Aug 8

Paranormal Portal: Bigfoot Odyssey With Kerry Arnold

Brent writes “Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we welcome Kerry Arnold of Bigfoot Odyssey to the show. Kerry has years of experience in the Bigfoot community and Bigfoot Odyssey has an incredible following of listeners and fans that tune in regularly to watch the Documentaries produced by Kerry and his wife, Linda as they go around the nation, meeting with eye witnesses and discussing their experiences and their channel also hosts the Researchers report which is a panel discussion with other researchers discussing the current events in the field. Kerry, Linda, Daniela and a host of others have created one of the top YouTube destinations for anyone interested in the world of this elusive cryptid.”

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  1. Renee S

    As Kerry mentioned, Bigfoot Odyssey is getting better & better each time as he & his wife become more comfortable w/their own style of covering this subject

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