Sep 6

Tonight’s Show: I Know What I Saw

I will be interview to hunters tonight who both had encounters. One of my guests was a professional guide for many years.

A listener writes “I am from Alberta Canada and have been a hunter all my life. I have worked as a hunting guide in my younger years, and have spent more time in the woods than Most people. I am now in my 50s and hearing your podcast I thought I would tell you of one of my encounters.

I was hunting moose in early October of 2006 in northern Alberta near Slave Lake. I had been successful in harvesting a moose in the morning and was on my way back to camp to get my father to help retrieve it. I saw what I thought was a person or animal of some kind standing on the side of the cut line about 100 yard away. I continued towards it on my quad as I got closer it walked across the cut line on two legs. It was about 7-8 feet tall hair covered light brown in colour. I thought maybe it was a person wearing a camouflage suit. But it was to far back in the woods far from any road for someone to have walked in that early. I noted where it had crossed and Upon reaching the spot I stopped and noticed it had crossed on a ridge using a game trail I walked into the woods about 40 or 50 yards when I realized what I had really seen I called out hello but then thought I am by myself I better get back to my quad and get out of here.

My father and I stopped at the spot later when we were on our way back to retrieve the moose. But saw nothing further. I haven’t told many people about this as they all say I probably saw a bear or something else but I know what I saw but my mind was trying to rationalize that I was seeing something that isn’t supposed to exist. But I know what I saw and no one can tell me different.”

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  1. James K

    I had a similar encounter when I was 16 and hunting in potter county Pennsylvania. I am 68 now and never told anyone until this year. I finally told my family about it when they asked me why I always took them to that part of Pennsylvania when they were kids and why I am always researching Bigfoot stuff. I was hunting with my cousins and uncles in 1969 just sitting under a tree. There was packed hard snow on the ground and group of deer came running right by me making a bunch of noise because of the snow. Funny thing is I didn’t even think about shooting them. I was more interested in my chocolate bar Then this Bigfoot came by following them about two minutes later. It took me ten years to figure out what I really saw

  2. Diana A

    now that sounds like a real encounter, the kind I would hear from my peoples families as I traveled gathering materials for basket making. We just shared these stories, and like myself, shared them with each other just like mountain lion or bear stories. We didn’t run around with high powered rapid fire arrows,…just in case, ha ha! we just left ‘thank yous’ for it(as well as the other large animal predators), allowing us to gather in its area. In the old day, the being didn’t have to fear us.
    I look forward to this upcoming podcast, thank you Wes!

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