Sep 4

SC EP: 886 Something Out Of A Nightmare Rewind

Next week I will be traveling but I am going to pack my equipment and do some interviews. I am also going to try to do some video production. I am packing up for PhenomeCon. If you are going to be in Vernal Utah next week stop by and say hi. Tonight I will be posting a rewind one of my favorites. Something Out Of A Nightmare


Bill writes “I was 15 it was second day of buck season. It was around 7am. It was snowing so the sun wasnt out full like usual. I heard what sounded to me like a damn bull running through the thickets. There was a deer run just next to it. My stand was about 25-30 yards from where the deer run shot through the thickets. I had clear shots all around. Our stands were built 360 around two giant oak trees.

Anyway I was seriously waiting to see a damn brama bull come plowing through this scrub. So I sat on the bench up there and figured whatever it is my chance of getting a buck were gone for next few hours. So I leaned back against the tree and put my 30.06 across my lap. My dad insisted we always loaded heavy with hollow points. My dad reloaded all out ammo. I’m not sure what grain he used in the shells. But I know you couldn’t buy them with that much grain powder in them.

Anyway. All sudden everything just goes silent. You know that Erie silence you hear when it is snowing. Like the snow absorbers all sound. No more birds, squirrels, nothing there was no sound. Lime mother nature hit the mute button. Then I saw movement. It was about 6 doe trying to sneak by. When they got near the thicket my jaw dropped. These doe jumped straight up in the air! And there legs were running in mid air as well. 4 doe sprinted away when the hoofs hit the ground. But what exploded out of the thorny thicket was these two massive BFs they were on top of these does in milliseconds grabbed them by the throats and snapped the does necks as if they were breaking twigs! These monsters were both reddish brown. Their faces were something out of nightmares. I froze. Did not move a muscle. I just watch as they threw these does probably about 150 pounds each over there should like I would have my book bag from school. And then they walked right under my stand. And stopped. Then what happened next it was all I could do not to piss myself. From right under me came this Unholy roar. That seemed to go on forever. The tree stand was vibrating from the sound waves. Then when the roast stopped, I heard the other go like humph!! And then they walked away with their prize over there shoulder. As they walked I watched them and it was if the trees swallowed them up and they were gone.

Next I heard running towards my stand, but it wasnt heavy. It was my dad. He ran to me when he heard the roar. He was running towards me with the intent to shoot anything to save me. My dad did three tours in Vietnam. He was running as if he was going into battle. I didnt recognize it when I was 15, but after my training in the Navy. I was a Navy Corpsman with 2nd Marine recon battalion out of camp legune NC.

When I saw there faces I became terrified because it triggered a memory from when I was like 5 or six. And something with that sinister face and teeth would stare through the window in my bedroom of that cabin. I was to terrified to run to my dad. I couldn’t even speak. I was frozen in fear. My mind must have blocked it out, until I saw them that day when I was 15.

My dad had to climb up to me in the tree stand and assist me down the tree. It was if my brain locked every muscle in my body. I couldn’t even speak for about 10 minutes or so. I was in shock. That roar right under me sent a fear through every fiber in my mind body and soul.”






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91 Responses to “SC EP: 886 Something Out Of A Nightmare Rewind”

  1. April B

    So funny that you decided to replay this episode. I was going back today and relistening to old episodes and listened to this this morning. I started to play today’s episode and thought I selected the wrong one! Synchronicity!

  2. theresa m

    Thank you, Wes. Bill, appreciate your sharing such a truly scary experience. Sounds like the Sasquatch wanted you to know they did not appreciate your presence in their hunting area. Definitely could have taken you out and didn’t want to kill you but instead, wanted to let you know you were not welcome there. Wes, have a safe trip and enjoy meeting some of your people.

  3. Melanie W

    Soooo wish I could go! There’s a meet up for the Skinwalker Ranch Insiders (well worth it, it that’s your ilk). And it would be great to meet ya in person, Wes! Can’t wait to hear/see what you bring us back. 🙂

  4. Joyce A

    My father and uncles were in the military. My father would have never put his son in a tree stand knowing those things were out there. i’m not trying to be hurtful but I just don’t understand that logic. Thank you for sharing your story though. i’m sure it took a lot of courage to share.

  5. Alexandra H

    I’m sorry is this just the best episode or what gee Wes you just keep serving them up hope you’re keeping well xxx great story thanks for sharing with us and thank you and your father for your service

  6. Peter B

    Safe travels Wes we’ll keep a light on for you. I truly wish I could have been at the expo. Hello to everyone from the Navajo Nation…Ya’ah ta hay (All around is beauty, all around us is beauty).

  7. richard r

    not to take anything away from bill , but he states that they are flesh and blood but not spiritual in any way. just a quick thought .if you dont believe in the spiritual world ,how do you know it isnt?

