Jan 12

Sasquatch encounters are nothing new

People think seeing a Sasquatch is a new phenomenon. Witnesses today express feeling like if they discuss what they have seen or heard people will think they are crazy. Here are some historical accounts:



1864 Fraser River canyon, BC
Alexander Caulfield Anderson
Fur trader and party attacked by ‘hairy humanoids’ which threw rocks at them.

1869 Orestimba Creek area, CA
Hunter watched Man-beast swinging lighted sticks from his fire.

1879 Williamstown, VT
Two young huntsmen
Red-haired creature chased witnesses after being shot at.

1885 Lebanon, OR
Mr. Fitzgerald & others
Hunters saw hairy ‘man’ eating raw deer flesh

1894 Deep Creek, KY
Jack Agee
Saw man-beast which raided farms was tracked to cave.

1895 Delamere County, NY
Peter Thomas
‘Wild man’ seized traveler’s horse, killed it and dragged it away.

1899 Headwaters of South Sixes River, OR
Prospectors named Robbins & Benson
Saw 6½-ft, yellow-furred ‘devil’ push camp gear off cliff; ran away when shot at.

1900 Sixes River area, OR
William Page & Johnnie McCulloch
Miners saw 9-ft hairy ‘animal-man’ drinking at stream.

1900 Kildeer Mtns, ND
People in sleigh
Saw large man-like animal which first ran towards them, then ran off through snow leaving huge manlike tracks.

1904 Vancouver Island
A.R. Crump, J. Kincaid, T. Hutchins, W. Buss
Hunters in uninhabited area saw young, hairy ‘wild man’ with ‘long matted hair and a beard’ who ran off at speed through impenetrable undergrowth; had also been seen by others in past few years.

1907 Bishop’s Cove, Vancouver Is.
Villagers scared by hairy ‘monkey’ which dug clams and howled on beach at night.

1909 Chehalis Indian reserve
Peter Williams
Man-like animal chased witness home and then pushed against walls of wooden house.

1928 South Bentinck Arm, near Bella Coola
Several trappers reported seeing and shooting at Man-beast, which fell; witnesses did not stay. Earlier had found excrement covered by moss.

1930 Kwaltwa Kitasu Bay, Swindle Island
Tom Brown
‘Hairy giant’ seen in shallows at night; screamed when shot at, but no body to be found next day

1936 Morris Creek near Harrison River
Frank Dan
‘Hairy giant’ threw rocks at witness’s canoe.

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