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It Was 8 Maybe 9 Feet Tall

A listener writes “My family has lived in Colorado since the early 1800s mostly in Colorado Springs. We spent a lot of time fishing on the weekends at Green Mountain falls and going deep into the Rockies to camp in the summer and early fall. This wasn’t a normal tent and backpack camping. From as little as I can remember. I have never been afraid of the woods.

When I was about 10 I went with my best friend and his dad to a cabin at a campground called Cuttys near Canyon City. It didn’t seem much like camping with staying in a cabin, having a pool and a playground so we weren’t as cautious as usual. For example walking around the surrounding forests at night. We met a group of kids similar in age to us to hang out with walking and exploring. One night we were at the playground at the edge of the woods away from most campers near the river. It was like a mini ghost town type thing. Made up to be kid sized rows of old west buildings. We climbed on top of the saloon building to sit around and talk.

It was an hour or so past dark. Not sure of the time. We didn’t really wear watches and it being the 1980s we didn’t have cell phones. So around this time little dime sized pebbles started landing around us at random intervals. Then after about 15 minutes slightly larger stones about the size of a quarter started getting tossed at us. It didn’t seem like they were aimed at us but just the area around us. Like no one was trying to hurt us. So we stand up and start shining our lights into trees thinking maybe it was some other kids or maybe even an adult messing with us. My friend and the other boy jumped down and started walking towards the woods while myself and the two other girls started to search the trees with our flashlights. Mine landed on a face about 8 or 9 feet off the ground. I said “Hey he’s in the trees.” Then we all paused, taking a long 20 to 30 second look. We all seemed to realize at the same time that this was not a person and he was not in the tree by standing next to the tree. It was a bigfoot. It was covered in dark shaggy fur, the dave was between a human and a chimp in structure, a little graying around the muzzle of the face. Dark eyes. One of the others said we should go back to our cabins.

We all just sort of backed away, climbed off the building and walked away only to start running when we were well away from the playground. I asked my dad if there were bigfoot in Colorado he sort of laughed and said no. But he had some native friends that said oh there were tales of them. That there were places their elders told them to avoid out of respect for these creatures. We moved to rural Pennsylvania a year later so I never had a chance to go back. I have often thought about it. It was like they knew we were just kids and was just trying to encourage us to go away.”

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  1. Ron S

    There’s a painting in the Vatican by Michelangelo called The Last Judgement. There’s a scene at the bottom of two Sasquatch looking creatures standing in front of the mouth of hell, or a cave with fire inside… In the cave is a naked person running away from them and straight into the flames. 🔥

    The moral of the story is: Don’t be “that guy”! 🌞🙏🏼❤️

      • Ron S

        Here’s a link to that portion of the painting at the bottom. I wouldn’t point it out if I thought it was nothing.

        I’m not trying to scare anyone, but please be open to how I see or find what I believe is truth through my own unique ability to rationalize and comprehend how the world works with both physical and spiritual influences in what I’ve experienced personally… I should add also with my own self reflection and increasingly knowing my own strengths and weaknesses.

        How I attain and retain certain knowledge while (funny enough) blessed with an intentionally limited memory, possibly to be more “present” and aware in the here and now… Yeah, it’s kinda weird, but I feel compelled to share this information because I care about people and I want us all to land safely.

        Take whatever I express as my truth, but also however you choose. I have no desire to interfere in anyones free will, just open the door to understanding a very strange world in a way that helped myself first, and makes more logical sense to me with a healthy skepticism yet open mind.

        I’m just a regular guy with some amount of skills and some amount of flaws, a bad memory, and person who loves the outdoors and helping where I can without subjecting myself to my own weaknesses before I’m ready, and all that combined with having had some very strange things happen over the years.

        I don’t like being lied to so I don’t do it to anyone else. I don’t have some “thousand yard stare” into the heavens or through people with a creepy permagrin glued on my face. But in my own search for the answers to it all, some things just ring with more likelihood or even truth.

        Even when I realize it’s not always easy for some to understand or be agreeable with what I have to say I just have to put it out there. It is what is.


        • Ron S

          There is real power in a positive consciousness so never despair. Do your best or at do some good… And as that corny old expression goes “Live, love, laugh”. There’s a ton of wisdom and truth in that. Maybe “learn” as well.

  2. Charles R

    I wonder if it wanted your group to go away, or what is just some kind of entertainment for the Sasquatch to chuck small pebbles and stones at your group of kids. I have no doubt that in some cases, especially when they start throwing large rocks or large diameter sticks like Wes had thrown at him, the message is clear – get the hell out of my territory. However other times such as yours I think it is amusing to them when you were up on top of the saloon. You made the right decision when a light was shown on the Bigfoot.

  3. m99

    @Charles R who wrote, “…You made the right decision when a light was shown on the Bigfoot.” You read my mind almost exactly.

    I thought how very wise the group of children seemed to be by walking away, then running once they got away from the playground. They seemed to do better than any adult who encounters Sasquatch. Looking forward to hearing this first hand.

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