Sep 13

SC EP: 581 HorrorHound Weekend Interviews

We spent a few days in Indianapolis to attend HorrorHound Weekend, and spent time with some great people. I was able to do a show with several guests while I was there, and wanted to include everyone who was unable to attend. My mic was damaged in transport so my voice sounds hollow…

Several people sat down with me on the final day including Bob Gimlin, Travis Walton, Claudio Bergamin, Amy Bue, and Justin Snyder.

Bob Gimlin:

Amy Bue:

Travis Walton:

Claudio Bergamin: |

Justin Snyder:

I will see the members back on Sunday!






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      • Avril F

        Stephen C Ealing (West London) in the SC House. I do ‘Just Love SasChron’ Wouldn’t it be great if Wes came to the UK ? I would defo go if there was something like HorrorHound here. I could write loads about the reasons why I Love SC . I have listened to every show now. And to sum it all up all I can say to Wes and each of his hundreds of guests is ‘Thank you for the Education’. I hardly watch TV anymore. Another huge plus thanks to SC. I’m in North London but hear ‘West is Best’ ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Stephen C

          Hi Avril.
          It’s great to hear from another London SC fan.
          Likewise no mind control box ,I turned it on last year to watch a dvd I cant remember when.
          Several friends and colleagues have become so addicted they have listened to every episode from day one.I love to see there faces if we’re listening together and it begins to dawn on them,There out there!.
          My mate Charlie had the same discovery at the same time as myself that it’s the perfect show to fall asleep to, so SC reruns are a nightly occurrence.
          I really ,really don’t want to see one and am so glad the Squatch can’t travel round the North Circ.

          • Avril F

            Stephen C
            I wonder how many of us are there? It’s great your colleagues and friends are into SC too. I think the TV does try to control what you see and think. I used to love the News etc but if its a choice of a SC episode or TV I know Wes and his Guests win every time. I was up in Sheffield this weekend my sister lives there and I really missed listening . So caught up on the drive back down to London. Some of the guests encounters would make such great TV ( not in the Finding Bigfoot ) way, of course! But why do the mainstream Media try to make out we are ‘Kooks’ or that it is all a ‘Joke’? Some of the guests on here have lived through some very intense encounters! So I agree there is No Way I ever want to see one. But I would love to go to America to the Bigfoot Conferences etc. Have a great week.

      • Avril F

        Andrew O lol ๐Ÿ™‚ too funny ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I agree’ Finally’ and Representing the UK. I was up as some ‘Crazy O’Clock’ to get to the Winning SC’s tape and ‘Finally’ feel what it is like to be in the Winners Enclosure lol ๐Ÿ™‚
        Have a great week.

        • marsha l

          Lol You Brits seem fun ;D Love that buoyant humor! Or is it junior?..???Air high fives to our SasChron Fam on other continents ???? Letโ€™s arrange a meetup haha (Love from tha West Coast of So Cal ?

          • Avril F

            Marsha I lol again. I thought you meant Junior High Humor ๐Ÿ™‚ No, I think you are right about the Brits. We do seem to have our own sense of ‘Funny’. Which I ‘get’ that not everyone thinks is that ‘ Funny’ at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, I can’t do all the emoji’s on this laptop. But sending Air High Five’s to you all, right back and across the Miles. Wouldn’t it be great to have a SC meet up? Yes that would be great.
            Take Care.

  1. Robert H

    Great show Wes,Iโ€™m sorry I missed your trip to Indy last week Wes. Iโ€™ve been a long time member and I live in Indianapolis all my life but the interesting thing is all the stories from Indiana I can add stuff to but. I have a couple RV at a private campground in Owen county and I spend most of my free time here and a couple of winters ago I spent winter here and swear I had them right outside I had a baby monitor out side so I could here what was happening at night out side so I get the owls doing there calls outside about 4 in the morning then it goes into monkey chatter I was grabbing my pants about then any who I didnโ€™t go outside I didnโ€™t have a fire arm because there not allowed in the campground. But I have other little stories to about all of this area. Any who you get back this way let me know Iโ€™ll take you out to some private woods where I heard the Ohio yell. Peace and out brother. Sorry I missed you this last weekend.

  2. Barbara W

    Wow! That was another great show!
    Hey Wes, hope about doing a voice over of whatever material you have on Daniel Boone’s Yahoo? Those are neat, and I’d be interested to find out more on his encounter.
    Best part of the whole show was the last guy telling about his grandfather and Mars and what sounded like bigfoot. Fascinating story! I could have listened to him longer.

  3. Maria D

    I wonder why it is that some people seem to have encounters with everything, multiple Sasquatch encounters, UFO’s and aliens, even have family that’s visited Mars.?
    Poor me has never seen anything…

  4. Tracy L

    I loved the last guest’s stories, especially about his grandfather going to Mars and seeing the Sasquatch-aliens that live under the surface. That would make sense of all the various threads or theories that are left hanging regarding Sasquatch, i.e., that they live underground, that the doctor who did alien autopsies remembers the alien that looked like Chewbacca (Sasquatch), that life on Mars came to Earth, that there is life on Mars, the Mars rover that keeps getting wiped clean and whose life has thus been extended years beyond its estimated life, that Sasquatch have been seen being transported to UFOs suspended in a beam in mid-air, that Sasquatch has been seen at the same time UFOs are seen, that Sasquatch has been seen stepping out of mirage/Predator type cloaked bubbles (The Orb & The Drain by WJ Sheehan), and on and on.

  5. Bonnie I

    Thanks Wes, like Tracy stated and from what the last guest said Sasquatch has been observed on Mars living under the surface. Seems that could mean he was transported from there to Earth originally or the other way around. What seems certain is that Sasquatch lives underground.

    • m99

      I know right? Priceless. The only place my Paw
      Paw went, at least that I’m aware, is to South America. He contracted a disease that ravaged his kidneys. He died at age 76, and I think having one almost functioning kidney contributed. Wonder what alien disease if he had gone to Mars? Uhhhh…

  6. Charles R

    Man Wes, I so wanted to come to downtown Indy and meet you. I had a Saturday motorcycle fundraising ride to raise money for the Tornado victims from the Memorial Day 15 to 20 tornados that touched down in the Dayton and greater Dayton area, some close to me. Oh well, I figured I would get up early Sunday and head over, only 2 hours at most. I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst cold, and possible flu type symptoms I have had in 25 years and spent Sunday and Monday being miserable. It was something my son must have caught from school. It just figures. Hope you come back next year or go to Salt Fork Lake next spring.

    Neat interviews. Hope all goes well for Bob Gimlin and he can continue to make a few events each year. Lee’s grandfathers episode is beyond bizarre. I can not fathom how anyone could be from Venus, even underground. It is a poison planet with an atmosphere that is 92 times more pressure than Earth and surface temps of over 850 degrees F. Do the Aliens stash some Sasquatch underground on Mars for safe keeping? That part of Indiana that Lee is in definitely has it going on Bigfoot wise.

  7. Egon S

    Homeland Security doesn’t allow you in there! Please explain to a Canadian boy up here in Sasquatch British Columbia Canada where so far there ain’t any restrictions yet, what and why should there be so many restrictions besides Area 51, Military Bases and Government Facilities?

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