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SC EP:252 Hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing


I will be speaking with two brothers. One of the brothers says “Over the years we hunted this property in Indiana, it was a great place to hunt.

The only downside to hunting this land is you would feel like you were being watched all of the time. After killing a deer we would get screamed at by something and it would shake us up. We were paced out of the woods several times by something. This thing would break branches and stomp its feet.

Sometimes we would make a kill and follow the blood trail to where we could tell the animal bleed out and died but the deer would just vanish. Our deer vanished several times, it was like something picked it up and took off with it. So many things happened out on this property, we would hear what sounded like people talking but could not make out what they were saying. One time I got out of my tree stand and went to find these people talking but there was no one there.

We would have strange tree structures place under our tree stands, sometimes huge trees would be placed and leaning on our tree stands. So many odd things but if you do not believe in bigfoot and the land was so good to hunt…..I think we just looked the other way and passed off a lot of things as just being strange. We even found tracks of what looked like large human feet in the mud.

It was not until recently we started listening to the show and now a lot of things are starting to add up…”


Here is the track cast we talked about later in the show:






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    • Mary L

      What kind of MONSTERS wound wildlife and then allow it to wonder off, leaving a trail of blood while they go back to their truck for a break?!?!?! Oh yea, the Sasquatch was screaming. Screaming in disgust at their actions. Come on, Wes. You’re scaping the shallow end of the gene pool here. The guy on the episode before this shot coyotes in his spare time. I don’t want to hear stories from these people anymore. I’m sure you can find people who have had encounters while not thoughtlessly annihilating something.

  1. Gerald G

    Sounds like the exact situation that happened to me, I went back every year for five yrs last yr they got to aggressive . Won’t go back to hunt amazing account guys good show wes

  2. Gabriel H

    Wes, just wanted to say that the impression I got from this episode is that your assessment of the situation these gentlemen were in is very accurate. By golly I do believe you’ve attained a certain level of genuine wisdom here. Just wanted you to know that.

  3. Charles R

    So happy that you guys Bruce and Steve can on to confirm what I have been pushing for several years now. The agricultural areas in the midwest with some wooded areas and plenty of rivers and creeks are a golden opportunity to study these magnificent creatures.
    You guys being in Central Indiana are about 100 ot 150 miles west of me in Darke County, Ohio with same weather and terrain. Same thing is going on out here. The difference is you two gentleman have been involved with on going situation in same area for years and that is not so much the case around here, at least I have not found anyone with same situation. Possibly outside of Germantown, Oh. area all way out to Hueston Woods. For most part they are extremely nomadic around here. By the way I have heard that scream, at night once ( Midland County, Michigan ) and you do not want to go out and get next to whatever made it. The volume is incredible. Interesting you heard them at dark also. I hope some day you guys get to see one(s). They also are not aggressive around here and twice playfully messed with me, at night.

    Wes I think you are so spot on with your assessment of the situation. Extremely good back and forth with these gentleman.

  4. David W

    Thanks for the show Wes!

    I live in East Central Indiana myself and had my own encounter, not here but in Southern Ohio while on vacation. When I came home I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about what happend while there and inadvertently started getting friends and family to tell about class A sightings they had over the past 10 or so years here in Indiana, 3 to be exact. 1 – on the north side of Anderson. This was a road crossing at dusk. Husband & wife saw it together. It ran on two legs, jumped a fence, crossed the road and disappeared into a wooded area.
    2 – my uncle at his daughter & son-in-laws house southeast of Anderson around the little town of Mechanicsburg. It was also about dusk, he said he was standing on their porch facing north when he saw what he described as a gorilla on all 4’sides about the size of a volkswagon battle run with a lope across an open field into a wooded area. I checked out this wooded area and there was a very nice stream running through that area. Also noticed there are high tension lines that intersect in their area and run off in several different directions.
    3 – a good friend I have known my entire life. He was driving at dusk on old national road 40 around the Cambridge City area and he noticed out of the corner of his eye something big coming fast from his right and getting ready to cross the road in front of him. He said he had to put on the breaks to keep from hitting it and got a good look at it as it passed in front of his headlights. It was running on all 4’sides, he described the head as resembling that of a wolverine except the size was huge. He said if he would have hit it it would have definitely totaled his car. He described the hair as somewhat long and thin enough you could see the skin underneath.
    I knew if I had this many friends and family over the years that had seen something, there had to be many more. Thank you Steve & Bruce for coming forward with your encounter! JuSt wanted you guys to know your not alone! Thanks again!!!

  5. Tracy A

    Born and raised in Blgtn. In., had same thing happen in Brown County in the 1980’s while bow hunting ie downed deer, good trail to large blood patch and nothing. Also large tree “fall” while fishing. In hind sight, probably 4-5 other times over the years of hunting/fishing the region had encounters and did not make connection. Plenty of cover/corridors//food in from S. Indiana over to Ohio and S. into KY. IMO they migrate 100-200 North and South w/Temp. (seasonal changes).

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