Nov 25

Newsweek: Bigfoot – The Science, Sightings and Search

Has anyone else seen the cover of Newsweek?



Description: Get in on the hunt with Newsweek as we uncover the truth behind one of the greatest and most controversial legends on earth—Bigfoot! Witness the sites and read the eyewitness accounts that include none other than our 26th president, Teddy Roosevelt! Learn the difference between Bigfoot, a Sasquatch, a yeti and the Abominable Snowman. Find out when and where Sasquatch sightings have occurred and review the facts and fiction from a panel of experts, including Survivorman Les Stroud, who have been tracking Bigfoot for decades. This 100-page, illustrated, special collector’s edition might just have you start your own journey to find Bigfoot!

21 Responses to “Newsweek: Bigfoot – The Science, Sightings and Search”

  1. JAMES B

    HERE WE GO………..?!?!?
    seems squatching has gained enough momentum to possibly overwhelm and fluster our ”men in black” friends from the DOI, dept. Of the interior. This day and age with technology improving daily, there are bound to be bits of evidence that can not be ignored any longer. This practice of denial, though long term, eventually leads to a wave front of disclosure and awareness. Hey all,…. the snowball is Rollin’ , where it ends now is anyone’s guess. I have yet to purchase this magazine and read the article, but believe beforehand that the proverbial cat in the bag is about to release, explosively! If mainstream media is joining the interest, I believe many more, unspoken witnesses are about to overwhelm the established media with their truths. This exposure will only result in true acedemic study, and a true filtering of the weird and exploitive subculture of so called ‘bf’ researchers and so called ‘experts’….
    All I can say, whole heartedly, is this,….’BRING IT ON!!!!
    its time for all we’ve talked about here on ‘sasquatchchronicles’ to be heard and acknowledged for its true and accurate warnings we have all agreed are important for the general populace to be made aware of.
    Hang strong Wes, I have a feeling this only the beginning of the ride…..

    • DrAaron

      I hope you are right, Jim. I know that SC has played a big role in lowering the threshold of the mainstream. However, I know that the newshounds really only smell one thing. Unfortunately, as this resonates to a crescendo, there will be much fighting amongst the camps….and money only makes it worse. Hold on tight!

    • Paul M

      Me smells a rat in henhouse. This kind of stuff has made the news stands before. Not sure where there going with this, but I would not say alls cool when the GOV. Run media is involved. We have all been sold a pile of BS 2 many times 2 count. So before everyone wets there pants in glee. LETS just remind ourselves of the forces that run the show. How many times in the last 30 yrs have they been truthful on anything. OK then. Chill and see where they are leading this. It could be worse then it is now. Do what you want with this. I’m holding out for lots more information on who’s dealing this hand and why.

      • Reid D

        Im with you Paul! Lets wait and see where this dog and pony show goes! Yes it would be great to aggrevate the men in the black Crown Vics with a powerful news organization behind us but I cant trust these folks, they are biased and no telling where this may end up? It may just blow up right in our faces! They have to earn my trust and Newsweek has been on my bad side for a long time! Maybe they have changed but Im betting not and Im not even a betting man.

  2. Frankie P

    I do so hope you are right! I also hope it doesn’t overly effect jobs etc., for people in affected industries, but people need to KNOW. If they do bring into the light and do it right where they collect more evidence themselves, with their biologists, dna experts, and all of the force of the gov’t, maybe we can have it where they have their “no trespassing spots” and we have ours, or seasonal availability for the public (just like they disappear in hunting season). It’s time…

    • Steven B

      The only thing will affect jobs/industry etc. is an idiotic “knee-jerk” reaction that says “Oh! real and they *must be* rare because we hadn’t discovered them before this!!!! We must protect them!!!”

      They’ve survived, and are surviving, just fine. They evidently aren’t like the grizzly and various species of wolves where people shot them on sight. Just carry on as per normal. Make people aware of the “do’s and don’ts” and, if someone is forced to defend themselves, don’t act like the world is coming to end anymore than if they had to defend themselves against any other large predator attack. As long as there is habitat for deer, elk, moose, bears etc. – they will have habitat as well.

      I *do*, however, wish to see, with all my heart, the vindication of those who have been ridiculed for the trauma they went through AND the responsible Goobermint authorities & departments charged, where appropriate, with crimes against the American People in any case where they silenced people with threats, planted evidence and falsely charged individuals with crimes, and where personal property was unlawfully/unconstitutionally confiscated.

      I know, I know, I’m a dreamer, I don’t live in the real world… thought I’d save someone the bother of saying so…

  3. Christine J S

    OR is this just the beginning of the RELEASE of the gov’t strangle hold on information???? Is the American Public about to be subjected to a major chain-jerk to hide the decades of cover-ups and BS we’ve learned about here on SC ?
    I hope all of you are right; will be interesting to watch….
    Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless you all.

    • Christine J S

      Sorry, I didn’t state my post very clearly (on mental overload from thanksgiving prep)…Forgot to mention the major land grab of public land revealed by Dr Miller in the Miller Doc. treads; if the DOI , etc . is going to go public with “Sasquatch is Real” and attempt to reverse the decades of lies and try and explain how their plan for “protecting BF” is going to work; I’m interesting in watching and observing how they try to pull it off…
      Is this publication of the BF Newsweek just part of a PLANNED “pr campaign” to lie more to the public??? My senses are tingling….ALERT, ALERT, ALERT….

  4. Dave T

    I’m not sold this is the coming out party yet. Don’t be surprised if we’re still in the same place next year. Vindication for those of us that have known the truth would smell pretty sweet. I think the BF on the cover is our dear friend from “Messin’ with Sasquatch.”

    • Tracy A

      They can’t …D.P. and 411 books killed the 20 yr. plan in 2010-2011 research w/book release in 2012. Plan funding was not renewed in 2015. They plan to release is screwed.

  5. Sean C

    Wow, just wow. I think I’m ready for what’s next, just not very trusting, feeling cautious like it appears many of you are as well. Well, it should be interesting, at the very least! It’s either the beginning of the truth, or at least a new tactic : ) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    • Karen C

      Reid, Sorry your not at your best tonight but I think if you made yourself a hot drink of your choice you’ll feel so much better and turn on some old shows an all will be better…H-Thanksgiving to you too…feel better…

  6. James A

    Agree with previous comments, too early for the coming out party. I don’t think anyone’s faked a dead BF autopsy YET! I think this will just spark more flute players and hoaxes! Get ready for deluge!

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