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SC EP:1028 Bamboo Eating Sasquatch

Josh writes “My mom is a big fan of the podcast and suggested I share an encounter I had in Alabama back in 2012. At the time, we were living in Gadsden, Alabama right by Noccalula Falls.

Noccalula Falls, Alabama

Every day when I would get home from school, I would go to the backyard to let our dog out of a run we had made and bring him into the house. One day, while I was going up the side yard, the dog was agitated for some reason and was barking more than he normally would.

I wasn’t paying too much attention and was just looking down at the path I was walking on until I heard a noise of some kind in the bamboo by the house. For whatever reason, our house had a bunch of bamboo growing around it (it was the only one in the neighborhood that had anything like that around) and I looked up to see a black, furry figure of some kind squatting down, ripping leaves off of the bamboo. I don’t think it was a bear because I remember seeing it use a thumb pinch and grab leaves and things off the bamboo to eat. I froze where I was and watched it for a second and when it realized I was there it also froze and we just stared at each other for a few seconds before we both sprinted in opposite directions.

I’ll also share that at one point after that, I remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking up at a window above my bed in my room to see a face with sunken-in features looking down at me. That window faced the same side yard where I saw the bigfoot too, so I don’t know if it or another one had come back to check it out again but it’s something I’ll never forget.”





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66 Responses to “SC EP:1028 Bamboo Eating Sasquatch”

  1. Nick S

    I think we can all admit Wes is one of the nicest most well spoken people I have ever heard he literally apologizes all the time when he just voices his opinion ir kindly throws somthin in it’s just super cool how kindly he treats the guest and pure respect and this isint just this episode I have been wanting to say this for a while certain episodes u can just tell he’s such a nice guy

  2. Chad W

    Thanks Josh, and thanks Wes! The thought of a bigfoot gazing at me through a window has always given me the chills. I can’t even imagine. And those vocals at the end of the episode – through my headphones – startling and chilling!

  3. Greg O

    Good show as always! Thanks Wes and Josh! I just found this avatar pic on the side of the Kittitas county youth center. The kids were allowed to paint it however they liked.

  4. Gloria T

    I have been listening almost from the beginning, I thought it was time I said how much I appreciate this show.. I look forward to listening every week. I truly appreciate the way you treat your guests. Thank you so much for this informative show.

  5. Karen F

    Good show and thank you. I live in Alaska and I have heard things and so have my dogs. My dogs NEVER respond to recorded bigfoot sounds until this one. No much, they looked up to where the sound was coming from. So going by my gut and my dogs, that was a sound I do not want to hear in the woods.

  6. Connie F

    Find the video, “Missing 411-David Paulides interviews Sasquatch researcher Jim Myers” Canam Missing Project on YouTube. Jim Myers owns the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey CO and has some fascinating things to say about Sasquatch being a flesh and blood ape..from his own personal encounters and research.

  7. Lorraine B

    Thanks Wes, enjoying listening on a rainy Sunday here in Scotland.
    is anyone else unable to toggle between the show page and comments page at times? Any advice appreciated.

  8. Nancy R

    Thank you Wes! the Johnny Carson of Sasquatch Interviewers. 😄
    2/3 is my Birthday. Aquarius.
    I had double yolks in three eggs today! (2/3) used $30
    bought some $2 Scratchers but won’t know if I won til tomorrow bc I only scratch the bar code. 😆

  9. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Josh for sharing. With Tony Merkel’s new branding I was able to look at your sharing, Wes. Very scary encounter. I know you said you don’t like to make your podcast about you but having experienced what you and Wood did, you have become such a good listener and host of this podcast. I so look forward to every episode. Looking forward to all topics, too. Have a great week everyone!

  10. Mike T

    hi wess , happy Feb Birthday, I wish you a healthy 2024 you sure do deserve it, in tonight’s show you had mentioned there i there have been several aggressive situations that you’ve heard of ,, because respectfully I’ve done exhausting research, and I’ve come up with 2 over the last six years 2 documented medical encounters. I personally find it extraordinarily rare , almost a nomaly to , physically attack they do bully , they do bluff charge , they do throw things “”more often than not””, but physically harming ,? I don’t know if i EVER heard on Annie one of your episodes. Ever , ? I say this all humility, respect, and an aging mind, of someone being harmed and documented or undocumented . I guess I should say., maybe it’s something you could discuss briefly on upcoming show happy February birthday again mike

  11. Linda B

    I haven’t been able to actually see a Sasquatch yet. Saying that, I don’t know if this makes sense or not but we all love these episodes, and we enjoy Wes’s interviewing, and we all have to check to see if Brian made 1st place (truly, lol, I do), and we appreciate the witnesses’ encounters and relaying their stories and then suddenly….listening to an episode like this, your senses kind of jerk to an alert status when you think…yeah, this is entertaining, but wait a minute!!
    Bam! This has to be real!! Well, they are. It’s not really a mystery anymore.
    It would be something I would do, looking at something I didn’t understand what I was looking at and then it comes into focus, that would be awful when you realize what it is. Geez.

