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SC EP:143 Nephilim Conspiracy Reloaded

September is going to be a big month for members as I am planning on packing in the shows!

Some in the bigfoot community feel that Sasquatch are the Nephilim. I decided to do a show on the Nephilim which was SC EP:112. I feel like that show gave a clear picture of what the Nephilim were and how they did not fit into the Sasquatch topic.One of the topics in Gary’s book was secret societies. I wanted to invite Gary back to the show to discuss this as we ran out of time in EP:112.

I want to thank the audience for allowing me to go off of the Sasquatch topic to finish this discussion. I will return next week on topic of the Sasquatch.

My guest tonight is Gary Wayne, author of “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind.” There are giants among us, passing largely unnoticed, intent on carrying out a secret plan to enslave all humanity. They may not look like giants today, but their bloodlines extend all the way back to the Nephilim—the offspring of angels who mated with human women—described in Genesis 6 when giants roamed the land. Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim



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149 Responses to “SC EP:143 Nephilim Conspiracy Reloaded”

      • Jonathan M

        Not sure what this show is becoming…
        This show used to be a place about all things sasquatch where we could come and hear articulate stories regarding the subject from rational people. We used to hear stories from people bordering on forensic investigators which made this show credible even though it was dealing with a fantastical subject matter.
        Please get back to what made this show amazing.

        • Marybelle H

          I agree Jonathan. This is an episode regarding a very small amount of ancient text, mixed with a lot of religious beliefs, and the two are not the same. I’ll be happy when the show goes back to discussions of biological creatures.

          • Sean C

            Relax, Wes can’t make everyone happy, all of the time. He does do a damn fine job of trying though, and he realizes that some people think about the subject of sasquatch, on a much deeper level than some of his audience members. Some people just want to be entertained, but some people actually want to learn something of substance. Nobody is in danger of losing their beloved bigfoot stories or encounters, so keep your shorts on!

            Thanks Wes, for doing the incredible job that you do, especially knowing how quickly everyone will start crying, when every single episode doesn’t compete with becoming their favorite!

            Thank you, for trying so hard to please us all, even though some people will not appreciate any little supposed deviation. I know it must take a lot of patience to do what you do, more than what I have. I would not be able to handle it all in stride, like you seem to do. So, more power to you brother!

            Chris, searching in Texas…….

    • Scott M

      Where can we find the photographs/audio that listeners send in? I keep reading time and time again that with one’s story, they have included some photos. etc., to create a better understanding of one’s encounter/experience. Does anyone know where to find these valuable pieces of Sasquatch “evidence”? 🙂

  1. Reed D

    I look forward to hearing this!
    A few weeks ago Woody made a good point about there possibly being 2 types of sasquatch: the flesh and blood type, and the the “demonic” type. I really think there may be something to this. Perhaps the demonic type is an offshoot of the Nephilim with a diluted bloodline. Just a theory, but I don’t think it’s inconceivable.

    Thank you Wes!


    • Christopher c

      I always like to think of these creatures as flesh and blood but after seeing what I saw one night I have to wonder if there is something demonic about them,first of all the Native Americans in the pacific N.W called them wizards who hunted with ventriloquism and hypnotism,to me that sounds completely out of the park when it comes to the animal kingdom but one night while walking down Hwy.101 in Klamath Ca. I noticed while walking in a section of Hwy. where there was swampy land on both sides of the road all the sudden a couple of saplings at the edge of the swamp to my right side started to shake violently as if to warn me not to come any closer, first I thought it may be an elk raking it’s rack but as I looked in the direction of the saplings I saw nothing shaking them but noticed a sound of a large limb snap at a height that ruled out an elk unless it was standing on it’s hind legs so as I looked in that direction all the sudden a very concentrated ,powerful,and what seemed to be an intentional sort of directional wind blew right out of the saplings that were being shaken and this was no ordinary wind because it was heading straight for me as if someone had a high powered leaf blower and put it in my direction on a rope pulley and sent it straight for me because as I started to run from it ,it was heading on a diagonal course in such a manner as if to cut me off or beat me to where I was going in other words it seemed to be trying to get ahead of me so as to keep me from getting any further, of course as soon as I saw this I started to pray for a vehicle to light up the Hwy. as I started to run for my life,as I looked over my shoulder while running I saw this wind just blowing the blade grass in the swamp to the sides as leaving a very clearly visible path through the swamp yet there was nothing physical to look at other than the wind and as this wind bee-lined in my direction by the grace of God a logging truck came down the grade and lit up the whole Hwy and as this wind hit the side of the Hwy it went right along beside me for about 15-20 feet and just stopped cold and I kept running as I only had about 300 yards to go before I was back up on the bluff where the trailer park was that I was staying at,I still do not no what that was that night and there is no way for me to make sense of it as of yet all I know is I am not going to say it was a Sasquatch because I can’t prove this but because of what I saw I would have to say if this was caused by a Sasquatch than I would have to say that without a doubt there is something demonic about them,thank you for taking the time to read this.

    • Scott M

      One woman claimed to have seen a SQUATCH appear, disappear, and then reappear before her very eyes. She seemed entirely reliable, and believable, yet I found it very difficult to grasp. It’s hard enough to wrap our minds around a creature that only seems to come from our worst nightmares, or scary storybooks that we read as kids under the covers with flashlights! If this is even a possibility, or remotely plausible, it blows the top off of these being simple hairy forest “apes”, to so much more than mere mortals. We would be dealing with a being that was in the same kind of category as a “fallen angel”; demon…etc. I would love to hear all of your feedback on this crucial Nephilim subject.

