Dec 6

OchèNah’s Encounters

While I was up in the woods looking for Austin Oldfield, a man who went missing while camping in the fall of 2015, I met OchéNah. She told me a number of experiences and stories, including these about Sasquatch encounters. I’ll have a few more segments to this story coming up.

Here is part one:


Here is part two:

14 Responses to “OchèNah’s Encounters”

  1. Lewis S

    Seems a country girl, and her reactions during the story make me trust the telling. I don’t agree on the biblical though if you read Leviticus 17/7 King James translation Hairy Demons taking food from farmers. I follow the way of my European ancestors and wait my time in Valhalla. The heathen of Europe call them ettin, troll and giant. Many names mean eater of some kind Ettin is eater, ghul is the arab for eaters of the dead many names are man eater. In India they are praita and the more powerful Rakshasa, slave to evil gods in the long ago. Keep a Thor’s hammer on and speak truth Thor don’t like ’em either.

  2. Laura M

    I don’t agree with her on origin of bigfoot. I think it’s a flesh and blood animal. Some type of primate. But she seems like a very honest, down to earth person. No reason to think she’s making anything up. If I was ever in the back woods, I’d want to be with someone like her.

    • Barbara W

      This wonderful lady is my friend and she does have some very interesting life experiences. We spent 4 hours on the phone today and I haven’t done that since high school. I’m 62!
      Incidentally, she’s native.

  3. Danial K

    Great videos. I believe her encounter. People like this lady that live off the land don’t have time for foolishness or B.S.

  4. Barbara W

    I was so surprised when I talked to Oche’na earlier on the phone to find out about this video. She told me to Google it. It blew my mind to find it posted here on S.C.
    This wonderful lady is my friend! You can believe everything she tells you. And yes, she does have some interesting stories. I have a standing invitation to visit, and I sure hope the Lord makes a way.

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