  8. Cali H

    Just went to The Great Geauga County Fair. I got corn dogs, boubon chicken, kettle corn, cinnamon pecans, apple strudel, cherry strudel and lemonade. I am done. I helped my cat birth 7 kittens, 4 lilacs and 3 color points. Full color lilacs so rare and i got 4!!! Good day, good night. Great show.

  9. Nikita V

    Great show! Thank you Wes.
    For those who have experienced an encounter, and were able to have a clear view of the face/head, I wish they’d include a sketch of what they had witnessed. It is so interesting to see and hear how the appearances of these creatures vary with the location they were witnessed in.

    • Derek G

      Well dont let the numbers bother you too much.
      He was 15 years old when it happened and never went back afterward.
      1. The tree stand might not have been actually 20 foot off the ground. I highly doubt as a 15 year old kid he measured it.
      2. He was looking down at the creature. It might have been taller than 10 foot.
      3. He might have both the tree stand and the height of the creature wrong.
      The only thing i caught which threw me off was at point he describes one holding the deer off the ground and the other with deer over its shoulder. Then when Wes asks more detail about the smaller one he states he cant remember, it is just blurred out and for all he knows the other one could have been behind him.
      How can he remember that it was standing there with the deer over its shoulder but at the same time not remember?

  10. STEVE W

    The Sasquatch I got a good look at could have been killed with a 12g slug , But he wasn’t threatening at all , He was about 7ft , Around 400 lbs , I never thought about raising my gun , Wasn’t threatening, I’m almost posative I seen a young one , He was actually handsome per say , Looked real clean and almost groomed, Definetly Mom and Dad took real good care of him , Very healthy and well groomed

    • Charles R

      I would agree, a young one probably 7 or 8 years old, I assume male. Kind of reminds me of Tony, I believe, from episode 442 or thereabouts a few years ago in Kentucky. Female 8 years old appx 6′ 7 or 8 inches tall. He just gushed about how gorgeous she was.

  11. Charles R

    I missed this episode first time around, most happy that Wes reposted this. It had to be absolutely terrifying as a 15 year old and not knowing about the Bigfoot to have an extremely huge, probably old male, stand below you and be able to reach your platform that he states was 20 feet off the ground. And then to have it roar up at him, and I do agree with his assessment that it was an acknowledgement that now you know we are here and are best not to be messed with. What a habituation that this family had with this Bigfoot clan and maybe others that had been around this property for decades and the elders well knew about them. Aparently the elders did not consider them a huge threat and had learned to co habitate with them. Maybe on episode 2, Wes could go more into the thoughts that Bill’s Grandfather and Father had about this clan. I also agree with Bills thoughts on what they are, however there is high strangeness to at least some of them that is most difficult to understand.

  12. Tony H

    This story has too many red flags for me. Too many to mention. I will say though real Vietnam war vets don’t call it “nam”. Family who experienced the war through fathers, sons or uncles know better.

    • RJ G

      Thank you! I thought i was the only sane person in the comments. Ive listened to too many of these encounters its si easy to spot the guests who are full of it. This one is def just the same old bullet points copying the legit encounters.

  13. Evelyn L

    Well, Wes apparently has some human lie detectors here that he has trained himself! They have listened to so many stories that they can tell when someone is telling a lie. Must be time for them to find some other past time or apply for a job with the FBI.
    I don’t understand why the elders of this family did not tell the kids about these creatures. It would be much better to let the kids know about possible danger than to let them find out on their own. Maybe the youngsters would choose not to hunt, but I doubt it. Kids usually want to do what their father or mother are doing. Better to be prepared than to have the crap scared out of them totally unprepared.

  14. Evelyn L

    I thought about this guy and how he was raised. My father was a Sargent in the Marines and also went to war. He was very hard on us kids. When he was home on the weekend he treated us like the hired help. We had to be working at something most of the time. When he took us camping we had to act like little soldiers and when we were leaving we had to “police the area” to make sure that every possible sign of humanity was picked up even if it was the tiniest piece of paper left by someone else. I guess the enemy must have been following us. So I guess I do kind of understand why his father and grandfather did not tell him. I do not believe that they were correct in their decision making but I understand the thinking to some extent.
    Military training in the past was basically a form of mind control. The special forces especially. That is why some people stay in for so long despite hardships and danger. Some believe that they would be cowardly if they left the others that they serve with. It goes from being a patriotic duty to serving the group. I think it has changed some today but not enough. We do need elite forces but destroying a person’s humanity is going beyond what should be done.

  15. Lisa S

    Thank you so much for this, Bill and Wes. What about this idea about the sulphur? I read or heard elsewhere or on SC that they have urinated around a person they were protecting, and were extremely upset when people urinated on their own property, not knowing that the Sasquatch considered that theirs. Would the sulphur odor not be something similar to urine? Thanks for any thoughts.

