Aug 11

Paranormal Portal Podcast: Bigfoot and the Bear Part 2

Brent writes “On this episode of the Paranormal Portal Podcast, Jim “The Bear” King returns for Part 2 of our show with him. Bear continues us to field some questions regarding his journey and what he has learned about these Hairy Humanoids that exist just out of reach of human beings. Bear has lived a lifetime with Bigfoot in his life, starting as a child on his Grandfather’s farm up until present day, Bear continues to spread his insight and understandings about Bigfoot. He and his “Outlaws” have worked tirelessly to understand and uncover the mysteries behind the “boogers” and shares his insights openly!”


12 Responses to “Paranormal Portal Podcast: Bigfoot and the Bear Part 2”

  1. theresa m

    Loved the interview team and Bear has soooo much to share! Common sense advice and explanations. I hope folks who go out in the woods heard what he had to say in both of these shows. Thanks for bringing him to us!

  2. Greg O

    According to their DNA they are human on their maternal side. Sasquatch DNA has been sequenced and entered into the zoobook of DNA as Homo Sapien Cognatus (cognatus means blood relative). Source Dr. Melba Ketchum

  3. Charles R

    Vegetarian summer, meat winter – makes since. That honey island swamp three toed foot print is surely a gator. On the other hand the video footage although not conclusive is quite interesting taken by Mr. Ford. Been a while since I have heard Bear. Always insightful.

  4. Denise F

    I feel that listening to Bear brings us back down to the simplicity of bigfoot…..if that makes sense?
    I’ve been listening to too many paranormal shows these days and it is scary how the weird cryptids or entities mimic one another…..can’t think about that now, lol.

  5. Lisa B

    I keep hearing about the land between the lakes incident. I’ve never heard it before. Can someone point me in the right direction to find it? I’ve looked it up but it’s always after the fact video.

  6. William R

    I love Bear, but he’s a blowhard, simpleton, & loves to hear himself talk. He was also, unwittingly, involved in a big hoax back in the early 2000’s. Hence he uses two names – Jim King & Jim Grant. The reason I love Bear is that he is real & authentic. He certainly knows Sasquatch as well as anyone on the planet except perhaps Coonbo. Shame about their split. Anyway, thanks for bringing him to us Tony & Wes. I’ve missed him and pray he is in good health.

  7. Kathy K

    Let me get his right, If you don’t sign up to to Sasquatch Chronicles, U get stuck with this stupid crap?? Am I Right I know I’m gonna get in trouble for this…….I saw a skunk ape in florida…..

  8. Bal G

    Enough of this clown. He called the civil war the war of northern aggression. No moron, it was a war to basically end slavery. Do not believe much of anything he says, don’t really care what he says. Sounds like an idiot, probably 8th grade education hates minorities and loves Donnie boy. Trash. Oh god, am I turning communist?

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