  2. Tyler D

    Amazing show Wes, I’m a rather big history buff. I also really enjoy hearing other’s opinions on what they believe sasquatch is. Although I do believe sasquatch is a flesh and blood animal and probably a close relative of ours, the Nephilim is still a rather fascinating and enjoyable subject to listen too. No matter what you believe, every living thing on this planet are still relatives of creation. I was listening episode 112 yesterday and that guest mentioned the royal family keeping it in the bloodlines and that’s why I believe Nephirtiti and Akhenaten had such a bizarre appearance because of inbreeding. That was fairly common in that day in age. Still a very fascinating show, Thanks Wes

  3. Tracy K

    I find the topic quite relevant to a whole host of mysteries, including Sasquatch. Obviously Sasquatch are not the Nephilim, but the thought of the Nephilim messing with our and others genetics explains a lot. Was Sasquatch an early failed attempt at creating a slave race? Quite possible.

    • Reed D

      You make a very good point! Perhaps the nephilim or their parent race, were working on genetic engineering with apes and Sasquatch was a result. The book of Enoch speaks to this, saying that the fallen angels had interaction with not only humans, but animals also.

      • brian a

        I had my mouth all ready to take a big bite of Sasquatch but I got this instead. I’m not sure what King Arthur has to do with bigfoot but endured listening to the show until such a time that I decided to go look for a dose of Hairy Monsters. Thank goodness for the archives of previous shows.

        • Joyce N

          Well Brian, I’m thinking since the discovery that the story about the Indian tribe getting sick of a group of red haired giants/sasquatch killing and eating their tribe and taking revenge on them by filling their cave with firewood, setting it on fire a killing them and sealing them up in said cave turned out to be true , they are now looking back on other supposed myths and stories to see if anything else was amiss. The cave with the dead giants was found. So maybe there’s more to the other stories. The native tribes have always acknowledged their existence , they’ve always acknowledged that they were star children too. Our whole mirage of what we call every day life may be a huge lie and the world may just be tipped over and the truths spilled out. Who knows until it happens? We need to ask questions and we are always searching for answers. Problem is, maybe we don’t really wanna know. Maybe it would be too much for our delicate little psychies. Maybe we’ve known it all along.

  4. Reed D

    Gary makes a comparison of the Star Wars character Chewbacca. Great example, but he didn’t mention the most in-your-face example: Darth Vader, who’s name is Anikim Skywalker. The Anikim were one of the types of the Nephilim. Apparently George Lucas knows something of ancient history! I’ll have to get Gary’s book and see what other connections he makes. Fascinating material!

    • Jay Carlsen

      Very Interesting . Keep your arithmetic. In the Oil Field , during Clinton’s 2nd term. I was on Stand Bye , sitting in a Work Truck. It was Broadcast over Public Radio , that a bill went before the Congress & the house for ratification (whatever – I Barly made it through High School – However it works ) The Bills number was 666 & it gave the Government the Right to Declare Marshall Law on the populous . In case of Civil UN-rest , Natural Disaster , nuclear event . But this Bill Failed. Everyone got Spooked bye the Number of the Bill.
      Something like 3 months Later , Again I was on Stand Bye. Sitting in a Truck listening to the Radio I heard that they passed into Law , That under extreme circumstances Natural Disaster , Blah , Blah , Blah would give the Right to the Government To reach in the ” File 13 ” Pull up Any past bill , & without having to go through the Process of Government. Vote on it & Enact it into Law .
      You never Know ? Maybe ?

      • JAMES B

        I’m familiar with what your speaking of and it scares the hell out of me. They are putting this law in place primarily for states with heavy gum ownership and heavy anti government group population. The government is very afraid of its citizens. We are all armed! And they should be, its unconstitutional. The only way to fix this is to fire ALL of congress and vote in non corp. Owned people to represent the people again. Just think of the power these unknown dept. Of interior jokers will have now regarding Bigfoot encounters???

  5. Robert W

    This was a very interesting show…will have to read the book as I got very confused!

    Thanks Wes for the change of pace. Speaking of changes, what happened with David Paulides? Several have asked but no answer- I hope all is well with him..,

    Have a great Labor Day!!

  6. Gordon D

    Not relevant Lol , you got tobe PC with Bigfoot folks too lol ,Sonsof God ,” Angels Mated with the daughters of men ” this case fallen Angel s and Giant s were there off spring , they were before the flood and after , Oh yea 8ft plus Part Human animals running around in forest ed areas of the world ! Ya think ? No No possible connection LMBO , Bible just a fairy tale ?