  16. Mc P

    A lot of people think this guys story is suspicious.
    It happens.
    Most of Wes’ guest are sincere, 90% I’d say.
    But, every once in a awhile a story teller will sneak in, it truly comes w/ the territory.
    That’s why I love those episodes e we here you can just here it in there voices,,,
    The truth.
    Definitely my favorites.
    Check out mcPlainWaynes’ videos-
    Squatch it up y’all!!

  17. RJ G

    Sasquatch chronicles used to be awesome, wes would call out the bullsh*t, now its just seems like he doesnt weed out the crap. Too many episodes are just these yahoos trying to outdo the previous episode reiterating the legit story highlights. I might just be crabby after listening to so many of these, i started to listen to other podcasts recently and just check in here fron time to time to see if an actual encounter is posted.

  18. connor m

    In defence of Wes, I understand why he would choose not to call out bull-shitters, I think many guests are already extremely nervous about coming on the show and if they thought their stories would be interrogated and their credibility scrutinized we would probably never hear from them. Bottom line SC is a great show, warts and all.

  19. Rebecca V

    I’m so glad I wasnt the only one who noticed how full of crap this guy is. so many inconsistencies..I’m not paying a monthly subscription to listen to these yahoos. Wes are you really this gullible??
    theres been way too many of these bs stories lately. they shouldn’t be getting past you.
    think it’s time to cancel unfortunately. this one really pissed me off

  20. christopher s

    Love what you’re doing Wes! You’ve put on so many authentic guests with real encounters that were truly riveting. That’s unfortunate for those who try and fake it. We can spot most of them in the first 10 minutes. I’m glad it’s an extremely rare occurrence on here. I did have to shut this one down pretty quick. Sounds like he’s an avid listener of the show though.

  21. Elaine S

    I wonder if the way people claim to feel sick and out of it for days after the encounter if it could also be the incredible massive adrenaline dump they experience during the time of the encounter. I have also heard of memory loss of the encounters

  22. Daniel S

    Wes it was awesome hanging out at Phenomcon. I had a great time. Though I did see how busy you were this weekend I hope you got a bit of a break. and I appreciate how nice you were. it’s so nice to meet awesome people like you.

    • Michael J

      I came to the conclusion a few years ago after reading Scott Carpenter’s book that they are Nephalym described in the Scriptures and in the left out book of Enoch. It just makes sense to me in a created, intelligent design universe. I taught biology for 20 yrs, now retired, and I did a lot of research, soul searching to come to the conclusion that Darwins Theory was over stretched. It has been added to by others, and the other authorities of the day were more socialists types looking to change society, rather than finding truth. In all disclosure, I became a Christian at age 21. Coming from an unchurched family gives me a different perspective than people raised in the faith. I studied evolution wholeheartedly as a kid. I was above average, high, I.Q . I was a sellf starter in a poor, ignorant, alcoholic father family. I lived in a rural, W. Arkansas town on the Mulberry and Arkansas Rivers. We had the talk of ” boogers”. My Cherokee grandma would always tell me, my brother and all my first cousins to stay close to the farm house at night , and we had a bulb on a wire outside to be able to see and play at night. The grandparents had a 100 acre farm. My mom was raised there. Even in recent years, we have had sightings of the creature on a local military reservation, Ft Chaffee , near Ft Smith and on some of the tributaries of the Ar River. The Arkansas is a very large river as it leaves Tulsa and goes across the state of Arkansas to the Mississippi. A navigable river with 14 locks and dams with hydroelectric and flood control. There are tons of sightings on the Verigris River in Ok, heading toward the state line between Ar and Ok. On the evolution issue. My thinking changed as I saw fake evidence presented as real, and how the fossil record has NEVER presented a transitional form from one species to another or in phase. No time can be determined by using rock. Then, there are evidences of fast formation of rock by looking at polonium halos created by radioactive activity that indicate a ” flash” of activity. So, Im going all over the map, but these entities come up genetically as human on the mitochondrial side and ” unknown” on the male chromosome. This fits the Biblical description of their origins. There were the ” fallen” from the heavenly realm that challenged the Creator , and His authority. Having said that, I won’t limit the evidence to just Scripture. The ancient Mesopotamian account and the stories of beings from off planet that manipulated human DNA. Noah may have been saved to ” kill out” the hybrid , evil creations of the Fallen ones, i.e. Satan and his minions.

  23. Kevin S

    the sulfur thing… maybe it’s cause they have such a stronger set of senses than we do, and what’s off putting to us, is downright offensive and deterring to them when it comes to smells… at least. or… and this is just my wheels spinning here, but many times demons are associated with the sulfur smell… i know we’ve touched on these things possibly having a demonic … potentially demonic traits… but maybe they aren’t at all and the powerful smell associated with demons makes them avoid the area…. which kinda sucks cause of i was battling a demon, a Sabe would be a good ally. I’m thinking it’s more the former than the latter… but idk s.

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