aren’t stuffy self named “expert.” They’re just good old boys that know their …. Bigfoot, DogMan and Giants!! Love hearing from all of them at anytime. I can listen to Duke talk about these giant creatures over and over that he is so knowledgable about. Wes, I would love to hear more of what you know too. You seem to be a little more shy about sharing your knowledge and this has to stop. Share it on my brother, share it on!!โœŒ๏ธor ๐Ÿค˜ Duke, Happy Easter too!๐Ÿฅ

  17. Janetta V

    I just love it when you and Duke get together. You guys can talk about anything as far as I’m concerned, I love and learn from it all. Bring on the MONSTERS IN THE SHADOWS looking forward to it. Get Woody in on some of this too, if he would, miss his input Thanks.

  18. m99

    ~ Wow Wes, that WAS very ‘inner resting’ ~

    If everyone showed as much respect for peoples opinions, and take Their testimonies @ face value, it’d be a better world, by far. I appreciate the fact that you do not change the encounter story, because, one change can make a statement into something else, or emphasis on something could change the whole inflection. I like the fact that you’ve really maintained your stance on the show’s premise. Good Job. Thanks Wes and Duke.

    PS & BTW ~ I loved the fact that you actually talk to the homeless people, and buy them food. I love the fact that you actually CARE about people. XO, you’re a great person Wes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Ryan M

    I remember Wes asking us to help in the pirated content. They are horriableits not just the big shows little channels (swamp dwellar) even get jacked you tube has to know. But definate am in support of the new show!

  20. David A

    Thank you very much for SC. If is sasquatch thing is every to go public (to the point that this thing is taken is real) it will be this show that does it. It may not be overnight, wake up and everyone knows. I don’t think the government will even come out and say ‘we been lying to forever about bigfoot, it is real but all the other things we told you are true’. I think any open minded person who listen to your 300+ shows will have a hard time honestly saying ‘there is nothing out there’. You are a warrior Wes, keep it up.

  21. Carolyn R

    Wes n Duke, great show, you two are great together. I didn’t quite understand, will the new topic show take the place of sc or will it be an extra show? I’d really like to see someone start a show with not only bf interviews but intreviews that start pushing that grey area into the black. It’s time……

  22. Seamus J. C

    I have to admit that I prefer the personal encounter shows. Getting into speculation about the nature of the beast, including their being possessed and whatnot–well, that’s creepy, and I’m already a little creeped out about being in the woods (now that I know about BF). If, as Duke seems to be, you are coming from a place wherein you already accept the Bible as literal, gospel truth, I’m sure that the stranger and more disturbing stories that people tell seem to verify what you find in the Good Book.

    But the creepy feeling that people have in response to sasquatch can be explained without any demonic influence, and I think rather easily.

    In combination, their massive size and human-but hairy, Incredible-Hulk-like appearance might account for it without the addition of anything else. As far as we are concerned, they ARE giants who could literally tear us limb from limb, and we sense or instinctively fear this. We know that we are on their turf, and more than one hunter has said that he did not believe his almighty would do anything more than piss the creature off. Now, THAT’S what you call feeling vulnerable!

    When they are angry, sasquatch probably remind us of our dads when we were little kids, and they got angry–and we knew damn well that Dad could knock the snot out of us.

    Also, people sense that they are different from other animals, more intelligent, and don’t always follow the rule of see-human-run-away. Their propensity to make their presence very loudly felt while keeping mostly out of sight is extremely unnerving, I would think.

    Also, they have that wall-of-stink weapon, which to hear some tell it is strong enough right there to cause a gag response, and confuse the mind.

    ALSO, if they do have command of infrasound, forget it. The whole experience can be so intensely fear provoking and disorienting as to seem demonic.

    Plus, they fit well enough the usual description of by Christians of demons in their physical form–like us, but a different color and texture, and more bestial (the Devil himself often being depicted with hooves and a tail, and horns)….Because the Devil’s classical appearance was modeled after that of the Great Greek God Pan. Pan, a benign and very popular (much more so than Zeus!) sexually lusty nature god of shepherds, sheep and the woods, was demonized by the Christian church. Demon = animalistic; sex = bad; Jesus had no penis, etc., etc. I could go into the shaming of sexuality as a primary tool of social control, but suffice it to say that if you can control the sexual attitudes and behavior of such sexually charged creatures as we, then you can control most anything and everything about us. Even when we sleep, men get a hard-on every ninety minutes (or once per sleep cycle), and women lubricate. So, the Devil had to look like a beast, and Jesus had to be a celibate preacher with no sense of humor or sexuality to speak of. I’m sure everybody got the message.

