Apr 17

SC EP:211 Running right into a creature…literally

Its a double hitter weekend! I am working on getting this show into a YouTube format for you guys. I should have this post updated by tomorrow in a YouTube format! Have a great weekend!

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show. Not really sure I wanted to put this out there but back starting in 1998 my family and I had 2 years of problems on our property in Northern Florida culminating with me actually running right into a Skunk Ape. Message me if you’d like to hear my story.”

The witness describes different problems they had on the property, everything from the house being slapped to something screaming at the house on almost a nightly basis. Everything changed the night he ran into the creature…literally.



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  1. Rich A

    Hey Wes,

    Thanks for all the content man. I’m literally playing catch up between your regular show, blogs and the Big Thicket stuff. Well worth the price of admission…

  2. Janice P

    Wes, I was afraid you were going to miss that it was traveling by ”gliding” between the trees. That’s very interesting to me. Why aren’t footsteps always heard? Maybe that’s why. My husband has been sitting on the fence with the topic in general and specifically with a few of your guests, but we are both impressed with Randy and his story. Actual full body contact makes him a rock star! Was wondering if he kept the soiled clothing? I imagine such a conscience lifting encounter might have made him reluctant to toss them. Thanks Randy and Wes!

    • Sean G

      Janice, I was thinking about that too. Grabbing the trees and using the arms to move through the woods is definitely an unusual form of locomotion.. I think not leaving foot prints is a possible reason but it after hearing of the location and the amount of poisonous water moccasins …. Maybe the reason was more practical. Not wanting to be constantly bit by snakes could be a great reason to travel this way. Very interesting indeed!

  3. diana m

    Terrific show, Wes!.

    Thank you so much for sharing Randy. Have you seen any of Bigfoot Researchers Journal/Crypto Reality on Youtube? Mark Z & Melanie are very close by in your area.

  4. Karen C

    I think if I was his wife I would of been to suspicious of the skunk story and the way Randy was acting different….Thanks for the ground breaking new evidence you shared with all of us Bigfoot Crazies….We live for the new INFO…

  5. Ken C

    He mentioned rattle snakes and I know Florida has a lot of Cotton mouths in their swamps. Just curious if these creatures ever get bit and what happens if they do. ???

  6. Jan W

    Thanks for a fantastic show! Great way to end the week!

    My mom and I traveled through this area and got really lost. Navigation has never been either of our strong suits and I remember getting a bit concerned as night was falling due to the remoteness of the area. God forbid you break down in this locale. Interlachen is quite close to Paynes Prairie Preserve, which is a vast area of swamp and hammocks, a perfect habitat for our hairy “friends”.

    This was an amazing encounter. A gigantic, smelly, scabby, mangy skunk ape! And then to see it glide away among the trees. Thank you so much for sharing this truly remarkable, life-changing experience with us. As mentioned above, you should contact Mark Zaskey, who is a researcher in West Palm (although one of his main research areas is Myakka).

  7. David D

    Cool interview! In a weird, sort of way, it reminds me of that encounter I heard about where the little boy got separated from his parents and their friend while on a camping trip. He got lost in the woods, and in a little while a female Squatch, shows up, and escorts him back to the safety of his folks. Weird man, just plain weird. Sound very credible to me; he ain’t lying. I almost wonder if the creature stopped him dead in his tracks, because it thought he was going after the kids! Could be that the creature didn’t know who this guy was, and just decided to stop him. Wow! Any-hoot, I’m glad he made it back to his house in one piece, and that his wife and kids didn’t have to read about him in a “Missing 411” book! Thanks again Wes, for all the great programs and the very hard work! It is appreciated. David.

  8. Jon K

    Another great one. Makes me wonder what’s in store for the future of this show. Who knows what it could be. Keep getting into their trauma Wes, that’s what will bring more people out: getting the chance to vent these oppressive, suppressed feelings.

  9. James W

    Another great show and great guest. As a Brit I find that this show is really useful in educating me as to what the REAL America is about. My knowledge of the geography has greatly improved as I always take a look at where the guests say their encounters happen. But more than that, it’s hearing the voices and the emotion. America has a difficult reputation around the world… u=turns out a lot of people feel the same way about us Brits but your show has the real salt of the earth. God Bless.

  10. Daniel S

    NEVER, heard of that happing before, this show is like a class room researchers get to talk to a lot of witness, but with some times more than one encounter or witness in 211 shows, we have learnt a lot. so thank’s Wes and all involved

  11. Bernadine F

    This guest was awesome. Having had such a close hands on encounter and having to explain and deal with that awful stench, I’m sure glad he was able to keep it together for his family. I wonder why he never told his wife. I guess he either didn’t want to scare her or he didn’t think she would believe him.

  12. Amanda B

    Really enjoyed this one, I love the encounters that take place over a number of years on a property, so darn interesting. Great guest, he was good to listen to in the way he recounted his story. Good job.

  13. LoraLee A

    Thank you Randy! It kinda made me smile when I thought you got a big dose of instant karma (going out to scare your kids and you got the BIG scare). Altho it had to be traumatic you are very fortunate at the same time. It could have wrecked your life but it chose not to. I have a feeling they feel we are somewhat related to them the same way we feel they may be related to us. There is a kind of respect there, for the most part. Thank you Wes! Keep on keeping on you guys!

  14. pam

    Good for you Randy….you WILL feel better now, I know; I held it in for decades.
    Now it seems like “oh these things just happen” and before it seemed like I felt I was chosen for death or something.

    Thanks Wes- the saga continues…..

