Sep 5

Nite Callers: Marvin Leeper

Lauren Smith writes “Marvin Leeper is a former Folklore and Language/Arts Professor at Murray State College, in Tishomingo, Ok.

After many years researching the Sasquatch legend on Oklahoma’s Boggy Creek, Prof. Leeper has contributed several articles on the subject. Among these are: “Bigfoot in Your Own Backyard” (not to be confused with the ebook by Charles Hallmark), “Bigfoot, Man or Monster (published in the Oklahoma Humanities Council Journal), and “Oklahoma’s Boggy Creek” the last and longest chapter in Wood Knocks vol. 3). Prof. Leeper has given presentations at the Fouke Monster conference, in it’s original run and the Honobia Bigfoot Festival. Currently, he is researching his first full length book on wood ape sightings in Southeast Oklahoma.”

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