Dec 6

Bigfoot Encounters

YouTuber Rat and Cat writes “I recently spoke with the Oregon Groto President, Oscar Bauman, about Big Cave, the cave Kristopher Zitztewitz was looking for when he went missing.

After that interview, I asked Oscar if he had any Sasquatch encounters. He told about seeing something hairy on two legs near Tanner Butte Oregon, as well as some odd tracks tracks and scat. Oscar recounted visiting Datis Perry’s remote shelter a number of times. In a addition, I struck up a conversation with a man man this last week while watching the solar eclipse this last week who also had his own. He told me about an encounter he thought he might have had with a Sasquatch.

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  1. angela c

    Wait tell you see one. one is all it takes to become a knower instead of a believer. If it’s a close encounter or just one where you get a good look be ready for confusion, terror and a good idea of where we fit in the food chain. Best of luck & carry a weapon…

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