Sep 12

Hurricane Florence

This is not bigfoot related and I have never sat through a hurricane but I hope my listeners on the East Coast who are in the path of the hurricane, please, please stay safe and take every precaution you can. I had an 11 year old listener ask me to put out an extra show because he wanted something to take his mind off of the storm. No promises but I am working on it buddy!

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  1. Nicholas S

    I’m up in New England hopefully it doesn’t hit up here. I’m not too far from the coast but normally by the time they get up here they’re not nearly as strong as they are when they’re down by Florida… everyone please stay safe board up the windows do whatever you got to do.

    • joe r

      I’m right on the coast in southern New Jersey and I was in the bullseye when Sandy hit several years ago, and I learned a valuable lesson, people always talk about the high winds, although the winds are dangerous, it’s not the most destructible part of the storm, it’s the surge of water that does the most damage. I have been through several hurricanes and like most people here, I wasn’t too worried because the winds were minimum hurricane force at about 70 mph, so most people just tied down stuff and waited it out, well, the storm hit direct and the water level rise so high, it literally washed homes away. So for those of you out there that are going to be near where the eye wall makes landfall and are close to the shore, take your valuables and go to high ground. I know many of you there have ridden out plenty of these, but it will be nothing like anything you’ve seen before if your within 100 miles of the eyewall, especially if you are on the northeast side of it, don’t make the same mistake many did here, Get Out !

  2. m99

    My husband used to get mad at me when we would evacuate! One night a tropical storm made land fall and came in anyway, although it was not supposed to. So, the wind woke me up. Then, it woke him up. He came in the living room & said, what is that?, which I calmly said a tropical storm. Now, I ask, do you honestly want to stay for a Cat 4?! It’s scary. It’s a hassle. But, whatever it takes, get to safety.

  3. Corey P

    Wes, your an awesome guy for thinking about that kid and not just blowing him off. You always think about the welfare of your listeners and guests. That’s one of the things that earns you all of our loyalty and respect. Thanks for being you. CP

  4. Spanky

    I live in extreme SE Texas Right on the LA border. We got hit by Harvey last year. Flooded. Just got our house back to normal. You live in kinda of a fear from August through September. Those people that are riding it out have a screw loose. I really don’t think they understand what’s coming at them.

  5. Diana M

    Been following the storm – downgraded to a Cat 1 so less wind, but watch out for the rain and storm surge and the tornadoes that will be spun off this thing after it moves inland! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of this thing over the next few days and in the aftermath.

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