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Sasquatch, British Columbia, 1934

June 10, 1934

Hairy Tribe Of Wild Men in Vancouver Survivors of Race, Believed Extinct, Are Reported

VANCOUVER, B.C. – (U.P.) – Reports that survivors of the tribe of wildmen known as “Sasquatch,” a race of ferocious hairy giants, who dwelt in caves in British Columbia years ago, still are roaming the rocky wilds near Vancouver, have been revived here. The wildmen are described as “hairy giants, nine feet tall, with a ferocious appearance and demeanor.”

bigfoot_by_chrisscalf-d5v2t0xMrs. James Caulfield, living on a farm near Harrison, B.C., is the latest to report seeing one of the giants. Mrs. Caulfield relates that she was washing clothes in a river when she heard a buzzing sound similar to that made by a humming bird. “I turned my head,” she said, “but instead of a bird there stood the most terrible thing I ever saw in my life. I thought I’d die for the thing that made the funny noise was a big man covered with hair from head to foot. He was looking at me and I couldn’t help looking at him. I guessed he was a Sasquatch so I covered my eyes with my hand, for the Indians say that if a Sasquatch catches your eye you are in his power. They hypnotize you. I felt faint and as I backed away to get to the house I tripped and fell. As he came nearer I screamed and fainted.” Mrs. Caulfield’s screams brought her husband running out of the house just in time to see the giant run off into the bush.

On another occasion two canoeists reported that the giant saw them paddling down a river and started hurling rocks at them.

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