    So, this talk of BF as demon seems to me like a retread of this same old theme, and to tell you the truth it makes me kind of sick.

    Also, we could talk about the demonization of Pan, and women, as well, as going hand-in-hand with the policy of Christian empires’ cashing in on irreplaceable natural resources. It’s a policy that confers power upon the empire, which can then grow and spread, but it’s completely unsustainable. If we were going to rape and scrape our own mother, the Earth, then our women had to be subjugated as well. And animals….Basically, the whole, previous natural order, and the value system that defended it, had to be wiped out. And here we are, on the brink of ecological collapse, too smart for our own good and victims of our own success–but Bigfoot, the animal that is so much like us but that causes no lasting environmental destruction whatsoever–Bigfoot is a demon! That’s rich!

    The Bible says that God’s creation “was good”. So where do we get off destroying it, and throwing the blame for evil on an animal? Jesus was well aware that people who sin blame others for it–he himself was a scapegoat, to the point of being tortured to death, for the wicked Pharisees and Saducees.

    From Revelation:

    The nations raged,
    But your wrath has come,
    And the time for judging the dead,
    For rewarding your servants, the prophets,
    and the saints and all who fear your name,
    Both small and great;
    And for destroying those who destroy the Earth.

    As Wes says, I don’t have one in my garage, and even if I did and could prove that he was no demon, I could not prove it about the rest of them out there. I do believe that stagnant or twisted spiritual energy can manifest as evil, and that this is more likely to happen the more people in general engage in unbalanced behavior. In a word, people invest their spiritual energy either in good or in bad, and if they invest it in the latter, evil spiritual energy is created–but it can be untwisted and transformed back into good “energy”—for lack of a better word. But while it exists in its corrupted form, it can possess people and perhaps animals (the story of Jesus throwing the demons into the herd of pigs, whereupon all the animals drowned themselves).

    So, maybe it is true that sasquatch can be possessed. However, I think it is dangerous to identify evil as coming from above, OR below–human evil comes from humans, ultimately, generations and generations of humans who have lost their way and focused the spiritual energy that God/The Gods gave us in a warped way. The solution is not to perform an exorcism on a sasquatch, it’s to perform it on ourselves, and find a way, like Christ, to live a life both fully human and fully divine, and in balance within ourselves and with those around us, as well as the Environment. Prayers and invocations can protect us from the legacy of evil outside of us, but we have to work to change to the point where we can protect ourselves from ourselves, and not give evil any home within us.

    • Duke S

      Very interesting but slightly off base. I am perfectly willing to accept that Bigfoot can scare us at a deep subconscious level, with a whiff of smell, or using infrasound which has a number of tested and verifiable effects, including disorientation and a feeling of dread or panic. Also, I know a top quality exorcist ,, he has done several thousand of them. He also encountered a Bigfoot, and tried to dismiss it in Jesus name. No effect, just pissed him off. Analysis? Flesh and blood critter. Implying a connection to the Nephilim does not imply any WOO or supernatural, that was the viewpoint of people from the bronze age. for more clues, look at the other cultures who talked about these same beings, but called them Anunnaki. When the book of Enoch, Giants and Jasher talk about the mixing and defilement of not only humans, but animals, birds, fish, trees, plants, grain, fruit, lizards, fish, etc. They are obviously NOT talking about beings physically mating with everything to produce hybrids, they are using the only words available at the time to describe GMO/Designer organisms. We are talking about a highly advanced species with super-science we are only now beginning to duplicate, not “Magical” beings from “Heaven”. According to the bible SPACE is the second heaven, and that is where the “angels” cast out of the first heaven (likely another dimension or plane of existence on a different frequency from us) where forced to dwell. Evil has an agenda and an intelligence, and so does good.

    • chris m

      Yea please lets not have another Podcaat turned biblical, I already cancelled a subscription because of that. Its a great bunch of stories written like 5,000 years, put em on the shelf with all the other barefoot hippies hallucinating in the desert.

      • F S

        WES IS RIGHT. Even if he was not, he has a right to state his beliefs.
        There are a LOT of evangelical, Bible-Thumping, “the Earth is 4000 years old” researchers out there. I don’t think that what is presented in this show.
        Each of us can vote with our wallets and freely choose to support this show.
        We support you. The only way to find truth is to discuss all factors to an issue.