  7. Ray R

    I really like this, Gary is right on the mark but there is people that will blow this off as BS, and time will tell you can bet on that. also There is so much strange stuff out there and it does make you wonder what is really going on and you know they are not going to say nothing, Great show Wes, Thank you

  8. MONTE M

    Interesting …….. A bit too heavy for me dude . Complex. Glad we are back to Bigfoot.
    Most of my friends and family don’t believe in Bigfoot , so I say well it’s good campfire stories at the least . One of my favorite encounters was the two boy souts out East who broke off to have a cig and encountered a BF holding a half eaten dog – yikes! I felt he was very honest just by his voice ? Anyone remember wich episode that was ? Thanks

  9. Robert H

    The people in sodom were raping men and were sending them on to there death after traveling many miles in the desert to reach those city’s then the people of the destroy city’s would send them on and would not let them have food and water. It’s not just the fact they were homo’s but that they were so hateful towards newcomers. I don’t think SF people are doing what those people of sodom were doing not even close. The book of Jared if you can find one will elaborate on the story. And if you really want to get more into tonight’s subject read TOM HORNS books.

    • Joyce N

      Funny you should mention that part of the bible. I really hate that story. Too many people perceive this as God hating homosexuals. These people in Sodom and Gomorrah were rapists, theives, thugs and abusers. That’s why if anything it was destroyed. But what really pisses me off about the story is Lot. These low life’s come go his door to rape the angels and dipshit Lot offers them his virgin daughter’s. What kind of ahole father offers his daughters to rapists?? If they’re angels, sprout your flipping wings and fly off. Why put Lot and his poor daughters in that predicament in the first place?? That’s a really crappy story. You’d think God would have inspired better writers than these dipwads.

  10. Reed D

    Just finished listening to the show.
    That was excellent. Wes, thank you for having Gary on again.
    Gary, I really appreciate your work. You’ve done a fantastic job and I will be buying your book. Everything you cover is spot on!
    Thank you.

  11. Chris I

    Thanks for the follow up Wes…great show! I have been reading the book and it was good to hear some more clarification. The book makes you wonder a little about what “Ray the space man” actually knows doesn’t it??? Lol

  12. Donna K

    Excellent… Loved this! Had a duscussion like this earluer today including our own pwesonal experience with a spindly creature about 15 years ago after hours ofworship… Watcher from the other side showedup. Makes sense now.

  13. Eric S

    YOU announced the following guests:
    * David Paulides
    * Melba Kerchum
    * Mitchell Townsend
    * The guest who’s home is under attack
    If you were not able to procure interviews with these people, that is understandable. It would be professional of you to just communicate that to us, your members and listeners.
    There have been over a dozen requests for information, and we all would very much appreciate an answer.
    Thank you so much for your efforts and hard work!

  14. Seamus J. C

    Sasquatch can apparently jump pretty far, but not nearly far enough to make the leap from predatory forest ape to offspring of beasts and angels. Nor, I think, do we need to resort to supernatural races to explain the insanity of the world, plenty of very plausible natural explanations exist. Read your history, the rich and powerful have always acted like bastards, because power simply corrupts (and absolute power corrupts absolutely). We have to get off this path we’re on–the one that makes The Earth uninhabitable in the foreseeable future. And we have to refuse to allow power and wealth to be concentrated in a few hands. And we have to reduce our population by about 6 billion. I don’t see how talk of “the nephilim” allows us to do any of this, if it does let somebody enlighten me. But I suspect it’s a waste of time when we should urgently be putting our attention to other things….Bigfoot is like a wake-up call back to the natural world–why else are we all so fascinated with this creature? They are so much like us, and yet aside from some dumpster diving, they live totally out in nature. They represent, I believe, a wild side that we need to get back to, before it’s too late. What do the “nephilim” tell us about saving Nature? Nothing.

  15. Avis B

    I loved the show.. What the guest said is true .. from the research I have done as well.. I still think there is a connection on a small scale… Thank you again Wes for a great show tonight…

  16. LoraLee A

    Jeez Leweeeezzzz… Since when is history a conspiracy? I suppose in 200 years it will be Bill Gates conspiracy of internet. So what if a family got into banking. I know you had a big scare but don’t go off the deep end. Even if all this is true we cannot do anything about it and it probably is not sinister. I don’t give my money to other programs that broadcast this stuff all the time. I want my big furry to have center stage here. I love ya Wes but you owe me a buck seventy five.

  17. Rob C

    Tons of speculation on a topic that doesn’t really need anymore of it. The encounters are where the meat to this subject is. More witnesses please. Thanks a bunch for your extraordinary hard work Wes and happy to hear we are putting the Nephilim to bed now!

  18. Jenny

    Another great episode , considering how interesting the border control episode was, I’m still reeling from that so good :)..This show is costing me a fortune in books 🙂

  19. Jill F

    Another book I gorra buy! Haven’t quite finished Rocky’s book: ‘Out on Foot’, it’s a fun read! Got ‘Watcher in the Woods’ on my list too.
    Great show, Wes, nice to take a break and hear/learn something different occasionally. One can get too focussed [narrow-minded?]!

  20. Peter N

    Dear Wes,

    I have been a long time listener, and have a deep respect and appreciation for what you have achieved with this site. I can only imagine the difficulties you have had to overcome to create and maintain it.

    I am sorry, but you are not doing yourself any favors by presenting this type of stuff. It is, in a word, just plain baloney. I could not even finish your last episode. This gentleman has created a magical land where all things can be explained and connected based on fairy tales and superstition. We humans are programmed through evolution to try to find explanations for what we see and experience in the world around us. In the absence of hard facts and data – our default mechanism is to fill in the blanks using magical thinking. Some of us are just more creative in this regard than others. Please, for your own sake – tone this down. Stay on topic.