  15. Maynard w

    I find the way it moved off through the trees fascinating. Thank you Wes and Randy. Has anyone seen the representations of ‘Australopithethicus’ by Miles Tripplett or looked at the pelvic structure and proposed methods of locomotion as proposed by S Zuckerman and C E Oxnard circa 1975?

  16. Doreen Dee S

    Wow!! That, I think is the scariest encounter I have heard. Only because he actually touched it! Wes, do you realize that not only are you giving those who listen to your show, a chance to hear these stories/encounters for the first time BUT, you are helping so many people face their fears and release years of void because of humiliation, or condemnation? Thank you very much for all you do, your the BEST!

  17. Janetta V

    Me too Wes, you are the best. You are humble, patient, and very kind. I think God called you to do this. What a contribution to humanity and all of those having PTSD. Many people are sleeping better becouse of you. Thanks. j.v.

  18. Lise B

    Thanks Randy.. that was awesome. I didn’t get the end of the interview,because i got distracted by the back and forth posts arguing at the beginning. What the!!…Are you ever going to tell your wife? Or let her listen to your interview? She probably would appreciate it. And it would explain a lot about your behavior. BUT.. i wash’t there,so maybe its for the best not too. Thanks really enjoyed .

  19. Eric H

    That was one of the most fascinating shows i have ever heard PERIOD. Thanks Randy & Wes for this, the alternative media realm is where its at in my opinion. I rather listen to this type of stuff anyday than to gaze into the idiot tube T.V. Thanks for what you do Wes.

  20. Linda G

    Well done again Wes! This was absolutely fascinating… I do hope that someday we understand much more about who they are, where they come from and if we do have any shared DNA. My undergrad degree is in Anthropology and I’m sure anthropologists would love to delve into this once we understand more.

  21. Dave S

    Never seen so many posts after 1 show! Some of these shows I think of as SA, SASQUATCH ANONYMOUS, it feels good to know that you are not the only one out there with strange happenings. Vent your stories here and know you are amongst friends that don’t judge. SA meetings every Friday and Sunday night 7pm, lol I think the encounters are getting better and better as the word gets out about Sas Chron.

  22. Stephane M

    42m13: “… the moon was behind it”.
    Then how were you able to see facial features?
    It should have been a dark silhouette.

    Just asking questions. Keep calm.
    That being said : I do not believe this guy at all.

    Again, I like S. Chronicles and think bigfoot is real.

  23. Jane M

    One of best episodes of all times. I also wondered how he could see color in backlit moon light. I want to say thanks Wes for not asking him that and letting him get his story out. Nice. I find him credible. Thank you.

  24. Dave H

    Stephanie, I’m not sure about your eyes, but I just read your comment and so I popped out the back of our place right now where it’s pitch black but there’s a near full moon (it will be full in two nights time on the 22nd). Although it’s dark i could certainly distinguish colour differences where the moonlight is hitting, brown on the wooden deck, an apricot-pink hue on the back wall of the house, the cat is clearly black and white and her cushion under her is grey, and the highlights of the grass and trees have a green hue. So it’s definitely not all black and white under a full moon. Also, he never said, but there was quite possibly light spilling into the back yard of Randy’s place from his home and the porch light that added to the ambiance.

    Personally I thought this was an excellent episode, full of great detail, and a very genuine-sounding story from Randy. I think it’s great that he chose to share his story with us.

    A couple of things that come to mind, there was an episode not too many months ago where a witness told about when he was a boy he and his siblings and cousins (from memory) were playing in the back yard at twilight while their families had some sort of barbecue, or summer evening event. And he and one other, a cousin I think, walked down to the nearby creek and walked straight into a massive Sasquatch. I seem to recall he dropped his toy boat(?) and they ran. It may have been their grandfather’s place. Does anyone recall that one, it was a similarly up close encounter in the moonlight.

    Also the fact that Randy says he was looking ahead of him and then suddenly he hit the thing and was knocked down, does this lend more credence to the theory that boogers can “cloak” into invisibility? I don’t really believe that but just throwing it out there for you to kick around if you’d like.

    It’s also a good thing Randy decided to scare the kids. Had he stayed indoors who knows what may have happened to the last kid in line as they walked past it hidden in the darkness….

    Both episodes in the double header were very good Wes, great work Sir. (Does anyone else struggle with the tiny text size in these message boxes? I have good eyes and even I am squinting when I post to this site)

  25. Carolyn D

    Well it seems that Patrick N is not honoring Wes’s request to clean up the language and the attitude. What a downer it was to see his comments at the top of this page.

  26. Richard S

    one hell of an interview! i couldn’t imagine going from the adrenaline rush of trying to scare the kids to meeting this monster at night in his own back yard, with no protection, talk about a come to Jesus moment? this guy’s candor makes the event seem so believable i don’t know how folks can rationalize out this encounter. full moon is this weekend i believe, go outside folks, cut all external lights off except for a window or two, check it out and while you’re out there put yourself in Randy’s shoes…got the picture? just think how this could’ve ended had he not planned to scare the kids. Wes, you keep setting the bar high dude, great work!! wish i had an encounter just so i could chat with you!

  27. Jackie K

    I’m commenting because someone was curious about these creatures getting snake bit. I think a snake probably can’t penetrate their hide. They seem to have hide rather than skin like us. In fact on one show a guy said some creatures were created as super soldiers and had the hide of a rhino. Idk but I do believe some of these things are natural and some have been created by mixing DNA. Created by whom? Idk that either but it’s too many different type creatures.

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