Sep 12

Possible strange track from New Zealand

Let’s take a strange track from New Zealand and the legend of the Maero.

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  1. Kim S

    My daughter come out with me, she took this photo( I left my phone in the ute) after an hour after the fact that I saw something black bob up and down three times on a game trail but to far away to sight what it was..but took several pics of this.Location north Canterbury..New Zealand. This was two weeks ago by date of photo approx.

  2. Wayne B

    Im from nz and i can tell that in the first photo the track just of to the right of the greenish rock is the track of the culprit . I can also see also a few other marks of of the animal . Its classic wild pig rooting and if i was smart enough to draw those red circles around i can show you five other marks left by porky pig. . I would very much doubt any hominid in NZ as we broke away from Aussie well before any mammals where around. We also have no fossil record or for that matter any primate types. We did have very large flight less birds called MOA and some of these where up to 13ft tall but the Maori hunted them to extinction before Europeans arrived .
    Have fun

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