    Again, sorry if I came across as too negative.

  21. Mary H

    Great show Wes! The mark of a good program and interviewer is someone who is willing to branch out and consider other perspectives. The Bible is no book of fairy tales as archaeology is proving all the time. ‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people, Who have eyes but do not see; Who have ears but do not hear. Jeremiah 5:21

  22. Robert W

    Dear Eric S- while I appreciate your frustrations, it is a bit of a stretch to label Wes as “unprofessional.” If you listen to other BF stuff on the web, they can’t even measure up to Wes’s show. Wes has found something unique with an excellent following. Guests change their schedules, new developments happen and Melba for one does not do podcasts. Let’s not be like others in the BF community who unfairly label their colleagues. You and all of us are better than that.


      Robert W well put. Add also that Wes may be a one-man show.
      He may work more hours a week than we would be willing to do.
      We live in America and still have some choices. I personally choose to pay Wes a peasants wage for his offerings and am thankful for such.
      Thank you Wes. I do love my SasChron.

  23. MONTE M

    Episode 54 is Ape Canyon episode .
    Someone said that is the Eastern / Boyscouts going off from camp to smoke cigs and encounter a Bigfoot holding a half eaten dog .
    They should make a Scooby Doo episode out of that one . Rut Roo ! Holy cow Scoob looks like fuzzy feline is on the menu .

  24. Peter N

    OK, let’s talk REAL history and stuff….
    The universe is about 13.8 billion years old (give or take), and is made up of billions of planets, stars, galaxies, in turn made up of subatomic particles all following a set of principles and laws (some we understand, some not yet). The part of the universe that we can see (for example with Hubble) has a diameter of around 90 billion light-years – which is mind-blowingly big, but that’s only what we can see, so for all we know, the whole thing may just be infinite.
    In our neck o’ the woods (the little out of the way Milky Way Galaxy), there are around 60 billion planets that could potentially support life. In one obscure corner of this galaxy – we find planet Earth, which is only about 4 and a half billion years old. Life on this planet began maybe 3-4 billion years ago and we, as a species, a small branch of the great ape family, have been around for maybe 100,000 of those years, which amounts to a tiny little bitty fraction of the period that life has existed on the planet. Within that tiny little bitty fraction, written human history is at most only about 5,000 years old, which except for the last hundred years or so, was written by people who did not understand much if anything about planets, had little or no understanding of physics, or chemistry, and had no concept of evolutionary biology or even the germ theory of disease. These people were forced through their terrifying ignorance of the unknown to invent, by invoking magic and superstition, a set of structures and stories to explain, define and guide their lives. The history and composition of these stories tells us much about what the human animal is, and certainly helps us illuminate and better understand our demon plagued past, but it is really not a reliable guide for understanding reality. Sorry! In the great scheme of things, we are just insignificant, relatively recent, sentient creatures who for most of their existence, have scurried about in terror and darkness.
    While we now understand so much more about our world than our ancestors could ever hope to grasp, the really exciting things are the parts that we do not yet understand, like how large unknown ape-like creatures could possibly inhabit the back woods – totally mind blowing! But based on our recent track record as a species (say the last hundred or so years), we now have the set of tools (i.e. science) that are really pretty good at eventually nailing this stuff down. It makes me just plain sad to see clearly smart people rely on fantasy to explain the workings of the world. Step back, take a deep breath, and look at it for what it is, pure superstition – that default human need to find and explain complex causality in the absence of tangible evidence.
    It is always important to be critical of what you see and know. It is also vital to aggressively test and question all ideas and evidence. This is the process that can guide us in the right direction. Wes, you provide such an important service. You compile evidence by providing a safe (and relatively sane) platform for people to describe their experiences. Please don’t jeopardize it, or your reputation, by traveling down this kind of rabbit hole.

      • Joyce N

        Oh now now Dallas, part of sasquatch chronicles is having an open mind. You want people to keep an open mind to the possibility of sasquatch, yet, when Wes looks into the allegations that sasquatch are nephillim, you shut your mind close shut like a safe at fort Knox. Nothing wrong with looking at the topic and asking questions to see if it fits or it should be debunked. Wes is just trying to be fair and look at this from all perspectives to get a clearer picture about what l this is about. He’s not trying to make his show one sided. He had a host that did that and then he ran away. (Cough, cough Will Jevning) so you either need to be patient and courteous of his journey through this or don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out. Personally, I’m not convinced that anything in the bible is a real account and more likely a book written to control the masses having little to do with who the true God is. But I’ll try to keep an open mind. I’ll listen and that’s what we’re here for. But even if I’m not wowwed by the topic at hand, I’m really thinking it’s quite immature to threaten to dump Wes’ show if I don’t hear what I want. Might wanna think about that, my friend. This is the only place on the web that lets you tell your story without being laughed at or ridiculed. Go ahead…look..I’ll wait……………..(singing 99 bottles of beer in my head)…………(time elapsement is longer than shown)…………..(playing the jeopardy tune in my head) ………Ok, Times up. Didn’t find one..Ok now, be a good little lad and listen to old episodes or something.

