Jan 13

SC EP:289 Shooting at a Sasquatch


I had to move things around this week. I am releasing Sundays show tonight and the normal member show will be on Sunday.

I will be speaking to the host of the Vault Of Nightmares tonight. He has some very interesting encounters to share while growing up on his grandfather’s farm. His grandfather would warn him about these creatures and told him to stay away from certain areas on the farm. He made the mistake of hunting that area with his cousin and they shot at one of these creatures.

I really think you are going to enjoy this witness and his experiences.



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66 Responses to “SC EP:289 Shooting at a Sasquatch”

    • Dave S

      IF THIS GUY ISNT A BIGFOOT EXPERT, I don’t know if there is such thing. Other than a few government super scientists like that guy who wrote those documents. THIS LAND HE OWNS IS THE REAL JURASSIC PARK. ***** THIS EPISODE IS A TOP 5 SHOW****** its packed w info, can’t stop listening to it.

  1. Gabriel H

    Thank-You Wes. Thank-you KeeperOfTheVault. Great show, as was yours Keeper, with Wes as your guest. Heck of an exchange and love both your styles, fellas .oOo. GrAtItUdE .oOo.

  2. Martin Z

    Lately on Stitcher I’ve been listening to other sasquatch podcasts and it’s funny how most of them try to incorporate your style. It’s almost like listening to you, they even try to sound like you. No one could ever match the real Sasquatch Chronicles. Thanx Wes for the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into these shows.

    • Mr. M

      I agree Martin Z I had hoped that SC would evolve faster than the competition to keep up. I thought for certain that once it was a pay channel we’d be experiencing at least one first hand expedition a month. My biggest fear is some one is going to come along with a interview style similar to SC ( less is more when it comes to interrupting the guests tempo when recalling a in counter ) That is why I do not miss the former Co host at all with his interrogation of the guests. And nitpicking there details.
      This topic is in need of of a place to feel comfortable telling their stories without ridicule.

  3. Ben H

    Very cool, Wes. Listened to you in the vault last night. Just got done with this show tonight. For sure going to keep tabs on his channel now. I like him, sounds like he could’ve grown up just down the way from me…

  4. Robert V


    Do deer rub against Pine trees? I thought they did. The reason I did was because at my grandmother’s house we had this pine tree that was rubbed down. It was toward the back of the properity near an open fence line. I don’t want to jump to conclusions here. The tree was pretty rubbed down on the one side.



  5. BrokenMind27

    They didnt day the state but Tracy”s encounyer was in N.E. Mis’sippi. That would put this property in MS, TN or AL simce Wes said this lication was close to Tracy’s. I think the higheay in Hwy 72, it connects Birmingham to Memphis. My Dad gtew up in this area, its also close to Coonbo’s place he lived in while he was living in MS. NE MS has sime great land (high, rolling hills, not flat like the rest of the state. Sorry, I am a member of the outlaws, Coonbo has called this area in MS the best Sasquatch yetritory he ever investigated. There are a lot of forrests in MS, the state has approx. the same population as Atlanta. Around 2,7 million which leaves a lot of great uninhabited forr3st land.

  6. Sam L

    Sorta came full circle as I started listening to this show first back when, well for lack of a better explanation litrealy stumbled upon the subject matter . Really as thrown me me for a loop & it’s something that I will live with the rest of my life. I just couldn’t have started anywhere better then your show Wes. With that being said , there’s just not any show quit like this one. Although it’s been a way to dictate who put outgarbage or just to have a bearing on who really knows there stuff . Several months ago I came across this guy Vault, who just seemed to fit in with what makes sense or someone who has really come across these creatures. Just seem to get a sense perhaps? So , I was glad to see hear he was coming on, I did hear you on his stream & enjoyed it very much. Even more so now being on what I believe is the best by far of all the BF related shows. Encounters are by far the most relevant in trying to piece this puzzle together. Hats off to Mr Vault , and thank you Wes for all your outstanding work ..

    • lee d

      Can someone plezzzzzzz tell me which episode was the one with the two brothers that lived right near each other and had alot of problems with them?the big foot even came to his garage door and peed inside and there was a big white one that seemed to tell the others what to do,as a matter of fact his voice is on the beginning of the shows podcast he talk about his bro telling him to get a gun , please please can someone help me that’s my favorite one I need to now which episode it was thank you so much lela Davis

  7. Kathryn C

    Great show. And I also wanted to thank you and tell you how much I have enjoyed the longer shows the last month. They always end too soon but the longer shows are soooo nice. Appreciate it very much.

  8. Janetta V

    Wes this was another great show. You always have my full attention. I lay back in my chair through the night hous, and have the best entertainment possible. I never miss your show. Thank you so much and all your guests. j.v.

  9. Seamus J. C

    Hell yeah, this one makes my top 3! This man is well spoken to the extreme, with very vivid (and concise) descriptions. Great stories, too.

    Still trying to figure out what the hell is a dogman. Like Wes, I have accepted that they probably exist, but….Wow. What?! I think I agree that they’re some kind of genetic experiment, but it’s hard to believe that such a chimera would be functionally bipedal–wha’d they, cross a wolf with a bigfoot? Like that’d work! Confusing…Just glad I’ve never run into one.

