Apr 7

Red Orb And Weird Yells

A listener writes “Wanted to share a few things – my family and I are life long hunters and some weird things have happened. Attached is a picture from one of our farms. It’s a motion detected trail camera.

As you can see, there is a very odd light sensation coming out of the ground. At first, I thought it was just a screwy pixel within the camera lens that was being hit weird by the sunlight… But if you look, the red orb seems to be illuminating the ground around it.


Also, I had a series of weird events that happened in October 2012 in a particular patch of our woods that made me never hunt there again until this past Fall (and that was only for a few hours). Make a long story short, I was squirrel hunting (my favorite sport) and as soon as I entered these woods, I smelled something so horrible and had an immediate metallic taste in my mouth. I looked and looked… Couldn’t find the source of the smell anywhere.

As I hunted, I noticed something was very off. No bug sounds, no birds, no nothing. It was like the forest hated me. As it was getting dark, I heard what sounded like a woman yelling (which, barred owls do make that noise). So, I replied to it. We were going back and fourth. But on the 3rd time I heard the yell, something didn’t sound right. It sounded like something trying to imitate an owl. So, being defiant… I yelled out and challenged whatever it was to come and show itself to me. At this point it was getting very dark, but I didn’t care. I cussed/mocked/taunted. But never saw anything.

So, I went just down the road to our hunting cabin, as I was getting showered for dinner with my Father at a nice restaurant. Just as I got out of the shower and remotely dressed, I heard the biggest crash from within the bedroom. It shook it whole building. I have a fight response in the woods, but this gave me a flight response; I ran out of the cabin as fast as I could. All I could think about was… ‘It followed me home. It’s something paranormal and that’s what I get for taunting whatever was in the woods yelling at me’. My Dad comes to pick me up, and I make him search the bedroom with me. Turns out, our clothing rack in the closet completely broke and all of our hunting gear crashed. But I’m not buying it. That’s never happened before or since I was not even in that closet before the crash.

The next morning, a friend and I were going duck hunting. We were walking about 150 yards from the woods I was in the previous night… And as soon as we were walking past it… Sure enough, there goes an owl sound very loud from the woods. Almost like it was waiting for me to walk by. It did it twice. Bill looked at me and said ‘that’s kinda weird’ and I replied, ‘you dont even know’.

About 2 weeks later, I was house sitting at my Dad’s house. It was about 11pm and I realized I left my phone charger in my car. So I go out to my car (note – my Dad’s house is very close to the patch of woods there I heard all those yells/hoots), and something started screaming at me from the woods. But this didn’t sound like an owl. And I felt like it was definitely 100% directed at me. It did not like me. All I could do was freeze, as I was kind in shock and confused what I was hearing. I’ve never heard anything like it before or since – it was almost 3 equal parts; 33% scream, 33% bark, 33% shreik. I know that foxes, owls and racoons can make a million different noises but this scared me to the core. It went on for a solid 3 minutes, over and over. Finally, I ran into the house to get my cell phone to record the noise but it had stopped.

We have a pretty macho deer camp, and if I told anyone this… They would laugh at me. But one of those boys was deer hunting in that area, shot a deer late one night and didn’t find it until the next morning. When they did find it, half of the body as basically gone. We don’t have coyotes on our farm and buzzards could never eat that much in one night. Part of me makes me wonder if it is Dogman instead of a Bigfoot. Let me know if you would like to speak more! Sorry I don’t have any visual encounters.”

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  1. Ann Q S

    This sounds very similar to things author Tom Lyons has on his property in CA. I am just a city girl who just happens to believe that Bigfoot does exist I don’t need proof. There is too many sightings over several years all over US and Canada.
    I don’t know much about the dogmas but I’m reading a book about Boggy Creek and the creature that haunts thar area.
    Good luck,

  2. Chamberlin

    I’m not an expert on cryptids but from listening to true sasquatch accounts
    I would say this hunter was being harassed by a sasquatch.
    Would like to hear more of his encounter.

  3. Sharon K

    Sounds like he could have pissed it off when he was yelling at it, and its holding a grudge. Maybe it’s looking for a fight, I don’t think I would want to stick around and find out though…

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