  25. Seamus J. C

    Peter N., I agree with you completely–but only to a point. I take issue with the absolute replacement of myth with science–there is a science of myth, after all: mythology. What you call mere superstition was a way of looking at the world that allowed so-called primitive humans to survive and even thrive in unbroken generations for those 100,000 years. Considering the fact that we are the animals on planet Earth that requires the most care and feeding, and relies more than any other on the teaching-learning connection within our respective cultures, this is remarkable. Considering that these “superstitions” (in my opinion) facillitated (perhaps you would say “hindered”?) survival in a natural setting where you and I might not last a week–more remarkable still. The shaman, like the Christian fundamentalist, believes that good and evil spirits literally exist, and it has been that belief that in part allows the shamans and the Christian healers (the ones who aren’t money grubbing frauds, that is) to do their healing–with some help from allopathic hebs and common-sense medical practice. It is my belief that myth, and only myth, can knit together all the disparate parts of the human mind and induce us to act as whole beings with sustained focus. Such a concentrated mind is capable of things that look miraculous to the fragmented consciousness that most people endure under civilization. Science is a wonderful vehicle for finding cause and effect in the material world, but lacks this integrative capacity for the human psyche that myth can and does supply–again, my opinion. Now, whether a person needs to believe in a myth literally in order for it to “work” is a topic for debate, it seems to me, but I believe that is not the case. It is enough to know the myth, to memorize and tell the myth to others, and to meditate on it in order to harness its power. But I digress: the question is, is it useful to regard rich and powerful conspirators (where I come from they are colled “monopolies”) from the perspective of this myth of the nephilim? In my mind they are ordinary people who have “made a deal with the devil,” (perhaps, in their own minds, this is literally the case, maybe they held some ritual offering their soul to “Satan”) in which they have traded off the health of the planet and all its inhabitants in exchange for wealth (that sort of wealth is gained only by despoiling natural areas in order to sell off the resources, yes?). And this power, thus gained, has corrupted them even as they have weakened themselves and others by forcing us all to live on a planet proportionately less wholesome, less fertile, more polluted every day. I, personally, don’t need the nephilim to explain this to myself. Rather, I take the story of the nephilim as meaning that humans have a spiritual part (or, if you prefer, a part that has yet to be perceived, described and explained by science, and amounts to a sort of self composed of spiritual energy), and that we can take this spiritual energy of ours and warp it to evil means. In practical terms, perhaps this myth suggests that the evil and powerful folks in the world can be combatted somehow by spiritual means. I myself do not know if this is true, but neither do I know that it’s not true. The hubris of science is that it assumes that what it does not know, or what is described in terms other than the scientific, does not and cannot even exist. I don’t know about you, but to it’s ridiculous to say that the scientific tools we have here on Earth in the year 2015 have are adequate to describe the whole of reality, or even the greater fraction of it, and science is powerless to advise us on how to deal with the parts of reality of which it remains ignorant. Plus, tying together all the different discoveries that science has made into an inegrated whole is something that I would say is beyond science entirely–because how can you design an experiment that ties together all the other experiments ever conducted? You can’t, but that is the meaning of “God(s)”. Whatever The Whole is, that is God(s), and humans have always pursued this gods’-eye-view through mystical means (which science has, by the way, made a decent start on studying). Myth, trance, spiritual journeys, prayer, meditation, dreams–these have all been used as long as humans have existed, and perhaps longer if other hominins have partaken of these practices. They and their effects can be studied by science, but in my opinion not replaced by it. In the same way I don’t believe that all human myth can be replaced by those myths found in the Judeo-Christian bible. That is Christianity’s hubris, a vision of a purely “Christian” empire…I wonder if today’s guest has a plan for taking on the nephilim that he believes are pulling our strings? Did he discuss that? In the spirit of open-mindedness I wanted to listen to this show, but I tell you that I could not. Well, if he did discuss it, perhaps it was not a waste of time after all.

    • Joyce N

      Damn………that ……was …….long……I thought I was long winded. …. congratulations..You win the title. I must confess, I didn’t read all of it, my eyes started fluttering and I caught myself dozing off. Haven’t done that since I was a kid in church. Probably one of several reasons that I don’t go anymore. Recovering Catholic and all. But hey, more power to ya. 😉

    • MONTE M

      Episode 54 is Ape Canyon episode .
      Someone said that is the Eastern / Boyscouts going off from camp to smoke cigs and encounter a Bigfoot holding a half eaten dog .
      They should make a Scooby Doo episode out of that one . Rut Roo ! Holy cow Scoob looks like fuzzy feline is on the menu .

  26. Jeff M

    Wes, love ya man, love SC , I tried listening but just couldn’t , heard all this on Art Bell a long time ago , and seriously you can connect anything to anything with the right imagination, please stay off the yellow brick road and continue on the path through the woods . Thanks for all you do ! (except this)

  27. Jeremy B

    Nephilim-literally means “fallen angels”
    Rephaim-Are the offspring of Nephilim & human women (commonly) referred to as giants. A lot of people confuse “Nephilim/fallen angels” with “giants/Rephaim”
    *These are the reasons I believe bigfoot are the offspring of the Nephilim. 1) The DNA results consistently comeback as human on the Mother’s side and unknown DNA from the Dad’s side. 2) This could/would explain a lot of the paranormal aspects of this creature and why an 8ft hominid is very rarely seen or captured on video and is still not recognized as a species. 3) this would explain how they are so intelligent. Just my thoughts on this creature for Ive had several encounters including 1 sighting. In one of the encounters I was growled at and it was the most demonic gutteral sound I have ever heard

