Jan 6

SC EP:1020 The Exchange Student

Mike writes “After hearing many accounts from people who say they didn’t know about Sasquatch at the time or simply didn’t put two and two together after experiencing something out of the ordinary, I reflected on whether or not some of the unexplained events I experienced as a boy growing up rural might have best explained as a Sasquatch encounter.”

Spoke to Mike and he shared a strange set of nights involving a foreign exchange student being terrified by something coming up to his window.







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  1. Charlie H

    Have there been other accounts of Sasquatch mimicking inanimate noises? I’ve heard accounts of them mimicking owls and other animals. Or is this more likely a mistaken wood or house knock/slap?

    Maybe it was trying to lure you outside or at least to look out the window.

    • Sharity

      Ron Morehead said that in the Sierra Mtns, in the same area he captured the “Sierra Sounds”, he and his fellow researchers were huddled in a small shack, terrified, because they could hear the sounds of Sasquatch destroying their campsite. The sound of metal clanging (I think their pots?), things being thrown, their supplies being dumped out, etc. When the din finally died down and the men went outside to start cleaning up their obliterated campsite, to their surprise, nothing was out of place – everything was just as they left it. Mr. Morehead wasn’t sure how to explain the auditory phenomena that he and his fellow researchers heard, but possibly the sasquatch were mimicking different noises with their vocals.

  2. Brian L

    Whoop Whoop!! Thanks Wes.
    P.S., Don’t think us SamSquantchers forget about the Wedne….
    I mean “mid-week” third show you thought might be a good idea…

  3. Peter D

    So what part of NY is this? Since I live on the CT/NY Border and have met people on my are who’s claimed to are seen a Bigfoot here I’d be curious to know where this is.

  4. Janetta V

    Great show Wes, I always love those upstate N. Y. encounters. Wish you a happy upcoming year and may 2024 be a better one for all of us. Would like to see our crazy country get straithtened out, get rid of fake Biden and the real commander in cheif step out and start running things AGAIN!!!!!

  5. Connie F

    That was the best exchange between Wes and Mike following “what do you think Sasquatch is”. It is fantastic to hear two people discuss frequency, dimensions, ET, UFO with Sasquatch.

    I tried living (unsuccessfully) in a highly active area, there was never 8ft tall 1,000 pound apes walking around 40 acres. There were all the typical Sasquatch sounds, and some indications they had gray skin and black hair, but with their presence were orbs, language, robotic voices, frequency tones, ghost like figures and other odd things. It was all one phenomenon.

    • Brian P

      Having these same experiences I can attest to these high energy or highly active areas give of an energy or vibe the we as humans wouldn’t normally choose to hang around.
      It makes living there even worse.
      I feel that many things that wish to avoid us,I.e. sasquatch,seek out these areas for just that same reason.
      It’s a whole enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing.

      • Craig F

        It’s funny how one place in the woods can have such a good feeling about it and another one a creepy vibe, when it’s all pretty much just wood for both. I ran across one of those places where items are strewn about without any rhyme or reason. As if whatever brought them there has collected them without understanding what they are. Puzzle pieces coming together. SC brings back memories. Grats to everyone who shares their encounters . Way to go Micheal C!

        • Chris L

          The Catskills definitely have have some strange stuff going on up there. I experienced a very deep and powerful disembodied growl while hiking at Overlook mountain once. There were other people with me. Highly unlikely that it was a bear, sounded too big and didn’t back down when my wife blew an air horn. Also have a friend who is an avid hiker in the area and told me has had rocks and acorns tossed at him.

          • maura o

            I live near Overlook – woke up at night to what felt like a massive bang on the side of the house. Once I was awakened by a very loud whoop right outside my window which started off at a low pitch, which lasted a good while, then escalated and ended on a really high note. Very high and very loud. My brother was visiting. Both of us woke up at the same time and yelled to each other “What was that?!” I also had fingerprints on my windows that several people thought were bear prints – but bears have paws… These looked were large, muddy, ridged fingers. Maybe a large man. I used to have pictures but lost them when I dropped my computer in a lake. I haven’t heard anyone speak of a sighting yet. I did once come across a strange sight– a bear’s rib cage in the middle of our private road.

  6. Kimberly C

    I live in the Hudson Valley, but as a kid in the 90s we lived across the river on the edge of kaaterskill mtn…he was not joking about the area…we rode horses up and down the mtn all the time and kids ran amok in the woods with no supervision…scary to think about what I could have come across!

  7. Brian P

    Thank you for sharing,Mike.
    My boss actually comes from this area.Your high school sounds very similar to yours by her account.
    She has admitted to me in the past that it was common place for her to see these creatures walking through the woods and hear them talking back and forth.
    Needless to say I don’t believe her to be the outdoors type.lol
    But thought you would like to hear this.I know how sharing these stories make you feel.Be validated.

  8. Jennifer B

    What an insightful encounter!! Thank you Mike for sharing!!! I always learn something new!! It’s odd how you hear something and your mind goes back to memories and you get that “ah-ha” moment!

  9. Cathy B

    My husband is from the Catskills, mountains of New York… a town that’s so small it is no longer on the map. In fact, the closest town on the map is Big Indian. Would love to know if this was anywhere close. I question him often… are you sure you don’t remember anything abnormal or strange in the woods,?! As a man, first generation American from German heritage. He has no recollection of anything , “abnormal “ but I swear if he could just go back in time he would realize something or know something or remember hearing something….different. As kids, in a small community …they ran the woods…often…and year round! Anyway , thanks for the podcast!! This podcast has gotten me through some very deep valleys in my life. A great distraction from sad situations. 🙏🏼

    • Michael C

      Which town is he from? Big Indian is really in the heart of the wildest area of the range. When you say “no longer on the map” do you mean the town is now gone? Gilboa was once a good size town but it was flooded to create a reservoir. The town is now gone but the name is still on the map.

  10. Ann Y

    Bigfoot gonna start a workout routine ❤️😘🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

    I like Mike’s insights into frequency and such! Using his intellectual insights to think out of the box!

  11. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Mike for sharing. Whatever this being is, sometimes appears as a natural creature and other times supernatural with the mind speak, mimicking all manner of things … it is interesting and bears more looking into. Frequencies are, I believe, what make it possible for people who are abducted to pass through the walls of their homes, etc. Wes, you and Mike touched lightly on the dark side of this subject and yes, it seems to be much worse for all of us on that end of things. Human harvesting have been going on forever. Mutilations of bovine may be what is feeding the fetuses that are taken from the wombs of human mothers. LA Marzuli is talking about the fact that bovine blood (bloodless mutiliated cows) is being used to grow the part human, part whatever the father is fetus for a hybrid being. Scary stuff.

  12. Zachary H

    i think the sasquatch associate humans with those car door sounds, that’s where they’ve observed humans. maybe they make those noises instinctively as an automatic associate with how they’ve experienced people.

  13. Penny H

    I think they are constantly trying to draw people out of their homes, out of their campsites. I think if we are near them, they are more and more interested in us to the point of being fascinated, maybe even obsessed with us.

  14. Michael C

    Just to clarify a point that may be confusing-

    No car drove up the driveway. When I looked out my window I saw our family car that had been parked there already and while looking at our car, heard the car door slamming sound. No one was at the car.

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