Sep 4

Sasquatch Chronicles | Face Masks


Whether you love or hate them, agree or disagree with their necessity, believe in or doubt their efficacy… face masks continue to be mandatory in many places, and we have had several people reach out to request Sasquatch Chronicles face masks. We didn’t necessarily plan on making masks, and don’t feel right to profit off of an event that has left so many of our friends, family, and listeners in uncertain circumstances, so we will be selling the masks “at cost.”

So without any further ado, we present this mask to you. It’s made from 3-ply, 100% combed cotton so it’s super soft – like wrapping your favorite t-shirt around your face… three times…

Face Mask


Model sizing can be seen by visiting: Zuni Sportswear

25 Responses to “Sasquatch Chronicles | Face Masks”

  1. Molly Hart L

    I will happily wear my SC shirts and promote this podcast in other ways — but NOT this one. Would be buying into the fear conditioning being done to roll out the New World Order. No way. AND they do nothing to protect from viruses. What they do is deprive your system of oxygen causing all kinds of problems down the road. Dentists are seeing ‘mask mouth’ due to rebreathing your own body waste. Germ encrusted face diaper? Nope. We must resist or soon we can just put a plastic bag over our head and tie firmly around the neck. I’m with Steve Isdahl who started out his recent podcast by burning a mask. Enough said. Patriots arise!

  2. Lisa B

    I got mine, not because I wear them but because of the significance of it. A nice reminder of our days and being part of this great group of people! While I was ordering, I got a coffee mug and a Tshirt! Thanks for the help too Wes! I was a real dingbat yesterday lol!

  3. Jo M

    I was initially annoyed at them, then after having friends and family members catch the virus, decided any possibility to hold it at bay was welcome. Getting tired of them now but still being a good neighbor and happy to promote SC!! Thanks, Wes, for offering a solution that makes us smile, even though no one can see it. We have to have them indoors here- and our numbers are considerably lower than our neighboring states. Are they working? I dont know, but I get a kick out of some of the fun ones I see around here and I’m sure this will make people smile as well!

  4. m99

    Yesterday we stopped to look at face masks in a roadside kiosk. I wanted a hello kitty or a peace sign, they were out of both. I didn’t buy one. They had a lot of designer ones. Asking $3.00.

  5. William C

    Everyone who says this virus is fake and refuse to where a mask I say to each is own. But when a love one in your family gets it and god forbid dies, I feel sorry for that person. I just don’t understand how people can be so reckless and to put other people at danger over wearing a mask. I wear a mask to to protect you from me, not the other way around. Wes, I’m gonna buy 4 of them for my family. That is awesome you are offering them to us at cost. Thank you Wes!!!

  6. Cathy H

    I hate wearing masks but can’t go anywhere without wearing one. Thank you Wes for giving us this stylish option. Will purchase one for me and one for each of my two sisters to wear at the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson next month! Masks required!

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