    • Joyce N

      Aha! Now there’s some useful information…nephilim are fallen angels…not the offspring which were the giants. (Rephaim) well there you have it…sasquatch are more likely rephaim but definitely NOT nephillim. Or at least only half nephillim. Regardless, what the hell does that mean any way? They’re evil entities? Man, I dunno about you but I’m really starting to feel like a pawn in a big ass chess game God on one side Satan on the other and I’m not too damn impressed with either of them. Like life isn’t already full with enough head effing and game playing, now we gotta contend with these notions? You’d think a perfect diety would be above such bullcrap. I mean really, what’s the point. If God is stronger than Satan, what’s the point of all of this? What didn’t it just destroy Satan the first time around? Why play games? Why drag us all into it? Just so you know…I have my own theories on this. It’s about balance. You can’t know good without bad you can’t know bad without good. Life is about experiences, it’s a learning process. Yin and yang. Simple as that. Both are needed to maintain balance. How did we get here? Adam & Eve? Adam & Steve? I never believed in that hype. Get ready kids, imma tell you a story:
      Once upon a time, we were all hanging out in a place known as heaven with our creator aka God. God is like us as parents. NO- good parents, not like those sheetheads on Jerry Springer. We want to know things, we’re curious, we think we know better, we can make things work, we can improve it, we’re God’s rebellious teenagers. God says look, there are pitfalls in life, you must be careful. Teenagers roll their eyes and look at you like you just rolled off the turnip truck. God smiles. It knows your heart, the mistakes you’ll make. It knows more , it’s been around way longer. It knows no matter what damage you do to can heal you when you get back…And just like us, it loves us as unconditionally as we love our kids, forgives us as we forgive our kids. Do our kids piss us off, of course they do. Do we piss god off, of course we do. But we’ll always be there for them and God will be there for us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in it, it believes in you. We’re sent here of our own accord. The bad that happens in this world we collectively did to ourselves. We created this existence. The chemicals in the air, the poison in our rivers. We polluted our children with our medications, our drugs, our alcohol. Whether knowingly or not. God is used for justification of wars, of mass murders , torture, rape murder and so forth. God had and has nothing to do with any of it. It’s all us. Our history repeats again and again. This life is a learning lesson. Sometimes we do great and other times we fail miserably. We leave this life and we go onto our next plain of existence until we get all of our questions answered , then we will meet our creator. Now plains of existence may be reincarnation, it may be that you’re a ghost and you haunt. Sent back to watch the living make your mistakes. May be you’re sent back to watch over another human , a guardian angel, May be you’re a Sasquatch sent to baffle mankind , cause a commotion, a stir. I think God knows our multi tasking minds and need to solve hard puzzles. It knows our need go climb higher mountains, build greater buildings. So it sends us a mystery like dinosaur bones , sasquatch people or king tuts tomb. Aliens from other worlds, lots of things for us to ponder , pieces of an unknown puzzle. All exists , now how do they fit? And that has been JoyceN’ s take on life. Do with it as you wish. It’s all good. 😉

  28. Karey E B

    As a fantasy author, I’m always studying mythology, legends, conspiracies, etc., and truly believe that, in mythology lay truths regarding our histories. As far as conspiracies, too many coincidences begin to give a person pause. I’ve also discovered that the more beyond imaginable it is, the more likely it is. As far as Nephilim and Bigfoot/Sasquatch being one and the same, I’m of a mind to say no; however, there are incidences with Bigfoot/Sasquatch that defy everyday logic regarding animals/wildlife as we know it. Some of these encounters have too much paranormal weirdness to them to be simple ‘encounters’, whereas other times, yeah, nothing more than a big hairy ape like creature–nothing to see here, folks. 😀 Wes, I enjoy that you dare to branch out and broaden our horizons, as well as your own–but, DUDE, you owe me a Bigfoot-Fix! 😛

    • Joyce N

      Hey, here’s a thought…If you don’t like it and you think you can do better..start your own show. Wes is on a journey, he’s been gracious enough go bring us along. If you don’t wanna go..stay home. But don’t tell the man he has no right to go. His show. He works his ass off to give people a place to express their experiences without being ridiculed. I truly think this is a great show. Sasquatch are but one piece of this puzzle. You can either open your mind, and hear them out or keep complaining . And people do get sick and tired of miserable people complaining. I like hearing other people’s perspectives and takes on things. Doesn’t mean I agree or buy into it..I just enjoy hearing another point of view. I like the topic of Bigfoot, but it’s not the only mystery to be solved. I think Wes is a good man, as is his brother, Woody.. They’re family men with some big questions. They have earned respect by being forthcoming and honest. They’ve stood up to the ridicule and accusations and still they’re here giving you a place to tell your story. So let him run his show as he sees fit. Thanks, you’re a real peach. 🙂

  29. jennifer g

    alberino analysis / steve quayle…researching nephilim for over 40 yrs. check it out…..for serious research on many topics, see CORBETT REPORT.COM……others, tragedey and hope .com……these will lead to many other researchers….:)