    • Ron S

      Linda B, be thankful you haven’t seen one. It’s a rabbit hole so deep and dark people really struggle to get out of it with all the confusion that goes with it.

      IMHO it’s a demonic manifestation allowed by God to reveal itself in this realm, as a message or reminder of the spiritual world.
      They are restricted by God to not causing physical bodily harm in almost all cases but these things still set up psychological road blocks.

      If people altogether turn from God it would be all these unexplained creatures not bound by the Creator and they would do anything they want to a faithless mankind as a “Hell on Earth”… Then God would likely wipe them out and start over or do whatever he has planned (personally Idk about the last part with his punishments to evil, I’m just speculating on humanity’s worst case scenario). The faithful wouldn’t be here when this takes place if it ever did, we’ll be in a much nicer place:)

      I pray you never see one, just know other people do, I swear on the bible I’ve seen some crazy stuff.

        • Ron S

          There was a quick tapping sound in my right ear for just a bit after posting that… that’s new. I felt like it was good thing though, almost like applause or something. I think I said or commented the right words. Idk just intuition

  12. Travis C

    Mike T – I believe the answer to your question lies in the Genesis Theory. if these creatures are demonic then it would make sense why they can’t physically harm us, because as humans made in Gods image were protected. This is also backed up by all the stories of people envoking the name of Jesus Christ when encountering being that bring on immense fear, like next level fear.

    Anyways that’s my answer, I’m pretty sure Wes believes this theory as well if you go back and listen to the Genesis Episodes he talks about it.

  13. John A

    Christopher B that’s hard to say without the title or EP number,, I know it was in the early days though. Wes might have a catalog of all episodes, if he hasn’t made one he should cause I’ve wanted that for awhile now. maybe try the website.
    one clue to get you close is to back to EP 100 and listen to the opening, if you don’t hear that within it you’re to low.

  14. Wendy W

    Thank you Wes for playing the audio from Southern Illinois. Almost 13 years ago a friend and I were walking out of a closed campground in a local state park. It is an area where we had another experience there a year or two earlier. We wondered if all of the stories people from the park shared with us were true but still, it did not scare us from going back this campground because of the owl activity that we loved to watch. After being blessed with a visit from a Great Horned owl it had started getting dark so we began our walk back out of the campground. As we turned the last area of heavy wooded ground a loud roar hit us from our right. We stopped and listened for more and tried to shine our flashlights into the woods but it was too dark. I searched for that sound for a good month and the only sound that came close was a gorilla roar but it wasn’t quite like that either. For years I have listened to whoops and howls and growls without finding a similar sound to ours. Now in the last two weeks I have heard two separate recordings, both from Illinois which is where I am at. Thank you so much for sharing that.

  15. David S

    Holy crap, I fell asleep with my AirPods on last night listening to this episode. When the audio clips came on at the very end, I was out cold and immediately woke right up. Then I nearly knocked everything off my bedside stand trying to turn the lights on. Seriously thought that thing was in my backyard. Lmao.

  16. John D

    Hey Wes, Tenino John here…
    Yes!! That’s the closest recording I’ve heard yet to our experience. Almost right on the money, with the exception of duration. It would be dead on if these vocalizations were longer.
    This audio makes my blood run cold

  17. Lorraine W

    Wow! Thx Wes! This episode was a double whammy for me! I live in North Alabama, an hour from Noccalula Falls, but I grew up in Illinois and did tons of primitive camping in Shawnee National Forest during my college years.

    Thank you, Josh! Great story! A yard or two away from one. Wow! That’s really something! Scary! Thanks for sharing!

    That vocal chilled my blood. I’m glad I never heard that in my tent back when I was camping out there! I’d love to hear from whoever recorded that vocal and sent it to you, Wes! To whoever recorded that, please come on the show! I’d love to hear your story! Where in the forest was that recorded? Were you looking for them when you heard it? To me, it sounds like two males challenging each other. Consider coming on the show, plz. Thx for another great episode!

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