May 28

Sa’be: The Ojibwe Bigfoot

Sa’be is an Ojibwe word for Bigfoot. One of the conspicuously many terms for something that supposedly doesn’t exist. Context of Ojibwe culture is imperative to understand the place that Sa’be held in the First Nation People’s world.

5 Responses to “Sa’be: The Ojibwe Bigfoot”

  1. Jacqueline O

    Fantastic video! Both interesting and informative!

    Bob “Gymlan”…what a great name!

    “Bagwajiwininiwag” and “Jiibayaabooz”… my new favorite words (lol)!

  2. Ryan M

    Very intresting perspective. That kind of backs up the thoughts of outlaws show I watched and learned of the chicken man I had never knew of it a point was brought up about the natives saying that they did not come from Alaska that they were here and many types of sasquatch were here first they lived Warred traded with them even talk of the Giants that defiantly ate men.

  3. Jay h

    My perspective ” if the definition of integrity is honesty, .. ” and realizing no matter how big or powerful a man may think he is, when encountering this beast it will always make you a more humbled and honest .. This huge monstrous abomination, does remind men a valuable lesson , they tend to forget often and that would be ( we are not in control of anything) ..we can only manipulate and influence certain aspects of life in hopes for better chances of hitting our set goal… But when it comes to absolute events and there outcomes, we are truly at the mercy of the Devine power known as god… And I can promise everyman or woman who’s had a close encounter, knows in there heart , they were truly at the mercy of god, when something this powerful and unpredictable walks up on ya..

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