Nov 27

Sasquatch Summit 2019 The Bob Gimlin Interview

Encounters USA writes “The Godfather of Bigfoot, the Sultan of Sasquatch Bob Gimlin sat down to talk about life at the Sasquatch Summit. We reminisced for a few minutes about the past, about the events at Bluff Creek, where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin shot the first Bigfoot video ever seen. We had a lot of fun talking to Bob about change and the fact that he has become not only the face of the Bigfoot movement but real sex symbol to the community. It’s a wonderful interview and you won’t want to miss a second.”

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  1. John P

    OMG….he is such a humble and down to earth,Man! I wish I could shake his hand and tell him that he really is the godfather of the sasquatch movement! Without him I don’t think Patterson could have got the film! He was the real cowboy that got him where they had to go! They treated him like crap for too long, Thankfully he’s getting the credit he deserves! Yes it is a SASQUATCH and not some prick in a Suit….Please just carefully watch the footage and only a fool could not believe that’s not a real Creature!

  2. Charles R

    Wow. 95k people at a Bigfoot Conference is astounding. So happy Bob is still doing well. I have an autographed copy of Patty from Bob, framed and on my wall in my office, I will always cherish.
    They are talking about Zana and this topic came up here a couple weeks ago. This story, I have thought, could not happen except for the description and exploits written about her were so Bigfoot type creature. Then I re read Albert Oastman’s account. He remarked that he thought the female child would have followed him out. Then I came upon the extraordinary 3-4 year friendship that Kevin Laing had with an orphaned male child called Glagg in Idaho back in the early 80’s I believe. In fact they were best buddies until Glagg matured and found a female mate. I would recommend this story highly. Maybe Zana was an orphan and sought human companionship to survive as a child. They grown so much quicker than we do. Just a thought.

  3. Coop

    Renee, glad I wasn’t the only one haha. Bob is a really awesome man.

    Charles R, I recommended Kevin Laing in the past also. He has an interesting story, true or not. I hope it is but never know nowadays. Still would love to hear a new interview and see if anything significant changes in the story. Would be cool if he ever got at least one pic. 110 cameras were pretty common back then I would think. For “young ins”, a 110mm was a “compact” camera back in day, and yes I had one as a kid, until i was big timing it at 16 and got a 35mm haha.

    • Charles R

      Coop. I listened to all 10 plus hours of the interview. He got so choked up numerous times recounting various episodes that were sad to the downright terrifying, I feel most confident he was telling the truth, but you never really know. He explained the camera part. I never had a camera in those days, in fact I never got one until 2010. He took great care in making sure no one would know of his adventures, even his brothers.

  4. Coop

    Hey Charles, where did you get to hear an interview that detailed? I only got to hear one show with him and it was only like maybe an hour and a half. I’d love to hear more.

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