Jan 27

SC EP:293 Throwing Rocks

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Derrill writes “I now live in PA but grew up in Ohio. Back in the middle 70’s when I was about 19 I had the best kind of sighting, full moon, less than 100′ away and safe in my bedroom on the 2nd floor of my parents house. I grew up in a town called Hudson in NE Ohio. I’ve been listening to your show for over a yr now and remember the episode early on where you had a girl that helped every once and awhile from Ohio.

She stated that there was a hot spot along the RT303 corridor. I grew up there.It was 11:00 at night, full moon, in sept. My bedroom faces south and has a huge picture window. Again I’m on the 2nd floor and when I saw the big guy he was 75′ away from the house. The house is a little over a mile down the road and at that time was only the 5th house on that side of the road. Since then all the dense woodland has been replaced by housing developments.

As I was saying it was at night with a full moon and an absolutely clear view of the back yard as far as you could see. I was laying down on my bed with the window open and just decided to look out over the back yard, I often did this because of the calming effect it would have on me, when I see this very tall reddish looking animal start to cross across the back yard. It seemed to float, or you could say mosey, its arms were very long and the hands were below its knees. His face seemed to have a smirk, $hi% eating grin on it. His movements were very confident and his steps were long. about 6 steps he had crossed from one group of trees and into the next. About 100′ distance.”

I will also be speaking to Ken who writes “Hi Wes. My name is ken and I greatly enjoy your show and have done so for over a year now. It fueled an already growing interest and fascination with cryptids (Bigfoot especially). Your show helped me connect some dots concerning things that happened in my youth and left me with an overly active eye for detail. I would like to talk to you about a very odd encounter that happen to me late one night while working. It is a long story but I heard laughter and something was throwing rocks at me, I threw a rock back and that was a bad mistake”

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  1. Michael L

    Reminds me of Bob Garrett’s encounter while living in his cave…you don’t throw a rock at one of the World’s best pitchers, Bob Garrett dropped his rock after seeing the accuracy of the big guy…and he was up high throwing down at what he thought would have been a slam dunk…

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