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Police are investigating reports of a “huge, hairy creature”

This article is from the Arkansas Gazette, dated Thursday, January 20, 1977.

NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP) – The police are investigating reports of a “huge, hairy creature” that reportedly was sighted by several Natchez residents.

Those who reported the sighting to police Monday night said the “almost human” creature growled at a dog and fled when a patrol car approached.

The police said they found large footprints, broken tree limbs and other evidence that something was in the area.

Three occupants of one house said they looked out and saw “a huge, hairy creature, well over six feet tall, and dark, barefoot and naked.” They said the creature walked with a limp.



Source: Archived Media Articles

9 Responses to “Police are investigating reports of a “huge, hairy creature””

  1. JOHN E

    1……ONE…..FIRST….AND YET HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO BE WHO WILL BE FIRST TO CAPTURE ONE OF THESE GUYS AND CAN YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT …GOING TO A ZOO AND WATCHING A BIGFOOT THUR A CAGE CAN THEY EVEN MAKE SOMETHING THAT WOULD KEEP ONE …You would think a zoo or somebody would love to capture one and charge people to see it alive you would make a million easy….could you even think about going to the next cage and there is a dogman….woooo think about that one ….

    • Robert V

      Four questions come to mind about the zoo idea. 1) could a zoo actually keep one? Two) How do you keep people safe? three) How are you going to get it out of the forrest to a zoo? Fourth and most important, isn’t there a huge likely hood this would turn into a King Kong scenerio. Meaning big disaster.

  2. Pierre M

    Ha ya try and catch a Sasquatch lol. Good luck with that. We cant even find them lol. And thats a main reason we cant. Humans destroy and cage everything we come in contact with. Were like termite roaches lol. The Gorillas were just fine until we went snooping around. No telling how long they were there before humans found out they were there
    Now theyre caged and humans act like were doing them a favor lol. Not really theyre are money slaves lol. Sasquatch stay away from us and I would too. We kill things were afraid of or dont understand. Im sure Sasquatch have seen our wicked ways cause theyve been around much longer than we know. Science thinks it knows everything and what it or they dont think they know they make up theories lol. If you wsnt to see a Sasquatch get off your ass and get into the woods.

    • Scott

      I will tell you Debbie what the outcome was. The big fellow got away, leaving just enough evidence to let every one know that, yes, indeed it leaves behind huge human like footprints, he can break tree limbs, he has a general dislike for dogs, and finally, he likes to run around in the buff. I think it is amazing how something so big can walk into the forest 10 feet and disappear. They are either masters of concealment, or they are not as flesh and blood as some would believe.

  3. Scott P

    Lord help me….. I just went on FB for the first time in weeks and apparently I’m supporting the flute players!!!!!! How did this happen ?? It’s obviously my fault but, holy crrap !!!! These guys are lined up in a row like a Ricola commercial !!!! No Shiznick !!! They’re trying to call them in. I’ll wait a lil bit and see if there’s any issue with posting but, it just goes to show….you never know who’s sucking and who’s blowing.

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