  10. Jack33

    10 and 12yr olds out hunting alone in the woods with a 12 gage shotgun and a .30-06. I love it.

    I too was taught to shoot and hunt at an early age.

    Don’t let them to take that away from us. Reject their lies.

    God bless America!

    • Martin Z

      Amen to that brotha!!! Hopefully now that Trump is in we’ll see the 2A on the constitution like it should be, not blurred and distorted like the democrats and liberals paint it to be.

  11. Shana K

    This was a really good one tonight- I think because of the extended time as mentioned above, and the way Vault tells the story flows so well, ,it wouldnt be as intense without the details he adds throughout. It makes it more personable-love it. I gotta say Wes-You were truly made for this. You are the best listener I’ve ever heard on a show, in fact maybe ever-and thats an attribute that shows compassion and patience-not many people are as genuine out there in the world today. So kudos to you for helping people get the torment off their chest and the word out. Yous a good egg.

  12. john n

    One of the best shows yet. But why does it always seem like Wes skates around what he thinks bigfoot is he just” tends to agree “with what the guests think??????? I think he knows more then he’s letting on! Come on Wes it’s time to spill the beans

    • lee d

      I am with you 100% I feel like he has become alot easyer on these creatures why?thay rape your horses, thay are peping Tom’s and if you cover your windows thay get very pissed then, thay still your fram, animals cornfeed. Thay kill are believed dogs and cats, thay will eat your dogs cats,goats, rabbits, cows, pigs, and a old one will eat you or a child or elderly person in a new York minute. Ohhh but we are to baby mr&ms stinky stanky ,don’t kill them but I bet if a regular guy,wolf,bear, Ect did this thayed,be 6feet under,tell me why ?

  13. chris m

    New member here, could not be happier that I subscribed with shows like this. Sasquatch Chronicles is like if you take all the BS out of other radio shows and just get to the point. Thank god someone is doing it.

  14. Julie G

    Hi! Heard Wes talk tonite about tracy.. The guy who broke down on the road and needed to relieve himself. Almost peed on the bigfoot. Remembered hearing that episode and now can’t find it. Anyone know what episode it was. Sasquatch Chronicles rocks and Rules!

  15. m99

    ‘EHEHEHEHEHEHHHHHHHH!’_ OMG! I love this guy! I’d be running too!!!!!

    _this is the second time I’ve listened to this conversation. He makes very interesting points. When he was speaking about the creatures who look more like people who have downs syndrome, I got to thinking, would these families of Sasquatch have less intelligence than troops elsewhere? And would these be of a sweeter temperament? It reminds me of a conversation a while back of illnesses that effect people, do they effect Sasquatch too?

    Also, great interview from Wes’ side too. I wish he’d remind us of the episode in which the Hell’s Angels were being pulled off their bikes by Gorilla’s. _We Both Enjoyed this interview very much… Great Job, thanks Wes! 🙂

  16. Kent C

    A very good show!

    The guest had that intangible quality about him that screams “CREDIBILITY”: ……It’s the same intangible quality that guys like Bob Garrett, Tim Baker, and Jim Grant have.

    It’s kinda like talking to people about their years in the military: …..Somehow it becomes obvious who actually lived that life, ……and who is merely “stealing valor”.

  17. Rodney P

    Great show definitely top 5 I still think tracy’s encounter on the side of the highway was my favorite, thats one scary encounter,had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. If you havn’t heard it you got to,i just dont remember witch episode it was.

  18. Jan D

    Always good to hear from someone connected to land with a history of these creatures. Encounters over generations provide a lot more dimension. It’s so interesting how the creatures were regarded, accommodated and dealt with over the years. There are several similar interviews on the show in which the witnesses have a family history of dealing with these things on their land. Pretty compelling stuff. Makes me wonder how prevalent these properties are. And I’m curious as hell as to what was in that tow sack his grandfather left under the tree for the “hairy bastard.”

  19. Ronald B

    In 2015 u went on Vic Canduffs show under the name Jay Tucker Dogman encounters episode 76 you clean bleeding that episode you don’t machine one Sasquatch in your entire life I was in 2015 here we are in 2017 can you get on West a show and you telling that you seen a total of five and this was supposed to happen when he was a kid so how did you see five as a kid and he’s a grown man you tell another man you’ve only seen one you go by fake name on here but you have no problem going by J Tucker on Vic show not only that you said you’re dealing with the Sasquatch on this property you’re calling property XL you told everybody about 260 acres in Mississippi on Vic show Head yet to see any signs out there of anything so I mean you tell me Jay which one is it

  20. Ronald B

    In 2015 u went on Vic Canduffs show under the name Jay Tucker Dogman encounters episode 76 you clean bleeding that episode you don’t machine one Sasquatch in your entire life I was in 2015 here we are in 2017 can you get on West a show and you telling that you seen a total of five and this was supposed to happen when he was a kid so how did you see five as a kid and he’s a grown man you tell another man you’ve only seen one you go by fake name on here but you have no problem going by J Tucker on Vic show

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