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SC EP:286 Strange things going on at home

A listener writes “Back in 2013 at the house we use to live on more than one occasion I heard what sounded like huge rocks being slammed on the ground the last time I heard it I got my gun and a spotlight shined up on the hillside and it sounded like a bulldozer was coming down the hill I was expecting maybe a bear but it stopped before it came out of the wood line but I didn’t see anything.A few weeks after that I walked outside one night and heard very heavy footsteps like someone was running beside the house. Whoever this was had to be huge because I tried running through the yard to see if it sounded the same and wasn’t even close and I’m 6’5 300+ lbs. After that I was watching something about Bigfoot on TV and the guy was talking about hearing them run by him so I started doing a little research and found a video on YouTube called Trent vocalizations and as I watched it the hair stood up on the back of my neck I said holy $h*# I’ve heard that my whole life but I thought Bigfoot was a West coast thing.

So in 2014 I was laid off from my job so we had to move to a different county in the first couple months we had someone smacking the house had someone messing with the screen in the bathroom window and when my girlfriend looked out the window she said it looked like someone with a hood on was standing there it was dark and she couldn’t see detail but this guy was at least 7’5. I’ve heard the most fu#@$ up owl scream a few times, I’ve heard rocks clanging together, I have audio that I sent to Jim bear king and he said it’s a Sasquatch there’s a lot more that’s happened if you’re interested.”


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44 Responses to “SC EP:286 Strange things going on at home”

  1. Bruce D

    Cmon guy..your girl saw it through the window, described it, OMG..spose it takes bigfoot comin after you until you get it! Somehow I think bigfoot is smarter than that!

  2. Melissa C

    Am I the only one that hears an “Aaaahhhhh!” at the end of the Trent vocalization? Also, Tony…be careful with these things slapping in the house when you’re not home, they are trying to lure your girlfriend out of the house.

  3. pam purple rose

    If you are a guy in a gorilla suit; a neighbor messing around; a burglar, and a “6’5 300+ lbs.” guy armed with a gun comes out several times over the year; wouldn’t you quit harassing these people?
    Get lights, cameras, bar the windows etc., dude, you got sasquatch!

  4. Gerald G

    It’s amazing the similarities I find listening to these podcast,it confirms to me what I’ve experience in and around lonebutte are exactly what they are. I’ve lost friends had family try to shame me. I know what I’ve seen and heard it’s been tarring me up inside. The only comfort I have is this show thanks wes.

  5. F S

    We made it though 2016! Whew!
    Let’s pray for two miracles in one:
    Video proof of Sasquatch kidnapping and eating Trump!
    (Please God – make it happen!)

    • stephen P

      It would likely taste him and spit him out in disgust! How did you people manage to degrade that mostly noble office and elect such a man I’ll never know. You could imagine Presidents Eisenhower and .F.D.R turning in their graves.

      • Kathryn C

        Stephen – you live outside the US? Well the sad thing is we had Bill Clinton who gave away our jobs to foreign countries encouraging and giving US businesses breaks to move out of the US and he was like a lawyer, when his lips were moving he was lying and we RE ELECTED him. Then came Obama that promised us great change and man did he change things. It’s so much worse after 8 years of his stupidity. I’m praying that with someone like Trump that won’t be as motivated by money cuz he’s already ridiculous rich. He is outspoken and I believe he loves America so I have hope that he might turn things around. At least he has balls and isn’t afraid of anyone. I’ll tell you between Hillary and him, there was no question is my mind. She is scary evil and lies and lies and lies. Check out when she appreared in front of congress. She was caught time and time again lying. She scared me so bad. It was a decision of lesser of the two evils if you know what I mean.

        • Michael a

          Please stop…………… I paid earned monies to occupy my nights. If you never share your political views again that’d be great. Just your political views. Yeah, that’d be great

    • Kathryn C

      Just FYI F S. Who would you put in office???? Pretty sad to even joke about our president like that. Lets pray he might make America better.

  6. F S

    I makes me crazy when I hear these people who talk about their animals being traumatized by these monsters BUT THEY LEAVE THEM OUSIDE. Oh – especially in Winter.
    How clueless are you?

    • Martin Z

      I agree with you 100%. They talk about how much they lovw these animals yet they leave em outside with these creatures who are known to kill dogs. What a shame.

