Aug 3

SC EP:133 A gold miners encounter part 2

Part two of my encounter with Bob will be up shortly in the podcast section. In part two of my discussion with Bob we talk about some of the behaviors that he witnessed from the Sasquatch as well as some of the stranger things he experienced while out in the woods. Sometimes fact is stranger then fiction. Bob spent years living off of the land and in the mountains as a gold miner. We were chatting about a lot of things Sasquatch related, we were discussing past guests, I have had on the show to get his opinion on the creatures behavior. I told Bob “it would be great to do a show talking about encounters you had in the beginning, when you were mining and living off of the land, before you really knew about these creatures and behaviors you witnessed.”

Bob shared with me some of the best encounters I have ever heard. Bob also shared with me encounters that other miners had in the area. Bob talked about how the Sasquatches in Colorado are different then the ones in Texas. We discussed not only the physical characteristics but also the behaviors between the two.

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  1. Tyler D

    Bob is the Steve Irwin of Bigfooting. I’ve always said that. It’s a tremendous honor to be able to hear his encounters. He’s seen both the good and bad side of these creatures. That’s something very few people can say. They’re personalities differ and each one is just as unique and different as any one of us. We see these animals as mostly being cruel and aggressive. But mankind can be just as cruel and hurtful as any wild animal if not more so. We believe we’re the exception because we’re “civilized” and “domesticated”. There was a time in our history where we drove animals into complete extinction and we still do today. So if we look at this objectively, they’ve seen how we treat every other living thing on this planet and they absolutely refuse to be on that extinction check list. That’s why these animals are unbelievably elusive and truely want nothing to do with us. And I can’t honestly say I would have any different of a mindset as them if I were in their shoes. Sharing this planet has never been our strong suit. We, mankind, as a whole need to learn to live and let live. We’ve taken so much land from a lot of our own people and wild life. Were never satisfied with what we have so we keep taking and taking. So they snap and basically say you have your land and we have ours, stay on your side. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no tree hugger and I damn sure know these are wild and dangerous animals. But they have a great deal of intelligence that we take for granted. We can be very selfish and arrogant at times. Like Bob said “Live and let live” you know? SC really is a place to learn and gain education on these animals. Thank goodness for amazing researchers like Bob Garrett who give us advice and to tell us that yes, these things are wild animals but they are very intelligent. But at the same time they don’t really want too much to do with us unless they’re getting some sort of food source or entertainment out of us haha. Sasquatch Chronicles has taught me so much and I’m sure it will continue to educate me. I consider and absolute honor and privilege to be a part of it. N hopefully one day I’m able to shake Wes and Bob’s hand and let them know what all they really have done for me and all of us. I’M RIDING WITH SC TO THE VERY END

  2. Paul M

    Hi.. it’s really nice to hear Bob speak on this subject.. truly a very sense are man with a heck of a lot of woods and wilderness wisdom to separate him from the rest of the crowd… very refreshing… I’m a fan of Bob for sure. . ATT. Wes can we get Bob on 1 time a month.. that would be a win. Win for the show. Other gest s are great but he’d the man. I by the way. I still like what’s his name that left also. He seem to know what’s up also. . Keep the pedal down Wes this is good stuff. Thanks Paul m.

  3. Kenneth M

    Is anyone else thinking of Loretta Lynn’s “Coal Miners daughter” when they see this title – I’ve got to modify the song to
    “Coal Miners Encounter- Bigfoot”

    Well, I was born to have a coal miner’s encounter
    In a cave on a hill in Colorado
    Prospecting for gold I was
    That’s the one thing that I was sure ofs
    Live and let live was my motto

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