Jan 14

North Dakota Man Tracks Creature For 7 Miles

Chris Bauer of Ellendale, North Dakota has been a trapper all his life. He knows the outdoors and is now a true believer in Bigfoot. He tracked a creature he’s certain is the legendary Sasquatch.

8 Responses to “North Dakota Man Tracks Creature For 7 Miles”

  1. Glen K

    Wow, those tracks are awesome! 18″ ! Good for him. He’s a very persistent man. Seven miles is a long way to track something, and it looks freezing there!

  2. C B

    Never though I would read about sasquatch tracks in rural Ellendale, North Dakota . Especially growing up only thirty five miles away.. KFGO.com has more information on this story.

  3. Randy F

    I used to live near there also, and it seems hard to believe, until you consider the James river, which is very near and would make a very likely travel corridor. I still have relatives farming in the immediate area and I will have to ask a few questions.

    • Charles R

      Darn few reports in ND, just not enough cover and very small human population. However this is just more evidence that the Forest Giant population is increasing and they are seeking out new territory. I have never been in this area, however Randy you say James River corridor and there is the likely route. I also see the Maple River Wildlife refuge and South Dakota Game Refuge areas nearby. This would seem like a likely area to hole up during the day and come out and raid farms at night.

      Should you find any info from your relatives let us know.

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