      • F S

        It makes me wanna go find these poor MEMBERS OF THEIR FAMILY and rescue them from this torture.
        It’s absolute animal cruelty to put these poor animals through this.
        Bette yet – I’d put the dog, or cat, in his bed and make him sleep outside – see how he likes it.

        • Anthony L

          I can give you my address if you would like. Never had a dog in the house never will. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m more concerned about my kids than my pets. Animals can be replaced my family can’t.

          • PATRICK

            Be safe Tony. Enjoyed hearing your encounters. You may have already heard that motion lights.game cameras and anything else with infrared emitted fields does seem to hold them at bay. And most importantly do not shoot at them unless you are ready to war with them.

  7. Stephen W

    Great show , it comes to something that good people are being hassled by these Sasquatch with no fault of their own , these Sasquatch are a pain in the butt , tony and his family are not interfering with the Sasquatch, what really spooky is to me these Sasquatch are real interested in the young children,they may be just inquisitive at this moment, or are they waiting for a opportunity to arise with the children , that really freaks me out when children are risk , some people say these Sasquatch are inquisitive, I say just waiting for the right opportunity,tony you family be safe atvb steve

  8. stephen P

    These habituation cases are always disturbing and frightening. It must be really awful that you know what is happening and you know what it is and you can get no help coz everyone will think you are crazy. Can you imagine that?.
    I hope Tony and his family can stay safe. Thank god for Wes and people like him who might be able to give at least some help and support in these situations.
    I often wonder about previous shows where habituation has been the theme and if we could have updates on the people affected, or even ‘revisited’ kinds of shows?.

  9. m99

    “The only comfort I have is this show thanks wes.” By Gerald G. _ I appreciate that comment so much! It’s my belief that SC is saving lives, and mending them too. Sorry you’ve had such a hard time.

  10. Jamie m

    Maybe he should spend the night out side instead of his poor dog even if the Bigfoot comes in his house he will be like don’t know what to think

  11. Bryan G

    I wonder if he snores loud or if the BF knew when he was asleep? Seems like a lot of activity was happening when he asleep, at first anyway. It was almost as if they knew.

  12. Jerry W

    So, the perfect defense to avoiding Sasquatch attacks or squatch harassment is to put game cameras all around your house and hang them from your neck front and back like gold chains on a rapper. Guaranteed to never have Bigfoot come near you.

  13. Dan M

    Yes protecting you’re family from this creature is important, but it’s Equally important and humane to keep your dog safe, especially when your dog’s first instincts are to protect and be loyal to you. Which leads me to believe if the dog was inside with you and you’re family at night your dog would be an added alert system to creature stalking and harassment. I hope for the sake of your family creature activity does not escalate, its sounds dangerous already. Hope the situation improves for ya. Great show Wes!

  14. Kathryn C

    What a nightmare. Having a psychotic bigfoot terrorizing your family. This is not normal predator behavior. He’s not doing this for food or a place to sleep or to procreate. He is having fun making sure this family is afraid of him and letting them know who is boss. This would compare to a human stalking a family. And then killing those tiny harmless miniature horses just to do it. Maybe it’s the juveniles behaving like this???? Make sure your kids windows are locked and the beds are not located too close to them. I’m sure you’ve heard the BF seem to love children, and I don’t think they want to be BFF’s. Saying that, I wish your family Blessings.

  15. michael n

    I heard a “aaarrgh” in the background too as well. At the end it might have been dogs but it kinda sounded like a monkey. Probably dogs tho.

    • David R

      I heard that too Mike, but I thought it was a person, or a different Sasquatch. I need to hear it with headphones! Great stories to listen too!

  16. cyndie r

    Anthony: if you know you have sasquatch activity and you still leaving your dogs outside at night then yes I want your address. Somebody needs to rescue them. There is no excuse for torturing your dogs like that. Your excuse about your kids is bull. There is no reason you cannot be concerned for your children’s safety as well as your pets safety.

  17. cyndie r

    Wes: when you say that you get lots of calls like this and often you will receive a follow-up call where in the home owner (or the wife ) says oh yeah, we finally saw it… I got to thinking, have you ever taken a follow up call where they say we finally saw what was bothering us and it was NOT a sasquatch? Is it even possible that it could be anything else?

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