        • m99

          Hi F. S. ~ I’m a bible believing Christian who believes the world is eons of years old. I also believe the Garden of Eden story, but I don’t think it was like they taught us in Sunday school. Have you ever read the Books of Adam and Eve? I did, and I cried through most of it. And can you imagine Jesus Christ sitting there at the banquet table with all those less than religious (so to speak) people? That really chapped those Pharisees asses, didn’t it? No, I believe God is much bigger than church makes Him out to be, and I believe Love is much more than a feeling. And PS & BTW ~(Forgive me for saying but I believe) BOTH Wes and Duke are “Christians”, there’s just a difference between “religious” and realty. And yes, there’s a lot of so-called Christians who refuse to open up to hear the whole truth. I think it’s a form of fear, and possibly a form of mind control. At any rate, as people we are not supposed to be afraid, and I can certainly trust God and hear about cryptids. Just saying, ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Seamus J. C

    I left out a word above: ….more than one hunter has said that he did not believe his almighty FIREARM would do anything more than piss the creature off. Now, THATโ€™S what you call feeling vulnerable!

  24. F S

    Duke – you had me “face-palming” twenty minutes into the show. Please note the CORRECT reason polar bear fur looks white. (It has NOTHING to do with “cloaking”, nor does the fur change colors to blend into backgrounds. These are bears – not chameleons.)

    “The (hollow, transparent) hair of a polar bear looks white because the air spaces in each hair scatter light of all colors. The color white becomes visible to our eyes when an object reflects back all of the visible wavelengths of light, rather than absorbing some of the wavelengths.

    At one time it was suggested that the polar bear hairs might have some of the properties of optical fibers. Apparently this is not the case.

    Scientists in the late 1970โ€™s discovered another interesting tidbit about polar bears. A number of polar bears in zoos from around the world were turning green! These scientists discovered that the algae responsible for making the bears green were not on the SURFACE of the hairs, as originally supposed, but were INSIDE the hairs (Lewin & Robinson, 1979). The algae more than likely came from the pond waters in the bearsโ€™ enclosures.”

    • F S

      The reason Sasquatches may APPEAR to “cloak” themselves is more likely due to “CRYPSIS”, and is seen throughout nature.
      “In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an animal to avoid observation or detection by other animals. It may be a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation. Methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle, and mimicry. Crypsis can involve visual, olfactory (with pheromones), or auditory concealment. When it is visual, the term cryptic coloration, effectively a synonym for animal camouflage,[a] is sometimes used, but many different methods of camouflage are employed by animals.”


    • Duke S

      Polar bears in zoos look yellow, because their
      hair shows the color of their skin without snow around them. Nuff said.

  25. Greg T

    Just now getting to the Easter show. Enjoyed it, especially the stories that never made a show. That one about the little critters living in the tunnels under the rocks and having a creeper neighbor show up and already know about them was crazy. I don’t know if I’d spread Amdro over the place or go Caddyshack and start blowing up the gopher holes. Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

  26. Christian L

    Ok…..soo based on the lengths of javelins and spears that humans use which usually are taller than we are by about 10-20% a 17 ft mountain giant would carry at least a 20 ft spear….with a diameter of 0.5-1.0 ft??? Basically throwing small telephone poles. Guess you could skewer a buffalo or elk with one shot. The world and universe are crazy places and I’ve had sightings of weird stuff but I gotta draw the line somewhere. Good discussion but Dogman wasn’t mentioned once!? Talk about terrifying cryptids and coverup topics!!

  27. Jerry B

    Hello,Can one of you good people tell me what episode is the man in overalls and a tail spinning circles in the desert Thanks Jerry.

  28. Lance M

    Great show, Wes! I miss hearing Duke in a regular basis on here with you and Woody. Hope y’all cab get back to doing either more roundtables or Renegade Podcasts.

  29. Marc C

    I love it when Wes says, “These things will kill you!”. To my knowledge there has never been a witness to come forward who has said that they were killed by a Bigfoot.
    (He said, tongue in cheek.)
    In SO many “aggressive encounters” I believe that the Big Hairys were simply attempting to intimidate the “victims” out of their area. Think about it. As big/strong/fast/stealthy/smart, etc. the Bigs are, if they wanted us dead there would be a whole lotta mo human bodies decaying in the field. Praise the Lord that they really aren’t “killer beasts” (just like most grizzly bears are not “killer beasts”.) Now, before you trash me, understand that you do not know my experiences. With Bigs or bears. I simply ask that you think about what I’ve written. Thanks, and Blessings…..