  30. Jennifer l

    This was shite for bigfoot show I felt like it was religious propaganda I like the stories I already know there NOT NEphelium so why do we need to elaborate on that other topic and free masons and whatever other topics that are not bigfoot I think I’m gonna take my subscription and go now Wes it was a good show in the past I’m sure that the $7 a month ruined it for me for this 666 and peace out lol

  31. Jennifer l

    Forgot to mention that I grew up going to church and forced to read the bible and memorize it and the offspring of the fallen angles and human daughters were the NEphelium and there now the evil spirits on this earth they don’t exist other than that not anymore. Bigfoot is maby who we were we were made like an animal to live in a garden not warring clothes to live off the land

  32. SantiamLady

    This Secret Society Conspiracy stuff is completely terrifying! ???? I’ve bought Gary’s book on Kindle this morning. Haven’t started it yet cause my brain needs a break from the sheer weight of this frightening topic.
    Thanks for having Gary back on, Wes!

  33. Gordon D

    The off spring btwn the fallen angels and the daughters of men were part SuperNatural and part flesh and blood, ok as they Lived preflood , they had a de evolution of themselves as time went on , they became less SuperNatural and more Flesh in blood as the Giant s ,” Not the Fallen Angels ” mated with each other and eventually the Women ,” Daughters of Man ” they began to become much smaller ex. 25ft – 12-10-9 They began tobe more animalistic , Waring amongst each other and Man ,They became cannibals , Ok bud the remnants now of that is what Our People and your people are now witnessing , Called whatever Name you want ! Ok Why dosent Govt ,Science just come out and let it be Known ? It doesnt meet the BS evolution theory they have force feed everyone. My Goodness what if everyone knew there is A God and a Supernatural and the Govt dosent control any of it ? ? ? The Horror of it Lmbo ! They flesh and blood and a remnant of Supernatural ,Done !

  34. Kent C

    Sorry, ….but this is a classic example of why religious input in scientific discussions gives me such a pain.

    You end up with a “Charlie Foxtrot” because the two factions play by completely different rules!

    “Science” is expected to provide data and proofs to support its stated position, but “Religion” is permitted to support its claims by simply saying; “The Bible told me so!!”

    Every time I enter into a discussion concerning subjects like Evolution, I openly state that I WILL change my mind if new data is presented that contradicts my position! …..But I have NEVER met a religious proponent who would agree to question his or her religion if the presented data showed it to be in error on a scientific point!

    Double standards suck.

  35. JAMES B

    Great show Wes! And its not off topic folks! Its just another perspective, that’s all. Wes puts one hell of a show together, one I’m sure takes a lot of time away from family and friends. Give him a break all ready!!!
    I appreciate this conspiracy theory, and its one that has similarities to other theories. I’m not religious, so nephalim have no validity as distink godly beings to me, but I’m not ruling anything out. I’m open minded, like I like to believe most everyone else is here. And remember, its Wes s show…. he can post any content he wishes, regardless of perceived relavancy.
    For the cranky complainers out there, cut him some slack, and if you don’t like the show, change the channel.
    I still can’t understand why so called adults whine and complain over such trivial things……

  36. Janetta V

    Wes, this was a great show. Thank you so much for taking the show in this direction. We need to do that now and then. It’s your show and you can. The people who posted negatively need to read books written by L.A. Marzulli or Steve Quayle that will also help very much about giants and nephilim. Thanks all.

  37. Thomas M

    Wes, love you man but please stay on topic ???? This guy bounces from one convoluted and muddy thought to another, confusing the audience I’m afraid. Can we get David Paulides on please?? I’ve been emailing him recently- there are quite a few new and fascinating disappearances he is considering working.. Don’t mean to hate on the show- this is an ultimate guilty pleasure of mine! You rock, Wes!
    Got nothin but love for ya bud 🙂

  38. MONTE M

    The episode was interesting .As the author of the book and Wes stated the book and topics discussed are very heavy and limitless to interpretation and specific scientific conclusion. I know for sure I have my car keys and this blue Slurpee.If I positively comprehended 50% of the material in the stated book it really has no specific proven Information that is helpful to solving the mystery of this damn dirty ape running around grunting and peeing in the woods.

  39. MONTE M

    Gary was an awesome guest .Obviously a very intelligent individual . To myself thought provoking to the point of system overload with no apparent end game other than pointing towards The End Of Times. That’s not fun to think about. I can’t see how my knowledge or train of thought would benefit in a positive manner from reading that myself . IMO

  40. Alvin Y

    Not happy scared camper with this show.. very dry. Too much gooblygook.. I signed up for stories. Paid for sasquatch stories and experiences. The border patrol story was a good one in a very long time. Reminded me of this podcasts early beginnings. Genuine real people’s experiences. I feel podcast has gotten off track from beginning roots.. just my 2 pennies. Again the border patrol story was as good as beginnings when this whole thing started.

  41. Alvin Y

    Wow .. what a waste.. you said you can do a show on this guy everday of the year… or something like that… Please dont.. such a boring show.. Adds nothing. . If anything takes away from all your work. Keep to the format of show of how you started it. If your that interested … keep it away from this podcast and keep it to yourself. . Lol.. I’m not happy with show.. little , very very little to the Bigfoot topic.

  42. Andrew B

    There’s a strange audio issue with your mic, Wes. But not with the guests’ recording. It sounds like your voice is quickly fading in and out at times. Not a big deal, just wanted to mention it. Noticed it starting several weeks ago.