  30. Reed D

    There are plenty of us out here that enjoyed your nephilim episode and we aren’t going to give you greif about it like some others that seem to have an agenda to put down anything related to the bible. One of the reasons that I and many others continue listening is that you will entertain all possibilities and not cave in to those riduculing you. You’ve earned much respect from us for this.

    Reed D.

  31. Kathryn C

    You guys were talking about the stories from “growers” in California. I don’t believe it would be a lie to say they were gardening without telling the crop they are growing. Just because someone is growing pot certainly doesn’t mean they are smoking it and honestly, pot is legal in Alaska where I live (and a lot of other states). I’m not sure how other listeners would feel but I sure hate missing out on these great stories you hear. The other thing you could do is just be frank and let folks know the encounter itself is exactly the way it’s being told but for the guest’s safety “such and such” has been changed. Just a thought.

  32. Melissa C

    I couldn’t have hoped for a better episode than this! I love hearing about giants, Nephilim and other cryptids. I find myself waiting in anticipation for the first episode of Wes’s upcoming podcast: “Monsters in the Shadows”.

    ((WES…please don’t be so quick to cancel the new show like you did with Conspiracy Corner & the OpenMic night. I’m still upset over not being able to watch the last installments on the topic of giants and of the Nazi military base in Antarctica. I wish you would have finished the topics you had already started on.))

    Thanks Wes (and Duke) for all your hard work! Hope you both had a happy Easter Sunday.

  33. Douglas s

    I,d like to hear the ‘pot-party in a bus while watching bigfoot on the hood’ encounter! Just because drugs were involved wouldn’t mean it’s not true.
    Come on Wes, will ya
    if we promise not to rip the guest to shreds?

  34. Zach S

    Great show Wes and Duke. I really enjoy listening to you guys work together. cant tell you enough how much i love this show. And the possibilities what’s out there in the forest and Beyond. Sounds like a lot of end times prophecy. My only regret is I have caught up to the most current episode and I have nothing to listen to.

  35. Robert V


    You mentioned the Nazi’s. One of my favorite “Conspierecy” theories is how Hitler Survived WW2 and the Roman Cathlic Church helped Nazi’s escape Germany.

    The other one is the cover up of anything pointing to a designer and how the “evidence” for Eveloution is very flawed.


    • Jeffrey H

      Robert V.: When you stated “designer” are you referring to people like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani??? Those “designers”?? Thanks! I’m not sure how they relate to Bigfoot but I’m all ears๐Ÿ‘‚to hear you explain this one!!๐Ÿ˜Ž

  36. EDWARD D

    @ Chris M… agree with your sentiments entirely but disagree on calling the bible “a great bunch of stories”……any book that advocates rape, genocide and slavery is in my opinion disgraceful…anyone doubting my statement just start reading from Exodus Chapter 21 onward………

  37. Smallfoot

    Dark Waters has a great show for Bigfoot/Dogman. More collaborations with him would be great. This is a bit niche but I’d love to hear more stories about encounters between soldiers/special forces and these creatures. Also that episode with the two brothers and the crashed predator drone and soldiers in ghillie suits pointing green lasers.. more about these sort of operations please. Less of the Bible thumping would be appreciated.

  38. Barbara S

    Thanks you Wes for what you do. I nevery saw one myself and was not sure if Bigfoot was simply an ape. You and your guests have helped me in widening my mind and you are a gift to others in being able to change your ideas and be brave enough to say it.

  39. Barbara S

    Deeply creepy feelings can happen from something in a house that manifests enough to scare the kids growing up in the house but 3 of the kids grow up to become Licenced MD (physicians) . Probably not psychosis carry on Wes!!!!!

  40. Marian P

    EP 216
    Great episode Wes, I love hearing Duke.
    It’s a good format every so often – listening to you both talk instead of a witness.
    One question: You talk about having sooo many interesting stories that don’t come on the air or you don’t post them for whatever reason- my question is, do you consider just telling these stories on your own (on the show) with fake names/locations?
    It would be fascinating to hear them, and you tell things so well. You could have a career in audio book narrating.
    Thanks for all you do,

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