  43. Hector S

    Whats two shows about the nephilim topic, its no big deal guy. I read the Garbage that one said “this use to be about blah blah.” Wes do what you do, and keep it interesting. People, quit being so damn negative!

  44. Michael K

    Wes, Wes Wes, i couldnt even finish this show of rubbish. I am an Australian and as such I part own the reserve bank of Australia. It is not in private hands although it does bank with private institutions. My head is about to explode with so many corrections to this twits rantings. Please see biblical scholars especially priests who will explain the allegorical nature of Bible version (Lots of different ones) and why a Bible is not the word of God. Also this show was an insult to Historians (Its a profession) everywhere; they’re the people who write books based on facts with references and proof. They might not always be correct but they arent just lying to justify their wild arse theories. Im not the smartest tool in the shed but im well read enough to know Illuminati of the Ancient world is not linked to Modern “illuminati” (Barvarian Illuminati ,look it up) who were Bavarian Aristocrats in the 18th century who fancied themselves a bit smart. In all his rambling im surprised he didnt drag out the old NAZI chestnut of the elders of Zion. Most secret societies he mentioned are from the Middle Ages and are not ancient. His Royal bloodline theories are mute, because alot of Royal house only emerged late Middle Ages and other Royal Lineages are just creations. Case in Point; Alexander the Great Dies; His captains divide his Empire into Kingdoms and are newly created Kings. Ptolemies in Egypt (Yes Cleopatra was a Macedonian not an Egyptian oh ah shock horror), Seleucids in Mesopotamia and Central Asia, Attalid in Anatolia, and Antigonid in Macedon.
    In India a small boy named Chandra Gupta saw Alexanders might and awe inspiring pagentry was so impressed that HE DECIDED to be a King and did just that creating his own Indian Empire from nothing. No weird arse bloodlines here at all. if there had been – gone now. I apologise for the appaling grammar and such but my head is seething from that abominable (PUN INTENDED) show.

  45. Larissa V

    It takes years to read on these topics and having a good foundation helps when hearing these issues. This author is spot on. Paying attention to occult history and paying attention to what is going on now reveals events are coming to a conclusion. We don’t control the money and we don’t control who will be in the next world war. “They”, who ever they are, allow things to continue as they are, or bring it down to bring in the new. Things are not as they tell us on the news and not having any interest to know the truth is an age old problem of cognitive dissonance and normalcy bias. The powers that be are hiding the truth about the foundation of this show…bigfoot, so give the guy a break and learn something. Thanks Wes.

  46. Christine E

    Wonderful Show. . thanks for a refreshing break. As a history buff, I very enjoyed this show. Thanks for all your efforts and time Wes, your show is fantastic, whether Sasquatch related or not !! 🙂

  47. DonRay

    Like the subject….. But squatch are definitely not Nephilim.. A Divine being, mating with a human=Sasquatch…. Dont think so…… The truth is, we really dont know anything about what really went on in the days of Noah… Our interpretation may be completely wrong.. Who knows..? I also believe anything resembling the days of Noah now, was absolutely created to appear that way…. Believe nothing you here, and only half of what you see…. 🙂 Ciao

  48. m99

    ~ Didn’t you agree that the spirits of the giants are the demons? Disembodied demonic entities need a place to inhabit. It has been said that the reproductive material of the accosted victims of the grays, may be the biological material to make the bodies of the grays. Several have said that they think the grays are little demonic robots. And of course there are two kinds reported – the tall grays, and the little ones. Remember, a portal is a place of entry, and if the disembodied spirits of the nephelim need residence, why not within the grays?

  49. cora B

    Currently reading this book. It’s SO good. I am a history archaeology major and I have always had so many questions that my professors and mentors could never answer. And this answers it all!

    Also. Side note. I feel like smart watches or apple watches are just a thing that makes it more normal to pay with your wrist etc. not a good thing. They are getting us ready.

  50. Ernest M

    Genesis 7:20 tells us the water of the Great Flood covered all the mountains by 15 cubits, or 22 feet for between 365 and 371 days. My question is; how could anyone survive? Simple answer is no one did! This guy is withholding a lot of pertinent information to sell books. I hope this gets to Wesley although he’s probably figured this guy used him.

  51. schlad

    I Loved every second, both you guys have a very sober, clean way of presenting complicated information, thanks, leanrt loads . I’m glad that you can feature your other interests, we come here for you, so bring it on!

  52. Blkbeard75

    My view on this episode was that sasquatch is an ancient creature or some kind of tribe of a sort of ancient man. This was maybe to explain what it can be or what some believe it is. I DNT think it’s nephilim but I do think it’s ancient and the bible does say God created some beasts to roam the earth maybe this is what Sasquatch is. Like Wes always says nobody is an expert on this subject and he’s right,until someone has one in their garage then we’ll know what Sasquatch is. Great show Wes.

  53. Cassandra M

    the more episodes I listen to, the more impressed I am with you, Wes. You are a thoughtful, well spoken (and better yet), kind host. you are also really funny and have a sprinkle of Masshole in you ( I am from Massachusetts, take it as the compliment it is 😉) and you are fucking brilliant. Sasquatch Chronicles is fantastic. literally haven’t stopped listening since I started and I am always craving more. awesome.

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